Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fifth Year | Vanity Fair

Pubblicato il 30 nov 2021
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"I'm so much more open to stuff now." On the verge of 100 million followers, Billie Eilish is ready to step back into the world as the most comfortable version of herself. Filled with new life experience, two more Grammys than last year, and a few less of her infamous one-liners, Billie Eilish truly is happier than ever. From hosting the Met Gala to being the reason Oscar de la Renta no longer sells fur, watch to see how much Billie has grown since her first interview in 2017 with Vanity Fair.

Year Two:
Year Three:
Year Four:

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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fifth Year | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
  • hotsé


    2 ore fa

    We're on fifth year hahahhaha

  • Shxrtie Edits

    Shxrtie Edits

    2 ore fa


  • Ava


    2 ore fa

    i love watching her grow into herself tbh

  • Yanoxin Laughable

    Yanoxin Laughable

    2 ore fa

    OMG It's been 5 years😭🤩

  • hotsé


    2 ore fa


  • Julianne Kolb

    Julianne Kolb

    2 ore fa

    As someone who also gets extremely depressed during LA summer (and fall, which is also notoriously hot), I so appreciated her shoutout to the simple pleasures of rain and overcast weather!

  • My Name is C

    My Name is C

    2 ore fa

    Awww she look great in yellow hair

  • moonlight witch ★

    moonlight witch ★

    2 ore fa

    Istg I love these sm

  • snow women

    snow women

    2 ore fa

    She just looks happier than ever and loves herself I love that and I'm really proud of her 🥰

  • Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    2 ore fa

    I love this Holiday.

  • Ed port

    Ed port

    2 ore fa

    What a great interview

  • Luisa Amanda

    Luisa Amanda

    2 ore fa


  • Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    2 ore fa

    Gets a Billie Eilish ad on a vildeo about Billie Eilish talking about Billie Eilish

  • Sebastian Villagomez

    Sebastian Villagomez

    2 ore fa

    Love her

  • Frederick Wickham

    Frederick Wickham

    2 ore fa

    completely have fallen in love with her😩 what a beautiful, intellegent human being😍

  • zentaur


    2 ore fa

    drive off with me into the beach in the charger babe.

  • lily


    2 ore fa

    the low bun… gosh i’m going through an identity crisis

  • IamtheRealCarlos -

    IamtheRealCarlos -

    2 ore fa

    These are just amazing to watch. My girlfriend and I are watching the Beatles documentary on Disney plus and am so grateful the director/production crew did a great job telling a story of them making music and getting ready for the show. Hope you document your story Billie. Keep doing you!

  • Enigma


    2 ore fa

    It’s been 5 years 😳 crazy how fast time flies

  • Drowning Sand 🎄

    Drowning Sand 🎄

    2 ore fa


  • Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez

    2 ore fa

    No cuz she truly looks happier than ever this year.

  • Art Genie_Mithurnaa

    Art Genie_Mithurnaa

    2 ore fa

    ahhhhhhh finally im so exciteddd

  • draxcir


    2 ore fa

    It will be interesting to see if they keep these up even if she keeps same trajectory of female pop stars (mental breakdown used and spit out by industry not being able to cope with no longer being relevant) wish her the best.

  • lyla


    2 ore fa

    love you billie! you’ve grown so much, it’s crazy. i’ve been a fan for awhile and i love your music and style so much!
    note: her eyes are so pretty i can’t

  • alyssa sirianni

    alyssa sirianni

    2 ore fa

    she’s only 19 and has the whole world in her hands.



    2 ore fa

    It's on its way

    Ap was here

  • Kyle Loftis

    Kyle Loftis

    2 ore fa

    Never forget God loves you and is our lord and savior

  • kenneth scalir

    kenneth scalir

    2 ore fa

    Is that a real tattoo on her hand, or a henna tattoo?

