A Foreign Politician and His Translator (Fully Improvised)

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2021
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I wish they would have gone on for another 20 minutes.
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Game Changer Shorts
Game Changer Shorts
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  • Jordan Arnold

    Jordan Arnold

    I hope Zac got extra points for paying close enough attention to know he said the same thing twice.

  • hblake5213


    I'm impressed the train blew up and was only 15 minutes late.

  • TheRebelOG


    I love how "Hello" in gibberish is longer than "And for that, I am sorry"

  • Blue Turtle

    Blue Turtle

    Ok we can talk about how awesome Josh was in this, but Zac captured interpreters' demeanor and posture perfectly, especially at a political event

  • 0utOfSkill


    The most honest politician I've ever seen

  • Quick Attack Films

    Quick Attack Films

    I love how you’d expect a politician to get up and give some grandiose speech but it was just him explaining why he was late haha

  • The 6th Lexicon

    The 6th Lexicon

    I love that Josh added in that extra feedback sound of him pushing the microphone away

  • Davos


    It would've been so funny if Josh were able to speak a second language and just said something completely different in that language



    This mans said "send in the nukes" cause his train was behind schedule.

  • Alex Fernandez

    Alex Fernandez

    What's so funny is that Zac made the story following Brennan's MTA Announcer becoming sentient. So they created this shared universe of that train going haywire and destroying itself.

  • Lori Keeland

    Lori Keeland

    Did he…. Did he blow up the train for it being late??!!

  • Jackie Bermingham

    Jackie Bermingham

    I don't know if that was to pair with the MTA announcement becoming self-aware or not, but I like to think they're the same universe.

  • magnusberge


    A long sentence of gibbering beeing translated into just "Hello" is never not funny

  • LandBeforeThyme


    Hitler impression, pounding their fists and pointing angrily at the sky

  • YummyBuddhaHead


    Hearing the hint of laughter in Zac's voice during the second "For that I am sorry" killed me oh my gosh

  • Minaa


    The best part about not having Brennan in the act is hearing him wheeze every time

  • Illumi Naughty

    Illumi Naughty

    Never thought I would hear what sounds like Italian mixed with some Scandinavian language lmao

  • Pauline F.

    Pauline F.

    I love how the gibberish literally sounds like it could be an actual language

  • Luke T

    Luke T

    Josh’s and Zac’s ability to remain serious is impeccable

  • joshua daniel

    joshua daniel

    Why is no one talking about the way he says “helloouuuu” 💀