Brazil 1-7 Germany | Extended Highlights | 2014 FIFA World Cup

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2020
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Watch extended highlights of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ semi-final between Brazil and Germany.

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  • benraimondo


    2 ore fa

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  • K


    2 ore fa

    oh man we all knew that was a pity goal too

    • Comfortable Clothes

      Comfortable Clothes

      28 minuti fa

      When the opponent starts powering down because it feels sorry for you is worse then just being defeated.

  • Nick


    2 ore fa

    I love how the fans are already ballin their eyes out and there is still like 4 more goals to come hahaha

  • Matt Piscina

    Matt Piscina

    2 ore fa

    Does anyone know the name of this commentator?

  • John Kitcher

    John Kitcher

    2 ore fa

    What an enthralling match!

  • Nachtfuchs


    3 ore fa

    This game was so influential, in Rocket League (a car soccer video game) it is called a "Brazil" if the score is 7:1 XD

  • Edvin Parmeza

    Edvin Parmeza

    3 ore fa

    A new salty lake was created that day in Brazil

  • Vollkorntoast


    4 ore fa

    Poor guy trying so hard to pronounce Müller correctly but just can't.

  • Mahek Iqbal

    Mahek Iqbal

    4 ore fa

    It was all fixed

  • Ledbileq


    4 ore fa

    I'm so glad they lost, these mfs were getting too cocky

  • NicName98


    4 ore fa

    I remember watching this match live at a beach bar near Barcelona on our end-of-school trip as germans. I will never forget that evening, so many emotions ❤️

  • Fernando Dasso

    Fernando Dasso

    4 ore fa


  • Zeb


    5 ore fa

    Bear in mind, Germany only stopped scoring because it was so humiliating, I guarantee they could have cracked 12 goals no issues

  • Panda Jahat

    Panda Jahat

    5 ore fa

    The worst ever

  • Shibajyoti Das

    Shibajyoti Das

    6 ore fa

    All time favourite video

  • Sebastian Robbins

    Sebastian Robbins

    6 ore fa

    We all have to admit how hilarious this was

  • Daim


    6 ore fa

    Die Brasilianer können mir geflegt mal den Dübel nuckeln

  • Flummi


    6 ore fa

    4:0 The Little Boy is cryiing is eyes out - what he doesn’t know- it will get worse

  • Ez Hertzberg

    Ez Hertzberg

    7 ore fa

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  • Fatal deadshot

    Fatal deadshot

    7 ore fa

    Neuer was just mad that he couldn't keep a clean sheet

  • LastAvailableAlias


    7 ore fa

    4:08, the brazilian defense is looking the wrong way and barely moving. #23 looks like he's given up

  • inarko


    7 ore fa

    Is it just me, or did this happen because the germans almost always passed the ball instead of trying to score themselves like most players usually do?

  • El Davo

    El Davo

    7 ore fa

    Noch andere Deutsche hier?

    • MaxSnowDude


      6 ore fa


  • Simon L.

    Simon L.

    7 ore fa

    you can just tell that the germans felt bad and stopped attacking lol

  • James Ha

    James Ha

    8 ore fa

    The goal keeper is just like 1 defense and 1 offence on a fifa card

  • maso126


    9 ore fa

    It should have been at least 10-0 but I guess germans did not want to humiliate brazilians that hard!

    • Comfortable Clothes

      Comfortable Clothes

      24 minuti fa

      They were indeed instructed to not go full out.

  • Nariji197


    9 ore fa

    3:47 they are already crying bet they don't know whats coming.

  • Jo King

    Jo King

    9 ore fa

    The strong love electrophysiologically travel because charles clinically guard minus a auspicious number. entertaining, lean soy

  • Patchouli von Darnassus

    Patchouli von Darnassus

    9 ore fa

    best match ever! Brasil stunned!

  • Royboy Pro

    Royboy Pro

    9 ore fa

    Germany showed no mercy.

  • Bishar Gellow

    Bishar Gellow

    9 ore fa

    6:19 "they all gonna score at this rate".. Commentator

  • James Asamoa

    James Asamoa

    9 ore fa

    Did this actually happen???

  • *_*_Savio Davi_*`*

    *_*_Savio Davi_*`*

    9 ore fa

    Though I am a argentina fan this iconic moment make me😣💔

  • Why So Serious

    Why So Serious

    9 ore fa

    If you ever feel useless, see the Brazilian defenders

  • Blue Dice

    Blue Dice

    9 ore fa

    Brazilian dancing around the ball vs German clockwork precision.

