Lou Wilson upsets the producers

Pubblicato il 1 nov 2021
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From game changer S4E1 by collegehumor/dropout.tv! Go to dropout for moreee gang it's worth the money

Rylee G
Rylee G
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  • Vegard Lunde Wall

    Vegard Lunde Wall

    Upon hearing this promt, I immediately thought to myself "what does a producer do again?", and then I realized that saying that exact thing would probably be enough to upset a producer and earn me a point.

  • Mewtata


    Honestly Lou was being so nice. He didn’t break a single thing. Didn’t make a mess. Didn’t do anything that couldn’t be fixed in a few minutes. Even apologized. He’s a such a cinnamon roll.

  • Alex Martinez Coronado

    Alex Martinez Coronado

    That “Yep I know” is the sound of a man who has put up so many lights and now gets to emotionally work through that trauma.

  • Thomas Sharpe

    Thomas Sharpe

    See this is the closest he's gotten to eating one and we all know that's his dream.

  • Kristian


    I feel like when this is the task, you keep going untill someone stops you.

  • Daniel Beaver

    Daniel Beaver

    I imagine a poor intern standing behind the curtain and he just angrily rips the clipboard out of their hands and tosses it

  • Lil Knux

    Lil Knux

    He was so polite, he even asked the person for the papers before he threw them and said thank you XD

  • CostasEristoff


    It’s Lou Wilson, shoulda known he’d go right for the lightbulbs lol

  • Adam Naamee Azim

    Adam Naamee Azim

    Oh god, knowing Lou, I almost thought he was gonna try eat one of those lightbulbs.

  • romxxii


    wasn't even the craziest thing Lou did that episode.

  • Mandi Mateer ♿️

    Mandi Mateer ♿️

    Brennan's answer to this legit made me gasp. Horrifying. He'll go to any lengths to win anything. Lou's "Say something we'll have to bleep" answer is the hardest I've ever laughed.

  • Lucas Bastos

    Lucas Bastos

    I would say something like “they feed us lines if we are not funny” or any variation of something that can’t be disproven and treated the validity of the show 😂

  • June Rossaert

    June Rossaert

    As a PA myself, hearing Lou Wilson say “Second AD you should probably find a PA who can stay late today” triggered my fight or flight response 💀

  • Georgia Irving

    Georgia Irving

    this is one of my favourite game changer episodes already it's up there with the impressions and the selling weird products ones

  • Ya-Boi Frank

    Ya-Boi Frank

    I love that very quiet behind the curtain "Can i borrow this? Thank you." and just whips the papers.

  • Arcien


    I had hoped - while he went through the arc of lightbulbs - that he would just leave a single one on in the middle of it all, while turning off the rest.

  • Em


    I've never ever seen anything from this show, but coming from someone who has just finished working on a film I feel the silent screams from the producers lmfao

  • Anna Stansfield

    Anna Stansfield

    I love how he tosses the clipboard like a dancer

  • MaximusDingus


    the scariest part of this is that as soon as lou saw the prompt, he smiled and

  • Skye / TehGM

    Skye / TehGM

    my legitimate first thought was "oh my god he's going to finally eat a lightbulb"