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Do you like Blind Guardian? Would you like to play BRIGHT EYES, BARD'S SONG...? Here's a TUTORIAL on HOW TO PLAY LIKE BLIND GUARDIAN.... More or less.
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    14 giorni fa

    This video is currently in hot trending in Italy (#11)!
    🇮🇹 (se non l'avete notato, questo è il SECONDO canale, dove parlo in inglese. Nell'altro tutti i contenuti rimangono italiani).

    • Angelo Bissanti

      Angelo Bissanti

      4 giorni fa


    • Thomas Matheisl

      Thomas Matheisl

      4 giorni fa

      Verräter hald!!

    • Giulio S.

      Giulio S.

      5 giorni fa


    • Nikonisti


      5 giorni fa

      @Giulio S. Ma allora é proprio un comBlotto e noncielodikono!

    • Giulio S.

      Giulio S.

      5 giorni fa

      @Nikonisti con i sottotitoli respiri la tua anidride carbonica... ...Pare.

  • Roger


    15 minuti fa

    arata: who cares about bass?
    davie504: im calling the police

  • Salvador Scar

    Salvador Scar

    49 minuti fa

    "Blind gUrdian"...

  • Gustavo Gomes

    Gustavo Gomes

    49 minuti fa

    The vocal is amazing!

  • Silver claw

    Silver claw

    Ora fa

    skipped trough the video... did not understnad a thing

  • Eduardo Junior

    Eduardo Junior

    2 ore fa

    No Bass??? Call @davie504

  • Henry Casañas Quijano

    Henry Casañas Quijano

    3 ore fa

    Haha, Among other things, I learned that with the help of my aunts and grandmothers I can record the church choirs of any band! I did not reach the competition but... (All right girls, you have to sing: "Epicus- Epicus - Furor - Furor") That's it! There You go Luca Turilli.

  • Ben Durion

    Ben Durion

    3 ore fa

    Like this\m/ !!!

  • Gustavo Guedes

    Gustavo Guedes

    4 ore fa

    Well... u indeed need to have talent to covering this without talent!

  • Guilherme Dalenogari

    Guilherme Dalenogari

    4 ore fa

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkK genial



    5 ore fa

    Ok, this was hilarious. :D

  • Nicholas Belotti Andreu

    Nicholas Belotti Andreu

    5 ore fa

    Please, pay some respect to BASS. Slap like now if you respect BASS.

  • JLG Network

    JLG Network

    7 ore fa

    Hahaha nice work 🤘🏻

  • Alan Capelari

    Alan Capelari

    7 ore fa

    this song is so great that even a parody version sounds badass

  • udelnet


    9 ore fa

    No Bass? Call Davie405 :-D ....great work. Greetz.

  • Anatoly Kozachenko

    Anatoly Kozachenko

    10 ore fa

    Is it strange, that final result sounds similar to modern band like Bring me to horizon?

  • Astral Tales

    Astral Tales

    10 ore fa

    Brilliant hahaha

  • Dan Godbout

    Dan Godbout

    12 ore fa

    I died of laughter at the bass parts LOL

  • Inmate999


    16 ore fa

    Lol. I laughed. Good work.

  • El Chirigua

    El Chirigua

    21 ora fa

    Dude, that shred tecnique is actually awesome 🤣

    • ARATA


      20 ore fa

      I need to patent it

  • Carlos ..

    Carlos ..

    23 ore fa

    Brilliant !!!

  • HaleftHaut


    23 ore fa

    Loved your cover amico, but Blind Guardian are germans, and as such they lack any sense of humor

    • ARATA


      20 ore fa

      Best comment so far 🤣🤣🤣

  • Seelenwinter 666

    Seelenwinter 666

    Giorno fa

    without talent... never it was so true...

  • OldSchoolFilm1930


    Giorno fa

    Bloody hell ...... :D

  • akiskev


    Giorno fa

    Better than the original. Here have a wurst

  • Ettegruoc


    Giorno fa

    Your version is a thousand times closer to the original song than a Sonata Arctica live song is to a Sonata Arctica record song.

    • ARATA


      20 ore fa


  • Ramiro Bonilla

    Ramiro Bonilla

    Giorno fa


  • Christian Schimpl

    Christian Schimpl

    Giorno fa

    Very talented! Like that crazy stuff!

  • Boleslav Gondirev

    Boleslav Gondirev

    Giorno fa

    arata arata-ta-ta-ta!

  • Ale Mot

    Ale Mot

    Giorno fa

    Ecco cosa si fa per un tozzo di pane e un bicchiere di latte 🍞🥛😂

  • Matheus Inacio

    Matheus Inacio

    Giorno fa

    And thus was born Dragonforce

  • Terra de Gigantes

    Terra de Gigantes

    Giorno fa

    one of my favorite song from bg

  • Terra de Gigantes

    Terra de Gigantes

    Giorno fa

    noone cares about bass on metal??? is vital for metal..

