Coldplay's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars! | NFL

Pubblicato il 10 feb 2016
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Check out the entire Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, starring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, ending with an amazing homage to former Super Bowl Halftime shows.
Setlist included: "Yellow", "Viva La Vida", "Paradise", "Adventure of a Lifetime", "Uptown Funk", "Formation", "Clocks", and "Fix You"/"Up and Up"
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Commenti: 35 250  
  • Candice C.

    Candice C.

    2 anni fa

    Coldplay represents the dream.

  • André Luis

    André Luis

    Coldplay + Beyoncé + Bruno Mars : Perfeição!!!!!! Melhor show

  • Teacher Joseph

    Teacher Joseph

    It's April 1,2022 , This performance still gives me a GOOSEBUMPS.

  • Nacoyia Bowman

    Nacoyia Bowman

    This was a well balanced show. Catered to everyone. Not just one genre.

  • Sheila Nascimento Deodato

    Sheila Nascimento Deodato

    7 ore fa

    Que evento lindo, tantas cores e uma energia muito boa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Gebarowski

    Tom Gebarowski

    This truly was a terrific show! Coldplay, Bruno Mars & Beyonce were all on top of their games!!! Playing such crowd pleaser songs like Viva LA Vida, Uptown Funk live was perfect way to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the show!!!

  • Ho super

    Ho super

    Anno fa

    The time when Earth is still good.

  • Rol Kl

    Rol Kl

    I think nobody in the US will ever forget this moment. Really the most entertaining halftime show ever 👏

  • Brian H

    Brian H

    This halftime show has got to be one of the best ive seen. The fact that coldplay incorporated past halftime shows by some of the most incredible and talented artists and also throwing in some words into his song shows some true class and respect he has for them. Great job to coldplay bruno and beyonce great performance.

  • Gabe Talks

    Gabe Talks

    It's such a shame that Coldplay's performance gets so overshadowed by Bruno Mars and Beyoncé. Coldplay killed it. They're an amazing group.

  • Mason Mctavish

    Mason Mctavish

    For me this is just the best one. Everyone is so happy and there isn’t a whole ton of props in it. The mood just feels so natural, like nothing is forced

  • Kaz Brekker1999

    Kaz Brekker1999

    This is my favorite haftime show. I won't say it the best but it's the most enjoyeble for me. It's the way Chris performs, the way he moves and how he interact with the audiences, it makes me feel like somehow i'm a part of it. And The sing off/dance off between Bruno and Beyonce? That's just pure entertainment. Love every single second of this.

  • K4rthik 5789

    K4rthik 5789

    2 anni fa

    I don’t get what ppl see wrong in this

  • sumzzz16


    coldplay doesn’t get credit for putting on this wholesome family friendly super bowl performance. not everything needs fireworks and insane dance numbers. 10/10

  • Noah Arsenault2

    Noah Arsenault2

    The hard work he put into this halftime just shows that is the best one everyone dancing so much action everyone happy and he bring back a flashback of all the performances mixed with happiness and hype my favourite performances even 6 years later

  • fiery sage

    fiery sage

    The way they started playing the music for Coldplay's song "Clocks" while showing a montage of performances over TIME... not to mention the musical mashup masterpiece that comes afterward, UGH THIS IS SO GOOD. Coldplay shall remain in my heart forevermore.

  • Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

    Seeing the joy in the children's faces as they play their musical instruments and sing along fills me with so much joy that its hard to describe. I am sure that they will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.

  • Ana Carolyna Com Y

    Ana Carolyna Com Y

    9 ore fa

    O final dessa performance sempre me dá arrepios e uma vontade de chorar. Ela é uma reunião de emoções sem limites

  • Sofia Romo

    Sofia Romo

    6 anni fa

    The thing with Coldplay is that they make you feel so infinite and alive...

  • Alexia Ribeiro

    Alexia Ribeiro