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  • 웃웃TwinsFromRussia


    28 giorni fa

    Would you be scared to do this of you had a twin? 👬😳
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    • سمر ثامر علي

      سمر ثامر علي

      19 giorni fa


    • ;-;


      20 giorni fa

      Don't do that 💀💀💀the aircraft hold is not pressurized, he risks dying from a lack of oxygen and cold.

    • Sônia Maria Magalhães Magalhães

      Sônia Maria Magalhães Magalhães

      20 giorni fa

      Foi a coisa mais engraçada

    • Charlie Shaddow

      Charlie Shaddow

      20 giorni fa

      When you enter and exit out of the same door

    • Chan Bee Ching

      Chan Bee Ching

      20 giorni fa


  • Peridot Plays

    Peridot Plays

    52 minuti fa

    I don't know if this is a good idea my guy

  • Lakko have the best Gamer#2.0

    Lakko have the best Gamer#2.0

    57 minuti fa

    This is goooooooood🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MR Khan

    MR Khan

    Ora fa

    machine ke andar bag uthaya to upar kara nahin sale pagal re Kare video banane ke liye kuchh bhi nahin milta to kuchh bhi to log banaa deta video ekadam MHA faltu hai aakhir aadami ko andar karke Le jaane Kya darkar tha Bharat abhi to ja sakta tera man ka brand

  • Vikash Tiwari

    Vikash Tiwari

    2 ore fa

    X-Ray machine at the airport - 😒

  • Kai-Even


    2 ore fa

    U know its face when u dont even got a blanket cuz in the air plane were the bags are its 2 cold so he had died

  • ᧁꪖꪑ3r ᥊ꪮ᥊ꪮ

    ᧁꪖꪑ3r ᥊ꪮ᥊ꪮ

    2 ore fa

    Did someone saw that guy with a dream backpack? 👁️👄👁️

  • Lewen Jemaw

    Lewen Jemaw

    3 ore fa

    No hun you cannot do that because they will scan your bag

  • Виктория


    3 ore fa

    Интересно они и правда русские? 🙂🇷🇺

  • maria diniz

    maria diniz

    3 ore fa

    Rui meu í meu jeih

  • Trikisha Sarden

    Trikisha Sarden

    4 ore fa

    Yeah right and get a one way trip to jail

  • That _boyAnthony

    That _boyAnthony

    4 ore fa

    What if he grabbed the wrong bag 💀

  • Soufiane Selatnia

    Soufiane Selatnia

    4 ore fa

    ههههههههههههههههه ررروعة



    4 ore fa

    nampak bgt da koperny lgsg jd kempes

  • shadow fighter

    shadow fighter

    5 ore fa

    He is off today 😂

  • Mike Freemantle

    Mike Freemantle

    5 ore fa

    But. What if it’s more people

  • Alexandre Albuquerque

    Alexandre Albuquerque

    6 ore fa

    Why aren't you using mask at the airport?!

  • Ishita Dance Official

    Ishita Dance Official

    6 ore fa

    Bro oxygen

  • Ianrje Flores

    Ianrje Flores

    6 ore fa

    How to travel two person in one ticker😯

  • 달빛의천사


    6 ore fa

    아니 근데 대체 왜 이런게 유행하는거짘ㅋ?
    고참 신기하넼...ㅋㅋ

  • n0el19


    6 ore fa

    Not use face mask

  • nash03 TV

    nash03 TV

    7 ore fa

    What dahil



    7 ore fa

    Go BBC high) jjon

  • lexgopppro


    7 ore fa

    I know I'm going to sound like the castrous girl in the living room but sorry, what they do is wrong because they pay at least $ 1,000 a week and they get it back with their trips, but what they do is take away

    • lexgopppro


      7 ore fa

      Even 1 person is illegal and harms the airline

  • The Ruby Red Gamer

    The Ruby Red Gamer

    8 ore fa

    Isn't this uh, illegal?