  • Dejan Todorovic

    Dejan Todorovic

    Giorno fa

    Awesome, not awesome as original but still awesome. Great job for one Italian :D

  • Fabrício Sousa

    Fabrício Sousa

    Giorno fa

    with NO TALENT hahahaha

  • Mel Ancholynus

    Mel Ancholynus

    Giorno fa

    Another Helium War

  • Breno Silva

    Breno Silva

    Giorno fa

    Sounds like Dragonforce

  • Rafael Baptista Carneiro

    Rafael Baptista Carneiro

    Giorno fa

    Hahahaha... awesome!!

  • TheLordmarsden


    Giorno fa

    E non solo i Blind guardian il metodo del rasoio elettrico è molto usato dai Dragonforce

  • guilherme fernandes

    guilherme fernandes

    Giorno fa

    this voices sounds like marvin squirrel

  • Rogelio Cerezo

    Rogelio Cerezo

    Giorno fa

    jajaj amazing

  • MasterPeibol


    Giorno fa

    Don't let Davie504 see this...

  • Hans Dampf

    Hans Dampf

    Giorno fa

    somehow i feel like i should skip some parts of the video.

  • Ίκαρος Κράτσας

    Ίκαρος Κράτσας

    Giorno fa

    You are a funny guy!! It was a lot of fun to watch this video...keep going dude!!!

    • ARATA


      20 ore fa


  • Александр Злобин

    Александр Злобин

    Giorno fa

    Здорово показал насколько сложен метал.

  • Leonardo Mattar Monteiro

    Leonardo Mattar Monteiro

    Giorno fa

    LOVED it
    & ya NAILED it
    Won ya w new follower ARATA man

  • SteeleHard


    Giorno fa

    Talentless? Nope you cannot either compare with them, no effort, no wisdom, no gain, just a joke to collect thumbs



    Giorno fa

    to short :(

  • Penumbrum Obscurum

    Penumbrum Obscurum

    Giorno fa

    Haha, man this is hilarious and cool at the same time!

  • Rodrigo Aborigem

    Rodrigo Aborigem

    Giorno fa

    Alvin and the Chipmunks from metal.

  • Iωάννης Κοραχάης

    Iωάννης Κοραχάης

    Giorno fa

    Nailed it

  • Roger Vincoletto

    Roger Vincoletto

    Giorno fa

    Man this was really hilarious. Im a big BG fan so that was amazing!

  • GuiomParsec


    Giorno fa

    Fake news ! This guy has in fact talent. Came for the Blind Guardian, subbed for the hair clipper. Pure genius.

  • Silvio da Fonseca

    Silvio da Fonseca

    Giorno fa

    Blind Alvin and the Chipmunks Guardians

  • Filemon Tranche

    Filemon Tranche

    Giorno fa

    You look like italian jack sparrow

  • Orlando Hector Avolio

    Orlando Hector Avolio

    Giorno fa

    Non sapevo di un secondo canale piccola busta di scroti ambulante iscritto anche a questo!!!!

  • Сергей Климов

    Сергей Климов

    Giorno fa

    Good job, Arata-san! I'm fan of BG, hope you too now

  • Soultaker93


    Giorno fa

    You call this no talent? Yeah right.

  • Chem


    Giorno fa

    Wow, if nothing else this is great motivational stuff. "If you ever feel like you are stuck at something, cant get that part quite right, or just think you suck and can´t do it. Just watch this video, laugh, and get back into practice with a shaver" - I can´t believe this was not sponsored by dollarshaveclub or manscape.

  • 3axapbi4


    Giorno fa

    very nice!

  • Prikense


    Giorno fa

    everything but the vocals sounds pretty good, good job

  • Juan Carlos Núñez F

    Juan Carlos Núñez F

    Giorno fa

    LOL!!! Very funny!!!

  • Amar Roop Singh

    Amar Roop Singh

    Giorno fa

    great! LOL

  • slayerx2000


    Giorno fa

    Damn Johnny Depp! That was pretty good!

  • Dominic


    Giorno fa

    I lasted 17 seconds into the video. YouTube pls stop recommending unfunny literal shit, thx

  • samuel douek

    samuel douek

    Giorno fa

    Wow this is awesome! Whatever "Talent" you don't have for music writing, you put on in video editing and performance! This is one cool heck of a video! Really enjoyed it!

  • Paulo Roberto Dalmas Junior

    Paulo Roberto Dalmas Junior

    Giorno fa

    Davie504 died with this BASS

  • Mattias Wibom

    Mattias Wibom

    Giorno fa

    Thumbs up from this Blind Guardian fan at least! Good creativity mate

  • Trashpanda Deluxe

    Trashpanda Deluxe

    Giorno fa

    That razor hack is the bomb

  • Kregor


    Giorno fa

    Could you make a video with just the bass.. Bass is Epic

  • Guy Schwartz Official

    Guy Schwartz Official

    2 giorni fa

    5:37 those were "GammaRay" - I died :D :D :D

    • ARATA


      Giorno fa


  • Eddie


    2 giorni fa

    Man the s makes me want to listen to Gamma Ra.. I mean Blind Guardian!!!

