"When sigma meets sigma "- Thomas Shelby |

Pubblicato il 26 nov 2021
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Peaky Blinders
Thomas Shelby
Tommy Shelby
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  • Arya Jagannadham

    Arya Jagannadham

    Tom Hardy is honestly one of the greatest actors of this era.



    If this scene was a single take every guy on the set would''ve got chills.



    The end part where Alfie is like, “I didn’t know they had your boy.”

  • Brian Boru

    Brian Boru

    What makes this scene even better is that Alfie didn’t actually know they took his son, but still makes such a valid point on Tommy’s hypocrisy

  • Michael Mc crossan

    Michael Mc crossan

    I love how Tommy knew by Alfie's eyes that he didn't know they took his boy but Alfie was still willing to see if Tommy would kill him. Brilliant actors

  • x Moon

    x Moon

    Legitimately one of the greatest duos in film and television history. When Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons are on screen together, you stop everything else you're doing and watch carefully.

  • oof


    Dam that shit deep

  • Arrafi Maulana

    Arrafi Maulana

    Alfie betrayed tommy a few times but Tom just can’t kill him, even they became ‘friends’ later, shows just how much tom respect alfie

  • Jajabor Music

    Jajabor Music


  • Penguinz 1

    Penguinz 1

    The level hardy takes method acting to is absolutely spine chilling. Almost like every character he's ever played just exists within him as a split personality.

  • Mashiat


    Hardy is undoubtedly one of the best ever living....a fucking living legend!!!!

  • haniomala srourourid

    haniomala srourourid

    “They’re using my boy” Thomas said calmly

  • nota mortum

    nota mortum

    My mate quotes this on a regular.. he loves Alfie and his quotes. And I agree

  • Ashwath Shetty

    Ashwath Shetty

    Tom hardy had a small role in PB. But every time he came on screen, you knew that you were in for something special. He truly outdid himself in PB

  • Almost V1nce Cuh

    Almost V1nce Cuh

    Best part is that Thomas agrees with Alfie right after he says that

  • Keith Delgado

    Keith Delgado

    Tommy: “you crossed the line.”

  • rugadh èire 1980

    rugadh èire 1980

    One of the greatest scenes throughout the show as of yet. Two lads who have became phenomenal actors before this series and even more so after yeah. Can't wait for season 6, the spin off, then the Peaky Blinders movie in 2023.

  • Ryan Broden

    Ryan Broden

    “Just sent them straight to fuckin hell ain’t ya?! JUST LIKE ME!” Chills.

  • Thomas Musk

    Thomas Musk

    Alfie is not having any of Tommies self-righteous hypocrisy.

  • Ali Khaliq

    Ali Khaliq

    Toms one of the best actors I’ve ever watched , He puts so much emotion and effort into his acting he deserves more appreciation ☝️