Golden Retriever forgets how his legs work

Pubblicato il 7 apr 2021
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Hank is a funny Golden Retriever who doesn't use the fight or flight method when he's nervous. Instead, Hank uses the freeze method.
Ya'll notice the dog toenail in my hair??
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Girl With The Dogs
  • Alex D

    Alex D

    26 minuti fa

    Its a penis Jim, get over it

  • Jurak Hunt

    Jurak Hunt

    Ora fa

    It would be a SHAME for his kids to know basic biology.

  • ScipioRomanus


    2 ore fa

    Imagine being such a useless parent that you can't explain a dog's junk to your kid.

  • Joe Brunner

    Joe Brunner

    3 ore fa

    Good boy, hank.

  • WildChild


    4 ore fa

    Ew doesn't even look like a goldie. The owner is clearly a nutcase.

  • Ciaran


    4 ore fa

    ha ha. you should shave an arrow in him so he has to explain to his daughter.
    if you fail at this as a parent you've a whole lifetime of explaining things to your children. probably should've stuck with pets and not bothered with kids.

  • Kilroy Roboto

    Kilroy Roboto

    5 ore fa

    Never mind...

  • LiamRB


    7 ore fa

    Omg this womans voice

  • ajit singh

    ajit singh

    7 ore fa

    😂😂😂😂what's hanging down there😂😂😂😂

  • Philyra Kwan

    Philyra Kwan

    7 ore fa


  • Susan Vaughan-Schiele

    Susan Vaughan-Schiele

    8 ore fa

    He looks wonderful! Great job!!!

  • Kyle Griffith

    Kyle Griffith

    11 ore fa

    What a handsome boy

  • kili sloe

    kili sloe

    13 ore fa

    People really whining about the father not talking about balls to his daughter at a super early age. Get over it people.

  • R G

    R G

    14 ore fa

    Wow, that a lot of work. What a good client.

  • form


    14 ore fa

    oh yea the dog is weird but he can’t explain the twig and berries to his daughter...

  • Ytp4life


    14 ore fa

    Hanky spanky lol he’s so freaking cute

  • A Marquis

    A Marquis

    15 ore fa

    It’s hard remembering tho I forget that my lights are off and wonder why my eyes hurt

  • Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    17 ore fa

    Why are you guys upvoting this shit

  • Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    17 ore fa

    THE BITCH IN VIDEO is a mossad agent against HANK!!! DONT LISTEN HER

  • FranK


    19 ore fa

    newsflash to the dad, your daughter will find out, eventually.

  • Pambi Sugar

    Pambi Sugar

    19 ore fa

    Dad's covering for Hank. Hank is just private about his private parts. He doesn't want his friends and fans to know.

  • Nick Conway

    Nick Conway

    20 ore fa

    i love him
    i am subscribing
    keep me updated

  • Say What?

    Say What?

    20 ore fa

    It's called fear. Standing on a narrow platform. Same as I feel on a narrow hospital bed.

  • Pine Cone

    Pine Cone

    20 ore fa

    Turning a golden retriever into a Labrador retriever

  • 04_Abhinav s nair _S8M1

    04_Abhinav s nair _S8M1

    21 ora fa

    He's high as a kite

  • Akillesursinne


    21 ora fa

    The dad is afraid of talking about testicles on a dog? What? How does that dad explain udders on cows? As a Swede, americans do confuse me a lot sometimes!

  • AfekasiFab


    21 ora fa

    That owner's daughter is coming home pregnant at 16, watch.

  • Brittany Quast

    Brittany Quast

    22 ore fa

    He didn’t do anything weird

  • Acacia


    22 ore fa

    .... wtf his reason for not shaving him?

  • Abhi


    Giorno fa

    "That boy ain't right"

  • Althea Eneco

    Althea Eneco

    Giorno fa

    When you rounded his ears, did you actually, uh, cut his ears or did you just clip the fur in his ear?

  • George Constantinou

    George Constantinou

    Giorno fa

    Such a beautiful dog! 🐕 ❤

  • ZeroPresicion


    Giorno fa

    happens to the best of us.

  • Andrew Shaw

    Andrew Shaw

    Giorno fa

    "he doesn't want to have to explain to his daughter, what those things are hanging between his legs"
    why? They're basically human testicles, but on a dog. Why is that weird to explain?

    • Andrew Shaw

      Andrew Shaw

      49 secondi fa

      @Nikkah yeah ik lol. Just weird how prudish some people are though, like, it's somehow bad to explain what testicles are?

    • Nikkah


      13 ore fa

      The way you described it was weird. But hey, this is a dog video, not someone's life video.

  • Smitha Madhuri

    Smitha Madhuri

    Giorno fa

    So cute😘

  • Soviainx


    Giorno fa

    honestly, same.