  • Coban Chronicles

    Coban Chronicles

    2 ore fa


  • V King

    V King

    2 ore fa

    Since I'm not conventionally beautiful, I can't dress or act how I want. If I dress the way she did (which I used to when I was the same age!!!), I get called a bum or homeless looking, or whatever. A gorgeous person can where whatever they want and it's "groundbreaking". I where whatever I want and I've committed social suicide.

  • Isabel Gonzalez

    Isabel Gonzalez

    2 ore fa

    It feels like I watched last year’s the other day 😭

  • Fake Dude

    Fake Dude

    2 ore fa


  • Fecher13 _

    Fecher13 _

    2 ore fa


  • Guilherme Freire

    Guilherme Freire

    2 ore fa

    this is my anual dose of serotonin, thank u Vanity Fair

  • Kyahn


    2 ore fa

    says she hates making insperational quotes one minute and spits out one the next

  • Erika Careaga

    Erika Careaga

    2 ore fa

    Se ve que cada año se vuelve mas madura mentalmente, pero ver esto le deja mal, mi nena esta creciendo muy rápido

  • my lucifer is lonely

    my lucifer is lonely

    2 ore fa

    #1 on trending as it should

  • Léa Anquetin

    Léa Anquetin

    2 ore fa

    she has such a great mind and personality for 19 years old

  • Laurin Harris

    Laurin Harris

    2 ore fa

    these make me cry

  • Mariyah


    2 ore fa

    I feel like the year Billie stops doing these is the year she looses relevancy

  • Mayank Prajapat

    Mayank Prajapat

    2 ore fa

    Can we just take a moment for her eyes, hair, and skin 😍

  • Tuuears


    2 ore fa

    She seems more alive I love that energy

  • Niccole Zollinger

    Niccole Zollinger

    2 ore fa

    Shes grown so much and it's refreshing to see how she has matured. I love her music

  • David Smock

    David Smock

    2 ore fa

    She's really blossomed into a beautiful , mature young woman.

  • D Red

    D Red

    2 ore fa

    She gets more disgusting every year!

  • Nicole Jaramillo

    Nicole Jaramillo

    2 ore fa

    It is so beyond beautiful to see her grow. This one brought me to tears. She is absolutely amazing🥰

  • eyebags .aregucci

    eyebags .aregucci

    2 ore fa

    This is the main thing I look forward to every year.

  • emma phillips

    emma phillips

    2 ore fa

    i remember when i watched the first one 😭

  • Corinne Marlow

    Corinne Marlow

    2 ore fa

    Billie girl how do you live in CA with the way you’re affected by weather lol

  • Tuuears


    2 ore fa

    How is she so amazing

  • Em


    2 ore fa

    I like Billie a lot! She seems to be genuine and polite. I wish I was into her music.

  • Jary J. Murillo

    Jary J. Murillo

    2 ore fa

    I love you so much Billie, . so so so much

  • Brianna Garcia

    Brianna Garcia

    2 ore fa

    She’s definitely grown and she’s just happier than ever, you can see it on her face. 🤎

  • iiCYSPiCE


    2 ore fa

    My birthday’s October 18th

  • Kelzang Dorji

    Kelzang Dorji

    2 ore fa

    That glow over the years 😍

  • Tuuears


    2 ore fa

    Wow 🤩

  • jjjjrk12345


    2 ore fa

    The cringy scripted vaccine plug 😭🤮

  • Princess


    2 ore fa

    I just smile the whole time watching this my heart

  • Girl Unknown

    Girl Unknown

    2 ore fa

    I hate sunny blue sky days too!

  • Grenic


    2 ore fa

    Amazing young woman

  • Grenic


    2 ore fa

    Amazing young woman

  • Rogelio Diaz2747

    Rogelio Diaz2747

    2 ore fa

    She said her name slower throughout the years

  • Trobez


    2 ore fa

    Who else has watched since the first video

  • anaestheticcs


    2 ore fa

    "i'm not gonna be all tatted up" says everyone who's just had a couple of tattos done
    5 years later you're out there looking like mgk

  • Aimé Camacho

    Aimé Camacho

    2 ore fa

    When I saw her with that blond hair & that beautiful beautiful dress I thought she looks so much prettier like omg she is a freaking queen!!

