JubyPhonic - Shinitai chan (Lyrics) 'til I see every part of me, eyes of red following [Tiktok Song]

Pubblicato il 19 set 2021
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Matrix Sound
Matrix Sound
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  • Matrix Sound

    Matrix Sound

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  • Ailyn De La Peña Bentulan

    Ailyn De La Peña Bentulan

    "People's LIVES don't end when they DIE,it ends when they LOSE FAITH."

  • 星雲


    It's definitely talking a story about

  • Kira


    "I wanna live, wanna live

  • Gwyndolyn May

    Gwyndolyn May

    This song brings me back to when I was suicidal and the feelings I've felt, this song orchestrates them perfectly and reminds me how happy I am to be alive

  • Park 토끼 Army Girl

    Park 토끼 Army Girl

    Some people say this has creepy, scary, mysterious lyrics

  • Linn^^


    12 ore fa

    This song is a Masterpiece. Some people may not really like it, but if you notice the lyrics can actually relate to many people's life.

  • Grim Sleeper

    Grim Sleeper

    Others call this creepy but the message of this song is so deep.

  • ✩•Skyo•✩


    "You were there, you would care, Making me aware"

  • rxae-k47


    This song goes so deep that I can’t even explain it. People call it creepy, weird, and mysterious but I say it sad, deep, and very relatable to the people that have been threw this state it mind

  • Insert name here

    Insert name here

    I just got out of a mental hospital and I relate to everything in this song. My parents think it's just a phase but my scars are proof otherwise <3

  • Hanson


    Her voice is higher than my grades.

  • Eirinn


    This hits deep. I have been hiding my pain for too long. I do not remember the last time I was truly happy for more than a day.

  • Anna


    I've no words to describe this song, it's just so painfully beautiful.

  • Coder Boy

    Coder Boy

    This song really sits with me, I've dealt with suicidal feelings and attempted twice, I've had many friends attempt and 2 succeed, but we all lived because of each other and somebody important in our lives. This song is a hidden gem

  • AlexTheMemeBoi


    Memes aside, this is a genuinely emotional song. If you focus on the lyrics it really hits. It show's how desperate, yet uncared emotion between different times go across and it's really just sad.

  • •t e q u i l a s u n r i s e•

    •t e q u i l a s u n r i s e•




    A lot of people say it's creepy but the emotion and meaning behind this song really hits me in the heart

  • Aesthetic Lipa

    Aesthetic Lipa

    "I wanna live, wanna live, deep inside I've always been reaching out for a hand so don't let this be the end"

  • Space Dust 95

    Space Dust 95