  • Peter Peterson

    Peter Peterson

    Giorno fa

    1:05 owner needs to man up - no point in keeping things a bloody secret. It is 2021!

  • Paul Reichbert

    Paul Reichbert

    Giorno fa

    2021 and there are still people out there having problems telling their kids the truth about anatomy. I thought the middle ages were long gone. An illusion you can fall for quite easily here in europe.



    Giorno fa

    Only very stupid people bathe dogs.

  • Panneer Selven

    Panneer Selven

    Giorno fa

    Where da ladies😂😂

  • Tim Bond

    Tim Bond

    Giorno fa

    He looks scared of heights.

  • Chelise105


    Giorno fa

    The guy isn't very smart for that reasoning lmao

  • Everythingbutt


    Giorno fa

    Hank is cool 😎 not weird 😂❤️

  • dragonfire


    Giorno fa

    Dog exe is broken😂😂😂😂

  • Damian


    Giorno fa

    owner must be a creature if he/she cant explain something that simple

  • wingedstring


    Giorno fa

    Naw. It because of the leash; he's not used to being tied with a 20cm leash and doesnt know wether to sit or stand

  • HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    Giorno fa

    Fuckin tik tok shit

  • addison lazzy

    addison lazzy

    Giorno fa

    so cute!

  • Derleth Lovecraft

    Derleth Lovecraft

    Giorno fa

    What a ✨h a n d s o m e✨ boy

  • ledor c

    ledor c

    Giorno fa

    Soooo cuuutteee

  • Exemplar Gaming

    Exemplar Gaming

    Giorno fa

    "300 dollar cash prize" *hank turns and his ears go up in attention*

  • Ceasar Andrepont

    Ceasar Andrepont

    Giorno fa

    That is the weirdest thing to say to a child!
    Some parents have issues with sexual gentiles!
    No dern wonder children are confused about his or her sexuality and gender.

  • GregGHouse


    Giorno fa

    Why people cut their pets fur? It’s just not natural? Just keep it clean! That’s all they need. They are beautiful with all their fur. That upsets me 😒

  • John R. Timmers

    John R. Timmers

    Giorno fa

    This owner should have bought a yellow lab

  • hassel1908


    Giorno fa

    Stupid, dogs don't need this.

  • Ashs Old India

    Ashs Old India

    Giorno fa

    Hank's ears popped up when you said $300.

  • ChoppersBBQ


    Giorno fa

    What a stupid reason not to have his genital area shaved. Such a lovely boy though.

  • bouncygangsta


    Giorno fa

    actually its spelled what doinK

  • Erich Von Molder

    Erich Von Molder

    Giorno fa

    That's right, hide the reality from your kids. It is a perfectly natural part, so explain it gently and don't make a big deal about if asked.

  • Rivaneide Torres

    Rivaneide Torres

    Giorno fa


  • William Thomson

    William Thomson

    Giorno fa

    Great video, the owner of the pet sounds like a baby though for not wanting to explain to his daughter animal biology though.

  • Yannick J.

    Yannick J.

    Giorno fa

    How very behaved he is. Must be a treat in comparison to some of your other clients..

  • YuBeace


    Giorno fa

    It’s so silly to me that he wouldn’t want his daughter to know what reproductive organs are... They’re rather normal and kind of important to know about as it influences a lot in both the dog’s life and yours! One day your daughter will be expecting and have no idea how it happened! Really, this happens a lot more than you’d think, all because parents don’t want to tell anything about anatomy to their kids.

    • YuBeace


      8 ore fa

      @Alan Duncan Like, I really don't understand why reproduction should be a completely foreign concept to kids... you can easily explain it to them that it's something adults do and that they're too young to do it without completely keeping the whole damn thing a secret like it's something abnormal. Kids know what alcohol is and that it's not for them, and alcohol consumption is less normal from a biological standpoint than literal organs you're carrying with you.

    • YuBeace


      8 ore fa

      @Alan Duncan Just say "those means hes a boy dog and can make puppies with it when he likes a girl dog" or something. It's not that weird. Why shouldn't a kid be told how puppies are made? Do they have to understand it to a cellular level to be told what balls are? Really, it's just a normal thing.

    • jay


      18 ore fa

      @Alan Duncan y’all act like their innocence is gonna be corrupted because of something that’s literally natural...

    • jay


      18 ore fa

      @Alan Duncan why do they have to “understand?” Just tell them it’s their private areas and keep it pushing. It’s not that hard. It’s the same concept of telling them their other body parts

    • Alan Duncan

      Alan Duncan

      19 ore fa

      To be fair it wasn't specified how old she was. I'm no parent but I imagine there's a kind of age requirement before kids would understand in any way. Either that, or one could take out the reproductive aspects of the organ in educating them.

