This Laptop Is Faster Than Your Desktop

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2022
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The best gaming laptop - intel i9 12900HK Alder Lake mobile chip with an Rtx 3080 ti. The new MSI GE76 with performance benchmarks
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  • Dave2D


    These new chips are FREAKING FANTASTIC. Especially if you don’t push them too hard and keep ‘em under 75 watts.

  • Dark_Matter


    I was sceptical, but it seems like Intel really did a great job at taming the 12th gen's power hungry chips for mobile platforms! Amazing to see the competition between team Blue and team Red back on fire. Can't wait to see what AMD's response is!

  • Jason Joseph

    Jason Joseph

    Quite an informative review, I am looking forward to the performance of Intel's 12 Generation laptop chips in a thinner chassis, in particular the Dell XPS 15 and 17 inch models. I would like to see what thermal cooling solution Dell implements with the higher specification 12th Generation chips, hopefully, they do not rely on aggressive thermal throttling.

  • mohamedahmed1023


    This is excellent. Looking forward to seeing what this looks like at 1440P and 4K. I was not expecting a 20% bump vs. prior 3080s.

  • Glengineer TV

    Glengineer TV

    Interesting to see the lower end i3 and i5 performance. The i9 is just too expensive for me.

  • Ivo Vass

    Ivo Vass

    Very impressive performance for a laptop indeed, just afraid how crazy expensive it will be. Nice showcase

  • Jeremias Menichelli

    Jeremias Menichelli

    Super interested in how these new Intel chips work in other chassis configurations and contexts. Loved to see Intel back at it and infuse even more competition like Apple did with the M1 chips!

  • Shivansh Saini

    Shivansh Saini

    Dave: This laptop is faster than your desktop..

  • dubster


    I used to have an MSI Laptop. It was great specs at a good price. Exactly what I wanted, but it never felt that greatly crafted, and I don't mean physically. It felt like a bunch of third party stuff that never integrated properly. Everytime windows updated half of it would stop working and you'd have to wait for new drivers to become available. Sometimes the subwoofer just wouldn't work. It just never felt like a complete package.

  • Smaron Boruah

    Smaron Boruah

    Can't wait to see how AMD's 6000 series compare with these 12th gen Intels.

  • Yeahsure


    I've been saying since the Alder Lake announcement that I thought that the laptop sector would be where they really shine. Having the P and E cores just seemed purpose built with laptops in mind.

  • nilzr1


    These specs are amazing and very fast! As long as there is no thermal throttling... As laptops tend to be vulnerable to

  • Niles Guy

    Niles Guy

    Beautiful design just wished it had a larger touchpad

  • dkursada


    I'm glad that AMD's and Apple's innovations are keeping Intel on their toes. In their monopoly, CPUs like these would hit the market in late 2020s. Still, an ARM future awaits. PC's will get much faster yet will be less customizable, I'm afraid

  • doodskie999


    Im supper happy Intel has been able to keep up again with AMD, cause god knows what monster AMD is gonna announce this year to top this when they finally support DDR5

  • Peter Berisha

    Peter Berisha

    Jesus, Dave2D your presentation and layout of your videos are 1000/10! You and Greg Salazar are the only 2 guys that are OCD oriented PC guides that have all the facts about anything PC/Laptop related talks and we appreciate all you do for us!

  • hyddendark


    I bought last year's GE76 cuz of your review (and the semiconductor shortage meant it was the only premium laptop realistically available to me!). Despite costing the price of a small car for all the bells n whistles, I love it. It's beautiful, it's weighty (why I think that's a good thing, I don't know), the 4K display doesn't disappoint, and it simply doesn't flinch for my needs. I especially agree with you on Balanced mode, it's so quiet for what it does.

  • Jaycob


    gaming laptops have come so far in the last couple years. i cant wait for the future

  • Jonathan Kowa

    Jonathan Kowa

    Would have loved to see the comparison with the other laptops continue in battery life.

  • Kaif


    Well my phone is faster than my desktop with Gt 210. Lol