  • Sofia Preda

    Sofia Preda

    2 ore fa

    im not sobbing u r

  • speechless


    2 ore fa

    I can't believe she'll be 20 soon 🥺❤️

  • • Dani •

    • Dani •

    2 ore fa

    I love watching her become who she’s meant to be 💖

  • Adrian O'Flaherty

    Adrian O'Flaherty

    2 ore fa

    Such a bright beautiful human being and role model. 🇨🇦

  • woolfel


    2 ore fa

    I am glad my kids generation have Billie to inspire them.

  • Kai Favor

    Kai Favor

    2 ore fa

    She seems more mellowed out..i like it!

  • Grace Schu.

    Grace Schu.

    2 ore fa

    She's grown so much, very proud of her :)

  • hayley crowley

    hayley crowley

    2 ore fa

    the way i look forward to this video every year

  • Madeline


    2 ore fa


  • mr


    2 ore fa

    This should BE...

  • kirill khizhnyak

    kirill khizhnyak

    2 ore fa

    What women think and what they actually say are 2 different things

  • heyitsmira


    2 ore fa

    It's comforting to see her changing in a positive way, being more understanding and kind to herself. Loving herself more and all. I somehow feel like I've been growing up with her every year, and even though she's changed over time, I think she has a charisma and charm that never leave, and it's what makes people like her so much.

  • g.


    2 ore fa

    Every year, I think that this is the most mature and evolved version of herself, but she keeps on learning, improving, and maturing.

  • Kelsey Hollen

    Kelsey Hollen

    2 ore fa

    The growth 🥺❤️

  • dell10781


    2 ore fa

    she want off the cliff in 2021

  • JaviYa


    2 ore fa

    I love this, you can see her change through age and experience, I love how understanding she is with her younger self because her answers always reflect what she is going through at the moment and only herself knows. I can't wait for next years❤️

  • Wbyne


    2 ore fa


  • finley jenkins

    finley jenkins

    2 ore fa

    I have been watching these since I was 8 how amazing

  • ROOKIE1453683


    2 ore fa

    Billie's Instagram Follower Count
    2017: 257k
    2018: 6.3M
    2019: 40.7M
    2020: 67.5M
    2021: 94.1M

  • Blossom x

    Blossom x

    2 ore fa

    Giving me scar-jo vibes

  • Miriam Mesa

    Miriam Mesa

    2 ore fa

    She’s so serene this year. And I love it. It’s insane to me that she’s only 19 and has such patience watching her younger self.

  • katinyistheshit


    2 ore fa

    It feels like just yesterday was the 2020 video!!!!!

  • Elysia Rogerson

    Elysia Rogerson

    2 ore fa

    watching this and then like 5 of the same billie commercial pop up throughout it

  • mr


    2 ore fa

    This should me mandatory annual viewing for mid-teenagers to early twenties. I'm 60-plus teacher, and have seen a lot of kids this could have helped adjust their way through the awkward years.

  • Agustín Mendoza

    Agustín Mendoza

    2 ore fa

    She look happier than ever

  • Jordan Suaste

    Jordan Suaste

    2 ore fa

    i love her so much.

  • Case White

    Case White

    2 ore fa

    interesting kenophobia

  • Purrsun Purrsun

    Purrsun Purrsun

    2 ore fa


  • Katie Harris

    Katie Harris

    2 ore fa

    She sounds so much happier and confident in this video

  • Singing Coconut

    Singing Coconut

    2 ore fa

    I hope she can do this for the rest of her career. Like every year :)

  • bia Teixeira

    bia Teixeira

    2 ore fa


  • diana


    2 ore fa


  • Hibiscus queen

    Hibiscus queen

    2 ore fa

    Imagine If she skips a year…. It would throw the whole scheme off