Underrated Europe in Albania 🇦🇱 Insanely Beautiful Road Trip, Llogara Pass & Palermo Castle

Pubblicato il 19 lug 2021
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Underrated Europe. That’s what Albania is…To say that we weren’t expecting the insanely beautiful things that we experienced on this road trip would be an extreme understatement. We started our day in Vlorë, and made our way to Zvërnec Monastery. It was cool, but didn’t touch the other things were about to see. We headed off on the coastal road, and stopped for lunch after getting a peak of some of the amazing mountains in the area. Then, well then, we drove on a road that offered all sorts of crazy, new experiences. Let’s just say that Llogara Pass is unique, and you’ve got to drive it to believe it. From there we stopped at a really interesting and beautiful Venetian fortress called Palermo Castle. It was quite a day, and one we won’t forget.

Enjoy the ride! We look forward to hearing any comments or questions you have about this video, the trip, or just Albania. Thanks for watching!

Here are some highlights!

0:00 Let's do this!
0:20 Zvernec Monastery
2:11 These drivers 😳
2:38 Camera doesn't do it justice
2:49 Lunchtime oasis
4:42 How much more beautiful can it get?
6:49 Hungry horsey
8:14 Llogara Pass from above
8:54 Scariest road ever 😅
12:12 Palermo Castle
15:18 Views from the top
16:40 What we just drove through
17:50 Bloops


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