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Pubblicato il 12 lug 2021
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Such Dominance
Music: Drive Forever - Sergio Valentino

Live Action Man
Live Action Man
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  • illMike


    It dont matter how sigma you are if that gun was loaded

  • Turtlemaster295


    Two Guns will probably always be my favorite Denzel Washington movie because him and Mark Wahlberg together is just great

  • Exploreallday


    He’s just lucky it wasn’t Alec Baldwin

  • sam ray

    sam ray

    He finds a way to always get that guarantee line in his movies LOL

  • Adewunmi Adeyemi

    Adewunmi Adeyemi

    Clean and shaved.. lol

  • ShiniGami AD

    ShiniGami AD

    I love the fact the Denzel uses his phrase in his every single movie at least once

  • Hybrid Spektar

    Hybrid Spektar

    Denzel Washington is a true Sigma

  • Anuj Kuumar

    Anuj Kuumar

    Denzel didn't fear because bullet can't destroy balls of titanium.

  • Xi


    The key behind sigma's attitude towards life is to get rid of that which can die (image of yourself (ego)) and then all of life is a possibility and there is no fear. That which is left does not die. Absolute courage is however required to go beyond the image of yourself as it is in a way a total rejection of everything you thought was yourself.

  • Gary James

    Gary James

    Bill Paxton

  • Ryan O

    Ryan O

    Im pretty sure that White fella has since past... I don't remember his name, but Rest in Peace man!

  • His Dudeness

    His Dudeness

    Don't disrespect the Ultimate Badass! RIP Bill

  • McDiamond


    hes denzel. like the queen, ya cant say anything bad about him. he will always be coach boone who gave that legendary gettysburg speech

  • Evolutionomics


    Bill Paxton "navalent" scene is one my favorites all time. It's from True Lies and he invented the word, but you know exactly what it means.

  • mgarcia


    that slow mo laught at the end always gets me xD

  • Hello Mate

    Hello Mate

    Now..I looked for this and I didn't find it... And today I find it in my recommendation... I must say... This is GREAT

  • Mark


    16 ore fa

    He was a great actor, love bill paxtons movies

  • Shan shehara Kavinda

    Shan shehara Kavinda

    denzel washington in man on fire is a total sigma male segment.

  • D.M.E S

    D.M.E S

    It's because Denzel knew that Sigmas don't need 2 balls

  • faber soaks

    faber soaks

    That's the most disgusting thing a man can do to another man