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I surprised Lexi with a baby, got crazy tattoos with my friends, and gave $10,000 to the best was a WILD week!
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INTRO SONG: "Ace Of Spades" By Yugo
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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart
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  • Ben Azelart

    Ben Azelart


  • Logan Wodzynski

    Logan Wodzynski

    pierson getting hit by a giant hand made my day

  • brook wilson

    brook wilson

    Lets appreciate the time being put into Bens videos.

  • Jessie Oneil

    Jessie Oneil

    Ben still be crazy even with a broken leg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lori Anderson

    Lori Anderson

    21 giorno fa

    I love brents face when he saw who he got😂

  • Assly Clarke

    Assly Clarke

    I love how Brent always smiles<3

  • Debbie Mohling

    Debbie Mohling

    14 giorni fa


  • Jeremy Hutchins

    Jeremy Hutchins

    thank you for not pranking me 🥳

  • Saesha A

    Saesha A

    The fact that Ben has a broken leg and still does the craziest things ever!!🥰🥰

  • Magui Vislenio

    Magui Vislenio


  • AllixMOlly


    Giorno fa

    Can’t lie ben Is so funny I’m addicted to watching amp squad

  • Mason plays

    Mason plays

    Can we appreciate the moment Ben always makes me laugh😹

  • balleballeuk


    21 giorno fa

    Haha 😂 love it! Your videos are the best 💕 done ✅!!!

  • Dev Desai

    Dev Desai

    Happy Birthday Ben!!! 🥳 May exponential amounts of laughter, smiles and happiness seep through this new chapter. Life isn’t measured in the amount of breaths you take, rather the number of times you take your breath away. So on behalf of all, from the bottom of our tender hearts, we dearly wish for you to have a phenomenal birthday. We raise a glass to this special day, where past evocations are remembered, and new ones created. A toast for prosperity to you and your posterity, robust health, and a content future. Cheers! ❤️

  • Ava Piryn

    Ava Piryn

    Ben falling in the street almost made me laugh so hard i had a tear dripping down my face

  • nini v

    nini v

    Your videos getting better and better🔥✨good job ben ❤️

  • Gachaplayer_87♥️


    Giorno fa

    Omg I love lexis little laugh like “hehehehe”

  • Isyhexrts


    I love how he’s doing this even though his leg is broken

  • Pepe Large

    Pepe Large

    28 giorni fa

    Jeremy is the person I have a crush on really badly

  • Kunal Makode

    Kunal Makode

    Happy Belated Birthday Ben!!! Ben you are like the most hilarious and entertaining person I have seen till now. Stay wild! 💕