Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

Pubblicato il 1 apr 2021
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Dylan Ayres
  • Hamza LeagueOfLegends

    Hamza LeagueOfLegends

    3 minuti fa

    You are trash u should wait for it to freez first

  • Yusuke Urameshi

    Yusuke Urameshi

    8 minuti fa


  • vofff


    8 minuti fa

    Just for likes...

  • Jabir Saleh

    Jabir Saleh

    20 minuti fa

    You should wait a little bit for the glue to stick

  • blacklotus432


    21 minuto fa

    Think gum

  • SirRuffington


    22 minuti fa

    Glue takes longer than you think to dry. Leave it for like 1hour

  • Gamingweebnub Neo

    Gamingweebnub Neo

    24 minuti fa

    Don't trust five minutes craft

  • Shadow M00n

    Shadow M00n

    26 minuti fa

    Just use a plunger then

  • Cheyenne B

    Cheyenne B

    27 minuti fa

    You have to let the glue cool off first

  • Big Bonede

    Big Bonede

    29 minuti fa

    He pulled them while they were still hot lmfao

  • ashton hoyo

    ashton hoyo

    31 minuto fa

    “So one day someone told me to dent my car with a fucking Boulder and fix it with glue”

  • William Diaz Santos

    William Diaz Santos

    35 minuti fa

    If only you let the glue dry before pulling 😑

  • Anonymous Potato

    Anonymous Potato

    36 minuti fa

    It may have worked if you would have let it dry

  • American Eagle989

    American Eagle989

    41 minuto fa

    It actually does work your using the wrong type of glue

    • American Eagle989

      American Eagle989

      41 minuto fa

      And you also have to let it fully cure then you pull

  • Matheus Godoy

    Matheus Godoy

    42 minuti fa

    Let it dry

  • kenlank5


    48 minuti fa

    I think hot water and a 🪠 will work first you need to pour the hot water in the dent until its hot then plunger it

  • BlitzCreed


    53 minuti fa

    Anything from five minute crafts is bs

  • Red Fawn

    Red Fawn

    55 minuti fa

    This is on my recommended almost every single day

  • Elite Drew

    Elite Drew

    57 minuti fa


  • Facundo


    57 minuti fa

    Entendible 👍

  • Elmo The COMMUNIST

    Elmo The COMMUNIST

    59 minuti fa

    Wait till the glue cools off and drys

  • Boss Animz

    Boss Animz

    Ora fa

    This suddenly made me realize that no matter how stupid you think you are, there’ll always be worse

  • Ninja OP

    Ninja OP

    Ora fa

    Please anyone tell him waiting causes sweet fruit.



    Ora fa

    He ddnt even wait lol

  • ralphbryann incio

    ralphbryann incio

    Ora fa

    Try more that is a small amount pf glue stick

  • Alex Hoffman

    Alex Hoffman

    Ora fa

    And those dents are way that a car dent like that 5 minute crafts those car dents on the door just pop out

  • Mivin4ikSC


    Ora fa

    ну ты не могу 5минут подождать Капец

  • turbo 2014 malibu

    turbo 2014 malibu

    Ora fa

    Wrong glue sticks they have ones made for dents its at a auto parts store

  • Father Goose

    Father Goose

    Ora fa

    dRUgS WoNT AFfeCT mY KiDs!

  • King David The Lucid Fire 光

    King David The Lucid Fire 光

    Ora fa

    They say "watch & learn"...
    He did not do that...

  • Creature


    Ora fa

    it does work, but you need to let the glue adhere to the surface before attempting to pull the dents out

  • Holee JR

    Holee JR

    Ora fa

    Watching this making me feel better because of stupid people still exist in a modern century... you need to watch how much can the glue gun can handle the problems lol its like forcing to promote how stupid you're

  • Mariø


    Ora fa

    Let it dry a little

  • Mechatrain godzilla

    Mechatrain godzilla

    Ora fa

    Lol rip car

  • 17AN


    Ora fa

    Holy fuck 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jesse DriftGod

    Jesse DriftGod

    Ora fa

    They lwt the glue sticks dry, this works. Ive done it

  • Gacha Time!!

    Gacha Time!!

    Ora fa

    NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER TRUST 5 MINUTE.................... CRAFTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holee JR

    Holee JR

    Ora fa

    Before you go with that solutions the first thing uoll need 2 check your is the damge of the dent. Make sure it's not too deep/old/scratch and the last but not least ...Run away from there faster as you can before the owner saw it..😂

  • Jowel Galacinao

    Jowel Galacinao

    Ora fa

    Wait until the gluestick harden then Pull it as quickly as you could.

  • Andrew Bradshaw

    Andrew Bradshaw

    Ora fa

    Need to be more melted and left to dry, then maybe ask your dad to help you pull out the dent.

  • Khyrsean Kane Miral

    Khyrsean Kane Miral

    Ora fa


  • rommelito deguzman

    rommelito deguzman

    2 ore fa

    Hahaha idiot just for views wait till it's cool and hard

  • Itzzdanxxan


    2 ore fa

    U bro have to wait for it to harden

  • George Kircher

    George Kircher

    2 ore fa

    smooth brain Neanderthal

  • Guillermo Vertel

    Guillermo Vertel

    2 ore fa

    I think maybe It depends on the shape, thickness of the sheet because it's not the same car and also the damage isn't in the same point

  • Krautiness


    2 ore fa

    Dont trust 5 minute craft kids

  • Afrizal Zamaludin

    Afrizal Zamaludin

    2 ore fa


  • Tyler goings

    Tyler goings

    2 ore fa

    Do it again but wait a few minutes for the glue to harden

  • Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    2 ore fa

    You’re the reason McDonald’s has to put hot on their coffee cups

  • CleverTaco


    2 ore fa

    You and your cousins can leave my light bulb, I'll just change it myself.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    2 ore fa

    I lost a brain cell

  • charles calvin

    charles calvin

    2 ore fa

    no bro you use a plunger

  • ImBulletm9


    2 ore fa

    I can always respect a good taco in the back drop

  • Gavin


    2 ore fa

    Yeah you no 5-minute crafts is clickbait right

  • Francis Keinan Pabilona

    Francis Keinan Pabilona

    3 ore fa

    Thats why the lesson learned never believe everything you see in the internet

  • cpt_crazy


    3 ore fa

    You gotta heat the Metal not the glue and then wait for it to cool down and Hardin



    3 ore fa

    My man's has a rubber band ball for a brain, you've got to wait for glue to dry my guy

  • K. K.