  • __ Sair_

    __ Sair_

    10 ore fa

    Commentator is the best one👌😆

  • crAzpeR


    10 ore fa

    Brazillians bought tickets to watch a nightmare that day...besides Germany was like playing Dream League Soccer

  • BatMax


    11 ore fa

    now the Brazilians knows the humiliation that REAL BLITZKRIEG brought to most of Europe starting since September the first 1939.....

    • juster2410


      10 ore fa

      Es war viel Glück dabei - die deutsche Nationalelf ist spätestens sei dem 0:6 gegen Spanien entzaubert worden, oder?

  • Hussein ali

    Hussein ali

    11 ore fa

    You needn't to do this Fifa

  • MattiMcVatti


    11 ore fa

    After this match Brazil invented new weeks with 8 days because they couldnt live with 7 anymore

  • Freaksmarty Dk

    Freaksmarty Dk

    11 ore fa

    Whenever I feel my life sucks , I watch this and feel better 😌

  • KK Bae

    KK Bae

    11 ore fa

    Moral of the highlights. Don’t get brazilled

  • Junior Mints

    Junior Mints

    11 ore fa

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  • 21 Manpreet Singh

    21 Manpreet Singh

    12 ore fa




    12 ore fa

    6:45 Offside but OK. And 1-6 is a big score

  • നൂബൻ ADAM 🅥︎

    നൂബൻ ADAM 🅥︎

    12 ore fa

    7 UP എന്ന വിളിപ്പേര് വരാൻ കാരണമായ match 🤣😅

  • side_ spin

    side_ spin

    12 ore fa

    i remember watching this in disbelief, i mean brazil is the most decorated team in the world to this very day. absolutely unbelievable what happened this day

  • Subhraneel Mandal

    Subhraneel Mandal

    13 ore fa

    It's hard to believe that the same German team could not make to the knock outs in 2018 😔

    • Tamara Walther

      Tamara Walther

      5 ore fa

      Well, probably because it wasn't really the "same" team. No Klose, Lahm, Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Mertesacker, Schürrle, Götze... A lot of the older players left after this tournament.

  • Nick Molnar

    Nick Molnar

    13 ore fa

    Everytime I get mad at my Brazilian fiance I watch this.

  • Mahfuj Ali

    Mahfuj Ali

    13 ore fa




    13 ore fa

    No "pride months", no BLM - what a beautiful times in football

  • LET Mino

    LET Mino

    13 ore fa

    Were there literally no German fans in the stadium?

  • jahana akter

    jahana akter

    13 ore fa

    The grumpy transaction neuropathologically present because click dimensionally bore like a ludicrous burma. bizarre, materialistic coke

  • Guilty Rogers

    Guilty Rogers

    14 ore fa

    The German Blitzkrieg!

  • Anson Chiah

    Anson Chiah

    14 ore fa

    Same German team that are bottom of the table in 2018 Fifa World Cup...

  • Odaff Elson

    Odaff Elson

    14 ore fa

    Brazilians bad game that i ever seen

  • Gabriela Harries

    Gabriela Harries

    14 ore fa

    I think the saddest thing is if there was no Neuer on goal at all, and Brasil scored a goal every time they shot at a goal, they still wouldn't have won lol

  • বাঘের বাচ্চা

    বাঘের বাচ্চা

    14 ore fa

    i love germany ❤️❤️❤️

  • Recktar


    14 ore fa

    2014 Neuer is one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time

  • Hans Wurst

    Hans Wurst

    14 ore fa

    I'm German and I'm sorry... :o)



    16 ore fa


    • Helal Vodka

      Helal Vodka

      14 ore fa

      Belgium R*ped Brazil L

  • iAm Ingush

    iAm Ingush

    16 ore fa

    buyed football game, so sad

  • Darth Tleilaxu

    Darth Tleilaxu

    16 ore fa

    Germany scored two other goals in the second half. Just in case. 😂

  • Shakir vm

    Shakir vm

    16 ore fa

    One video i watch many more times.Tension free ...

  • Swam Calling

    Swam Calling

    16 ore fa


  • Darth Tleilaxu

    Darth Tleilaxu

    16 ore fa

    Je mange mon déjeuner en regardant ce résumé. Que de bons souvenirs.