  • folco 13

    folco 13

    2 giorni fa

    Dovresti tradurre anche i tuoi fantastici insulti

  • Phillip flute2368

    Phillip flute2368

    2 giorni fa

    "Hakuna Arata"
    Forget about your problems and come watch this amazing video.
    Just got another subscriber. You're amazing. :D

  • Israel


    2 giorni fa

    this video made me subscribe. great work!

  • Enrique Rull

    Enrique Rull

    2 giorni fa

    honestly sounds better than the original

  • Markus-Hermann Koch

    Markus-Hermann Koch

    2 giorni fa

    Razor sharp performance! 👏

  • Luis Barron

    Luis Barron

    2 giorni fa

    Just other secular engagement - blind custody guy

  • Alvaro J. Carrillanca

    Alvaro J. Carrillanca

    2 giorni fa

    Man your vid was pretty funny.

  • Ramesh Thapa

    Ramesh Thapa

    2 giorni fa

    absolutely mad

  • Maurizio Buonaugurio

    Maurizio Buonaugurio

    2 giorni fa

    Ti giuro che la macchinetta per capelli sulle corde della chitarra mi hanno fatto mettere in discussione tutte le mie convinzioni sul mondo... come direbbero gli sceneggiatori di Boris:”Geniooooo”

  • Raphael Dantas

    Raphael Dantas

    2 giorni fa


  • Volkan Burnaz

    Volkan Burnaz

    2 giorni fa

    It's perfectly splendid.

  • Peter Koslovski

    Peter Koslovski

    2 giorni fa

    hahahahaha so great

  • Sacred Outcry

    Sacred Outcry

    2 giorni fa

    This was so awesome, that I am officially inviting you to play that kickass bass (and maybe handle the choirs) in our next release.

  • Darkmech


    2 giorni fa

    Blind Guardian are right up their among my favorite bands and you sir killed this, I was actually in tears, what an awesome video!!!

    • ARATA


      Giorno fa

      Thanks man

  • Alexandre Rochadel

    Alexandre Rochadel

    2 giorni fa

    Not slap the bass, not EPIC.

  • Matias Campagna

    Matias Campagna

    2 giorni fa

    si el titulo está en español, porque carajo hablas en ingles???

    • ARATA


      Giorno fa

      Se llama "traducciòn de tìtulo". Cada paìs tiene el tìtulo traducido a su idioma.

  • Tzzon85


    2 giorni fa

    Ciao Mark, ti seguo da un bel po' e i miei complimenti per la tua carriera artistica. Come musicista sei molto bravo e fantasioso, chi se lo immaginava che con il tagliacapelli si poteva suonare velocemente sulla chitarra. In questo video hai dato veramente il massimo. Esiste un altro youtuber brasiliano di nome van dasc e fa le cover di canzoni hard rock e Power metal, sarebbe interessante un video in collaborazione tra te che suoni e lui che canta, ha una voce che spacca, come direbbe il mitico J-Ax. Da visualizzatore di YouTube e appassionato di musica rock sarebbe un bel video e una bella idea. Spero di averti dato un idea per un nuovo progetto. E mi aspetto che mi farai scoprire qualche altro trucco nuovo!!! Ciao

  • Yelo


    2 giorni fa

    This was hilarious 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Julio Sossai

    Julio Sossai

    2 giorni fa

    Fantastic video 👏🏽👏🏽

  • xxxblackvenomxxx


    2 giorni fa

    Blind Chipmunk

  • Akın Fatih Demir

    Akın Fatih Demir

    2 giorni fa

    im pretty sure davie504 would like to know your location

  • David Argel

    David Argel

    2 giorni fa

    k k k k k k kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk very good man

  • sergio melia marti

    sergio melia marti

    2 giorni fa

    Joderrrrrr.... Mamá mía....

  • Jose Juan Milla

    Jose Juan Milla

    2 giorni fa


  • TheMadMattster


    3 giorni fa

    ironically that computerized ass drum sound sounds closer to BG's modern drum sound than expected. I miss Thomen The Omen and Fleming as producer lol

    • HaleftHaut


      23 ore fa

      Yeah BG without Thomen Stauch went from Metal to Folk in two albums

  • Leonardo Dal Bó

    Leonardo Dal Bó

    3 giorni fa


  • PlacidDragon


    3 giorni fa

    haha, this was fantastic! :D

  • M3Studios Official

    M3Studios Official

    3 giorni fa

    oh that was so good!!!!! I love BG but man, you rocked it using trade tricks and that was sublime! Plus, you are super funny! Just got a new sub my man! Bravissimo!