    K. K.

    3 ore fa

    Youtube in 2010: let me share something usefull
    Youtube in 2021: let me smash my own car to see if that works
    Wtf is wrong with you guys? What more you can do for get more subs?

  • Hannana Wafda

    Hannana Wafda

    3 ore fa

    5 minutes craft is a scam channel

  • King I AM

    King I AM

    3 ore fa

    Lmaoo If impatient was a person

  • Michael Kelso

    Michael Kelso

    3 ore fa

    I lost brain cells watching this

  • Igotbands2x


    3 ore fa

    didn’t even let it get hot and stick

  • JW K-Dog

    JW K-Dog

    3 ore fa

    turns out panel beating is a trade.

  • I Reek Of Small Balls

    I Reek Of Small Balls

    3 ore fa

    This man is the reason we have instructions on poptarts

  • 芝刈り機〆海童


    3 ore fa


  • Aurora D Sem

    Aurora D Sem

    4 ore fa

    Well he at least showed us what /not/ to do for this trick (I do wanna see if it works though, it probably does)

  • Josue Robles

    Josue Robles

    4 ore fa

    If you car is made out of medal its harder to work, if plastic should fix easy

  • ShohJ


    4 ore fa

    I hope this video is a joke. That has to be a joke, right?.........

  • Laki_shadowolfy F.

    Laki_shadowolfy F.

    4 ore fa

    I wonder what grades u had in school

  • sıraç özer

    sıraç özer

    4 ore fa

    Is the car free?

  • Juan De los santos

    Juan De los santos

    4 ore fa

    I wouldn’t have used gorilla glue. That’s stuff is hard to take off Try the regular less expensive ones. Like the one for fabric or arts and crafts.

  • Jun Mar Gomez

    Jun Mar Gomez

    4 ore fa

    nothing is left with his brain..its 0%

  • C Kola

    C Kola

    4 ore fa

    This is the type of kid to get pissed off when the seed he plants doesn’t grow in a day

  • LancerZ 420

    LancerZ 420

    4 ore fa

    Stupid rich kid doing stupid stuff. What have we become as a society?

  • cptn weirdbeard

    cptn weirdbeard

    4 ore fa

    Should have let the glue harden it’s like you don’t even want it to work smh

  • Michael Blody

    Michael Blody

    4 ore fa

    Why would you ruin that vehicle maybe donate it to someone who could use it ?!

  • Bugay Den

    Bugay Den

    4 ore fa

    You could’ve used a plunger or something instead.

  • Roblox Cool videos

    Roblox Cool videos

    5 ore fa

    5 minutes crafts should stop now. Make eazy things to harder...

  • MidsizeTexas


    5 ore fa

    From my understanding car paint doesn't let things adhear to it easily try sanding a small spot and then doing it.

  • ytilaeR


    5 ore fa

    I bet you look up and down before you cross the street.

  • 白いひげShiroi_Hige


    5 ore fa

    and he’s pulling too slow it must be one sudden tug

  • Septia Tia

    Septia Tia

    5 ore fa

    Itu belom kering uda lu cabut bambang

  • WilleV3


    5 ore fa

    sök Big 3nok x Weyy och premunera o like på musik videon dem är kung

  • jake 117

    jake 117

    5 ore fa

    not surprised someone on tik tok would believe 5 minute crafts

  • giannhs axtshs

    giannhs axtshs

    5 ore fa

    Human evolution at its worst

  • Fizzy Distrix

    Fizzy Distrix

    5 ore fa


  • Khaleel08


    5 ore fa

    This guy is stupid, that rubberband ball will be his demise

  • Breyden Russell

    Breyden Russell

    6 ore fa

    Try the dildo method, since I've only seen one video attempt and it working it has a 100% success rate



    6 ore fa

    Nah you didn't let it dry

  • Kyle Salvador

    Kyle Salvador

    6 ore fa

    Its still hot you should cool it before pull it😐

  • gru gamer

    gru gamer

    6 ore fa

    Try to wait longer

    • gru gamer

      gru gamer

      6 ore fa

      But i think it work so good like in the clip

  • Puxley


    6 ore fa


  • Stanescu Miruna

    Stanescu Miruna

    7 ore fa

    Today i just did the trick and it worked

  • hayley han

    hayley han

    7 ore fa


  • samgyup Fajardo

    samgyup Fajardo

    7 ore fa

    5 min craft is fake

  • Avocado Anonymous

    Avocado Anonymous

    7 ore fa

    Dude wait for the glue to harden smh



    7 ore fa

    Let it draw u moronic fuck

  • ReZoHn _SS

    ReZoHn _SS

    7 ore fa

    He didnt even wait for the glue to harden, so no shit it didn't work

  • JustaUser


    7 ore fa

    If a girl on tinder is looking for more braincells, this guy is definitely getting skipped

  • Mark ptz

    Mark ptz

    7 ore fa

    Let it dry