  • Chloe Paepae Emily Paepae

    Chloe Paepae Emily Paepae

    8 ore fa

    Um how dose he breathe

  • Starhopper


    8 ore fa

    This is so obviously fake lol
    But I get it's sort of supposed to look like that
    Also, wear a mask

  • esterM daleon

    esterM daleon

    10 ore fa

    I like there accents

  • Yolanda Ochoa

    Yolanda Ochoa

    10 ore fa

    Mother will not apruv

  • Elena Polanco

    Elena Polanco

    10 ore fa


  • Monjita Sarkar

    Monjita Sarkar

    10 ore fa

    Pls take the internet away from such people

  • Saleh Quplawy

    Saleh Quplawy

    10 ore fa

    I can’t believe your bro went to the beach

  • Theone man83

    Theone man83

    12 ore fa


  • Hemilly gabrielle Hemy

    Hemilly gabrielle Hemy

    13 ore fa

    Ísis família tá bem

  • Hemilly gabrielle Hemy

    Hemilly gabrielle Hemy

    13 ore fa

    Oi tudubem com vcs

  • Licmary Romero

    Licmary Romero

    13 ore fa

    No cuando pase por la maquina láser de seguridad👎👎👎👎👎

  • Hypi


    15 ore fa

    So fake omd

  • Kathy Lee

    Kathy Lee

    15 ore fa

    So cool man

  • Brandon Griggs

    Brandon Griggs

    15 ore fa

    This is the Los Angeles airport 😐

  • Baby Geezy

    Baby Geezy

    16 ore fa

    Went in terminal 5 and came out of terminal 5 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Whamu's Bruh Moment

    Whamu's Bruh Moment

    17 ore fa

    Ever want to be accused of human trafficking, this is how😎

  • Zehra Görmüşoğlu

    Zehra Görmüşoğlu

    17 ore fa

    I'm going WIHT my everything you said 😁

  • Smiling_Hogwarts


    18 ore fa

    How to be cheap 101:

  • Pouya Mahmoudi

    Pouya Mahmoudi

    18 ore fa

    How to travel?

  • Faid_ Axx

    Faid_ Axx

    18 ore fa

    Acting was invented in 1955ppl in 1954

  • Sofia E Matheus Games Games

    Sofia E Matheus Games Games

    19 ore fa

    Cadê a máscara dele??

  • Ronald Silva

    Ronald Silva

    19 ore fa

    Ot of te taytran game ion olanda of not fallet português servi gringa

  • Meyrilin Rodríguez

    Meyrilin Rodríguez

    19 ore fa

    WOWO 😁😁 que priti xd🤔

  • gaming imran

    gaming imran

    19 ore fa

    Hahaha hahaha

  • Maxwell Brown

    Maxwell Brown

    20 ore fa

    : gets arrested for human trafficking

  • Sam Genazzini

    Sam Genazzini

    21 ora fa

    Or you could just buy a ticket??

  • Ben F

    Ben F

    22 ore fa

    I get annoyed that there are so many retards getting famous these days for stuff anyone could do. Then I think to myself maybe in 15 - 20 years people will forget them.

    Edit: Also I ain't jealous with these people, I'm just saying that these people are getting famous for no work, and people who do work should get more of the credit.

  • KRISHNAAA a1a1

    KRISHNAAA a1a1

    22 ore fa

    I like it bhai 😇

    • KRISHNAAA a1a1

      KRISHNAAA a1a1

      22 ore fa

      Free mein

  • Amit 120186

    Amit 120186

    22 ore fa


  • troy Willmott

    troy Willmott

    22 ore fa

    ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

  • Logan The Chill

    Logan The Chill

    22 ore fa

    Or the true title how to get arrested and get a life sentence

  • Mirsa Vásquez Luna

    Mirsa Vásquez Luna

    23 ore fa

    eeeeeeeeeeee ce soi española

  • wow I look great

    wow I look great

    Giorno fa

    Only Dream stans will notice some dude's bag.

  • Ecrin Zeynep Aydoğan

    Ecrin Zeynep Aydoğan

    Giorno fa

    Maske tak 😷

  • 기스린


    Giorno fa

    신기하네요 !! :)

  • ZulFra


    Giorno fa


  • Shikare Wilson

    Shikare Wilson

    Giorno fa

    I am immersed Sophie Dolphy cleaning her self in the suitcase in and I guess her brother when we hung around and I still give them their seasons went to her neighbors house and then her brother was like can you help me open and I was saying the lady at poke that I don’t know weird but we didn’t know that Sophie Dolphy

  • Pēn Ze Pōtåtô

    Pēn Ze Pōtåtô

    Giorno fa

    I’ve heard that suitcases get thrown and bashed around in the process of moving them :/

