Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz, Encanto - Cast - The Family Madrigal (From "Encanto")

Pubblicato il 1 dic 2021
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Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.

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Music video by Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz, Encanto - Cast performing The Family Madrigal (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records

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  • kwazycupcake


    14 giorni fa

    It's so cool how she is not negative about not having a gift while all her family members has it. If I was her, it'll be my villain origin story.

  • Bribe


    21 ora fa

    Mirabel's rhyming with the English word Miracle is fantastical; Mirabel is, after all, the Miracle.

  • MI NG

    MI NG

    12 ore fa

    I love Mirabel you can really see how she loves her family. She is the best gift they had.

  • John Daryll Dela Rosa

    John Daryll Dela Rosa

    7 ore fa

    The fact that Mirabel rhymes with the english word Miracle is just fantastical. Indeed, Mirabel is the Miracle.

  • BestOfAllTheGeeks


    12 ore fa

    Mirabel is, like, the first protagonist of a Disney movie that I've cared about in a long, long time. She's so genuine and fun and lively! She's amazing and full of life!

  • just fluff

    just fluff

    12 ore fa


  • rosa_ tae

    rosa_ tae

    imagine if Dolores's room was soundproof so that she can finally have a break from all the sounds she's hearing all day

  • F A E ツ

    F A E ツ

    7 ore fa

    I love how Disney gave Pepa and Julieta husbands that corresponds with their powers. Agustin is an accident-prone/clumsy man then when he met Julieta I guess he knew that she was the one. Felix is like your comfort person and he saw something no man saw in Pepa. I mean who would want to marry Pepa if she always thunders... But Pepa is not just his cloud that always storms, she was also Felix's sun that brights up his life everyday.

  • Evan Bagwell

    Evan Bagwell

    17 ore fa

    I honestly think that Mirabel’s gift the whole time was that she’s the glue. The person in the family that keeps everyone sane, happy, included and loved. The second she started feeling excluded and unloved in return, the household quite literally started breaking apart.

  • annie’s garden

    annie’s garden

    7 ore fa

    “The truth is she can heal you with a meal”

  • Cristian SbArt

    Cristian SbArt

    12 ore fa

    I love her expressions when she says " I can´t just talk about myself, I'm part of the Amaaaaazing Madrigals"

  • Masha26th


    7 ore fa

    I love the bit with dolores.

  • a touch starved potato

    a touch starved potato

    21 giorno fa

    Love how when she was knocking on everyone's doors to wake them up, she only bumped Dolore's door once, because that's all she needs to wake up

  • Saphira


    15 ore fa

    I want a series about this family. There's so many characters that didn't get to do much in the film, but that everybody loves (cough, Camilo and Dolores, cough)

  • grandcarriage1


    15 ore fa

    What impressed me is Mirabel’s choreography. Someone has to come up with real dance moves in real life before it was put into her character, and frankly, it’s brilliant.

  • Phastos Eternal

    Phastos Eternal

    7 ore fa

    When she says “Madrigal” my brain is tickling.

  • iixxu


    15 ore fa

    I don’t get why they say she didn’t get a gift, when she just dropped the best bars of the year without breaking a sweat

  • Wongo C.

    Wongo C.

    7 ore fa

    Encanto redeemed Disney, Their properly done Cross Cultural Movies seem to be the best.

  • Ayanna Watts

    Ayanna Watts

    21 giorno fa

    Mirabel’s gift is best hype woman in the world. Even though she feels left out she loves her family more than anything and wants to see them grow and be happy.

  • iamapril83


    15 ore fa

    I don’t get how someone can write this whole story, the director is truly talented, Encanto is a masterpiece, so are the songs.