  • Angelina Patt

    Angelina Patt

    Giorno fa

    Wtf. Js explain ur daughter what a wiener is

  • Julianna_Owl


    Giorno fa

    The owner is weird for saying that stuff about his daughter. Lol



    2 giorni fa

    0:53 hahahahahahahahhahahaaa

  • paul gent

    paul gent

    2 giorni fa

    Must book myself in good d

  • guitarandrums


    2 giorni fa

    He doesn't want to explain to his daughter that his dog has genitals? What sorta weird shameful puritanical shit is that?

  • Dionne Dunsmore

    Dionne Dunsmore

    2 giorni fa

    Hes a beautiful golden!! ❤️

  • mojo master

    mojo master

    2 giorni fa

    lol imagine not being able to explain your daughter in a simple childish way what a pp is

  • Evert van Ingen

    Evert van Ingen

    2 giorni fa

    Wow, the job on the dog is flawless, well done!

  • UnclePutte


    2 giorni fa

    Handsome flufferpuff.

  • Ryny


    2 giorni fa

    Hank was like "$300! Better be for me"

  • King of PSN Clips

    King of PSN Clips

    2 giorni fa

    That father is so stupid how the hell did someone like that end up with a child if you can’t have the responsibility to explain human nature to a child then you shouldn’t have one

  • Melissa Allen

    Melissa Allen

    2 giorni fa

    What happens when Hank rolls over on his back for a tummy rub from his little girl & she sees Hank's THANG hanging out for all to see? Suck it up dad & explain to her that's how Hank pee pees, before someone else does. My niece to their golden retriever Rex.... "REX, that's nasty! Put that thang back in!!" She is 20yrs old now & we still LOL at her!!

  • Lydia Brockmeyer

    Lydia Brockmeyer

    2 giorni fa


  • abhinandan naag

    abhinandan naag

    2 giorni fa


  • WOW Pets

    WOW Pets

    2 giorni fa

    What a good job !!

  • AlaskaIsBiggerThanTexas


    2 giorni fa

    Imagine being such a bad parent you can’t tell your kid what a penis is.

  • Christopher Kidwell

    Christopher Kidwell

    2 giorni fa

    The reasoning of the man here: Very stupid.

  • respectthefish


    2 giorni fa

    why does he not want to explain it? bruh

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's


    2 giorni fa

    Why does she talk like she's a reporter reading a script? Like girl loosen up a little. Why you gotta talk like your bra is too tight??

  • xn0


    2 giorni fa

    You mean HIS JUNK?

  • B33 San

    B33 San

    2 giorni fa

    Is it weird that I would use Jelly Bean Cologne?

  • The lochness monster

    The lochness monster

    2 giorni fa

    Golden retrieves fucking rock

  • Key


    2 giorni fa

    What that thing is hanging sanitary areas I can’t 🤣😂😂😂

  • Key


    2 giorni fa

    Have my butts😂😂

  • NoCovid


    2 giorni fa

    Oh that poor kid having such archconservative, ridiculously uptight parents.
    Someone needs to pull the broomstick out of their ...

  • PatagonianWarrior


    2 giorni fa

    Americans be like:
    noooo, hide it, we don't want to explain the kids the most natural and scientific facts of life ( *scandalized* and *horrified* )
    Now kid, take my semiautmatic rifle and have some fun!

    • OFA Perun

      OFA Perun

      2 giorni fa

      Lmaooooooo fax

  • tigerwoman44


    2 giorni fa

    Owner should just get their dog fix and problem sovle

  • Susan Turner

    Susan Turner

    2 giorni fa

    The nebulous week temporarily bounce because actress culturally scold at a ten beginner. aberrant, unknown blizzard

  • harry chrisbanoe

    harry chrisbanoe

    2 giorni fa

    handsome dog😂😂😂😂

  • fra setch

    fra setch

    2 giorni fa

    How interesting. Now can you come do that grooming on me?

  • Narc Me

    Narc Me

    2 giorni fa

    He looks so handsome at the end

  • tom


    2 giorni fa

    His name matches his personality it’s so cute

  • Silas Marner

    Silas Marner

    2 giorni fa

    He was "manscaped"

  • Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    2 giorni fa

    Am I the only GD player that recognizes the Pusab font? Just me? ok...

  • Jayden Howard

    Jayden Howard

    2 giorni fa

    Me at 3:00AM

  • Wordivore


    2 giorni fa

    He looks so nice. Really good groomer.

  • Hardly Surprised

    Hardly Surprised

    2 giorni fa

    Hank heard $300 and said😳