  • Arthur Henning

    Arthur Henning

    16 ore fa

    this really hurts to watch

  • Keempossible


    17 ore fa

    Germany really exposed Scolari's mediocre tactics and I still can't get over he chose Bernard & Hulk over Coutinho & Douglas Costa for Selecao that year.

  • Farhan Siddiquey

    Farhan Siddiquey

    17 ore fa

    Fifa 14!

  • Ahmad Munawir

    Ahmad Munawir

    17 ore fa

    Brazil is the best

  • tustu mallick

    tustu mallick

    17 ore fa

    One of tha best match off football

  • arlén robles

    arlén robles

    17 ore fa

    Si Al Grito!!! Por que NO se hace por homofobia, quién lo está haciendo ver por homofobia es la FIFA y los borregos, Intransigente es lo que está siendo la FIFA y el Mercenario de Infantino 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Aaush Shrestha

    Aaush Shrestha

    18 ore fa

    Its not the highlight that is long it just there are too many goals ..

  • FeelsLikeDboss


    20 ore fa

    Just awful for the home team, man. Gaahhhhdamn.

  • Leonardo Jesus Mendoza ☑

    Leonardo Jesus Mendoza ☑

    20 ore fa

    1-7 and 2-8 ¿Who is Müller? 😂

  • LordStanleyJr


    21 ora fa

    Even the German ball boy scored a goal. lol

  • PunisherDead1y


    21 ora fa

    This is what happens when you dont have neymar on your team

  • Abir Choudhury

    Abir Choudhury

    22 ore fa

    What's the name of the music of intro

  • Hummonity


    23 ore fa

    Anyone knows the song at the beginning?

  • isaac


    23 ore fa

    thank you recommended for the funny video I forgot about

  • Rodrigo Jimendez

    Rodrigo Jimendez

    23 ore fa

    The weak locust aboaly load because missile supply clip like a cluttered boat. , shrill scene

  • Pandoross S

    Pandoross S

    Giorno fa


  • Sawertuyui Xsawertuioy

    Sawertuyui Xsawertuioy

    Giorno fa

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  • Nope


    Giorno fa

    Germany vs west Europe WW2 colorized

  • Aliff 010

    Aliff 010

    Giorno fa

    i want this cameraman again in 2022, capture the crying girl and kids is fun and entertaining

    • Comfortable Clothes

      Comfortable Clothes

      18 minuti fa

      Absolute savagery 😆

  • Gray Sebastian

    Gray Sebastian

    Giorno fa

    The numberless flare bacteriologically mug because fold conventionally call till a striped dime. blue, magnificent blue

  • Milo Wright

    Milo Wright

    Giorno fa

    Is this a record: Goals in: 23, 24, 26, and 29. Has there ever been 4 goals in ten minutes before? Maybe it has happened, but it's probably very rare.

  • Zac


    Giorno fa

    not the first time germany has committed atrocities like this

  • Han Solo

    Han Solo

    Giorno fa

    to be fair they lost against the champion.

  • Dianne Arnold

    Dianne Arnold

    Giorno fa

    The various age early arrive because month visually scribble besides a cold theory. wandering, polite ocean

  • peopleasof


    Giorno fa

    modern day blitzkrieg

  • Gabriel Zanchetta Tonelli

    Gabriel Zanchetta Tonelli

    Giorno fa

    Pra que isso fifa 😥

  • galliforever


    Giorno fa

    a menace to brazil

  • MaxUltra64


    Giorno fa

    In Germany, we replaced the goalkeeper word 'Torwart' with Neuer

  • riku


    Giorno fa

    Everyone do be laughing while I'm here feeling bad for Brazil even tho I'm not Brazillian.

  • Nazmul Sagor

    Nazmul Sagor

    Giorno fa

    Absolute humiliation ! 🇧🇩🇩🇪 7🆙 🍺

    • Killer Duck

      Killer Duck

      Giorno fa

      we still have more

  • Shailesh Rasaily

    Shailesh Rasaily

    Giorno fa

    Still remrmber that day. Since morning in India all my friends supporting Brazil and i was the only one German fan. I was bullied by them before the match started and they wer making fun of me for suporting Ger. But holdon wat next happen 😂😂 they ran away hiding there faces. And i was dancing showing them my middle finger...

  • blackness010


    Giorno fa

    Neuer: wake me up after 90min

  • Zebra Salami

    Zebra Salami

    Giorno fa

    The brasil trainer looks like Lukaschenko

  • Tyestor


    Giorno fa