  • Melanie Friese

    Melanie Friese

    Giorno fa

    Tom ist de

  • Vivek


    Giorno fa

    Who goes to Mexico on vacation

  • Sameer King khan

    Sameer King khan

    Giorno fa

    Oh my god

  • Ximena guadalupe Espinoza acevedo

    Ximena guadalupe Espinoza acevedo

    Giorno fa

    Eeemm no entenfi😅

  • Zsuzsanna Balogh

    Zsuzsanna Balogh

    Giorno fa


  • Rambhai Parmar

    Rambhai Parmar

    Giorno fa

    100million crossed

  • Ginger Ale

    Ginger Ale

    Giorno fa

    It's so fake. Why 3.8 million likes 😐

  • Kayleah Perez

    Kayleah Perez

    Giorno fa

    Just a random guy talking to his luggage. It’s normal

  • NotTrash _

    NotTrash _

    Giorno fa

    Them: “have you ever wanted to take someone on vacation with you? Well here’s how. *puts one of them in a suitcase*
    Me: dude just buy them a damn seat.

    • Zeno Lopes

      Zeno Lopes

      7 ore fa

      He saved money that was the point and that them: me: he: whatever it is is annoyong now

  • Xavier


    Giorno fa

    Twin dead from lack of oxygen

  • quackity simp

    quackity simp

    Giorno fa

    wow very funny

  • Here's Daddy

    Here's Daddy

    Giorno fa

    Everything about this was fucking cancer

  • Patriots Wraith

    Patriots Wraith

    Giorno fa

    *He's dead*
    Oh, the luggage area isn't made for peaple...
    *Russain unkillbel perk activates*
    Oh my bad

  • Reon Fondia

    Reon Fondia

    Giorno fa

    Yo 🗣👥👮🏿🎅🏿

  • Reon Fondia

    Reon Fondia

    Giorno fa


  • Reon Fondia

    Reon Fondia

    Giorno fa


  • Manoonngab Haritsadee a haa

    Manoonngab Haritsadee a haa

    Giorno fa

    У тебя есть эта удивительная вещь, ты смог поехать?

  • Brendon Reich

    Brendon Reich

    Giorno fa

    First off, you could get hurt, secondly, it was empty except for just before and after they left the airport

  • Mason Mason

    Mason Mason

    Giorno fa

    Wait why aren’t I guys wearing masks 😷 in this vid?

  • NArmy


    Giorno fa

    This is just .....
    I have no words 😶
    I’ll come and shave off your eyebrows

  • Tizi Veliz

    Tizi Veliz

    Giorno fa

    Se re nota que es falso ensima las dos son terminal5

  • The best Kid

    The best Kid

    Giorno fa

    What about security

  • Mo Minor

    Mo Minor

    Giorno fa

    Fake never work

  • The Random Reviewers

    The Random Reviewers

    Giorno fa

    I will do this with my sis

  • Karlis Ryan-Sprogis

    Karlis Ryan-Sprogis

    Giorno fa


  • Farah Janat

    Farah Janat

    Giorno fa


  • Dillbob Moo

    Dillbob Moo

    Giorno fa

    Guys I did this and my brother seems to think the suitcase is a great spot to sleep

  • C GAMER-tutoriales juegos y más

    C GAMER-tutoriales juegos y más

    Giorno fa

    A este wey Sele aplica el
    Con quién viajas con Migo mismo xDDDDDDD

  • Jade Kingman

    Jade Kingman

    Giorno fa

    Your videos is the best
    In my live

  • Zakeyah Zakeyah

    Zakeyah Zakeyah

    Giorno fa

    ايا من عمري مافيش غيره😝😔

  • Igor Mazurkiewicz

    Igor Mazurkiewicz

    Giorno fa

    That's cap

  • zalfa


    Giorno fa

    umm the person in the luggage would die cuz there isnt enough oxygen in there

  • oks3rd


    Giorno fa

    They were in California already look at the car License plate

  • barrett sexton

    barrett sexton

    Giorno fa

    You know they put the bag thru scanners right?

  • Top Gaming Moments

    Top Gaming Moments

    Giorno fa

    Guys who think this is fake🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Liam Elliott

    Liam Elliott

    Giorno fa

    Is anyone gonna point out that that on top of this being unrealistic because they would know what’s in the bag. The bag isn’t a carry-on they’d have to pay for it also they didn’t pack any clothes so they would probably buy some unless they want to stink like shit so they would end up paying more for room and board, the bag, clothes, and the bag on the way back, than just buying him a ticket

  • YeLlOw SuNnY

    YeLlOw SuNnY

    Giorno fa

    They scan your suitcase