The Amazing Process of Making Quality Chef Milk Pans

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2022
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The Amazing Process of Making Quality Chef Milk Pans
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Wow Things
Commenti: 419  
  • Вадим Козин

    Вадим Козин

    На конечном результате где стоит на столе этот ковшик появились носики для четкого слива, а на заводе не делали его

  • Stephen Evans

    Stephen Evans

    How did it turn into a milk pan from the normal pan. It would have been interesting to show how they made the spout

  • seema rajderkar

    seema rajderkar

    Wow !! What a well organised process!!Finally I came across a pan that is made from one piece of metal sheet..... without any joints!!

  • Maria Carvalho

    Maria Carvalho

    Impressionante,quanto trabalho parabéns

  • TechTinkering


    Interesting to think how they balance the amount of offcuts with the new material needed. Looks like a very efficient process with excellent quality products! 👍❤️😎

  • Silvia Basso

    Silvia Basso

    Increible el trabajo y su calidad de aluminio,👌

  • Chancey Mclaurin

    Chancey Mclaurin

    That's amazing how they all work together .

  • Damiata Consultora

    Damiata Consultora

    Belo trabalho, 💖

  • вася к

    вася к

    Безотходная технология

  • 𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕚𝕜𝕠𝕜𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕡𝕖


    Great study of thIs process. Nicely filmed and edited. Great channel and content.

  • Deivid Eurípedes porfirio Porfirio

    Deivid Eurípedes porfirio Porfirio

    Perfeito trabalho 😀👏👏

  • Moises Martinez

    Moises Martinez

    Qué hermoso trabajo exelente proceso

  • stefanio


    Falo do brasil parabéns pelo trabalho, parabéns ao trabalhadores que formam está equipe trabalham muito bem com perfeição show. Muito legal mesmo !

  • IceOne


    В России что бы запустить такое производство первым делом строят заводоуправление выстой в пять этажей)

  • John Michael Ymas Casimpan

    John Michael Ymas Casimpan

    That is such a good quality pan, neat looking.

  • Juan R. Jiménez

    Juan R. Jiménez

    Desde Puerto Rico isla del encanto, gracias, a todos ustedes y su gran trabajo todos podemos tener nuestras ollas para cocinar a las familias, gracias mil,

  • WV Hillbilly1985

    WV Hillbilly1985

    Best thing about the pans is they're hand made! 👍👍👍

  • mimi


    They did a beautiful job!!

  • Roy Maduro

    Roy Maduro

    Thank goodness there are industries like this, which employ many people. In modern factories there would be a fraction of laborers

  • Jack King

    Jack King

    Looks like a top quality pan that. I would use it for sure.