Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights

Pubblicato il 6 set 2019
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Bianca Andreescu defeats Serena Williams and wins the 2019 US Open Finals.

US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
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  • US Open Tennis Championships

    US Open Tennis Championships

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    Check out the extended highlights!

  • electrcguy


    2 anni fa

    How about showing more how Serena lost? Ridiculous.

  • Matt Rosenbaum

    Matt Rosenbaum

    2 anni fa

    What a joy to watch. Bianca is the real deal. Chris Evert and the other commentators basically conceded this to Serena and that crowd cheered when Bianca missed serves. What a courageous and talented young woman. Now she’s a rich teen too!

  • Johnny Tran

    Johnny Tran

    2 anni fa

    Very biased highlights, but whatever! Congrats, Bianca! You did us proud!! 🇨🇦

  • Keyboard Dancers

    Keyboard Dancers

    2 anni fa

    These are highlights of Serena’s best points. Well done Bianca in beating the crowd as well😆!

  • Mihir Mehta

    Mihir Mehta

    2 anni fa

    Looking at the highlights... It seems Serena won 6-0 6-0

  • srikanth guttula

    srikanth guttula

    2 anni fa

    The First Canadian women won the Grand Slam title congratulations great Bianca Andreescu. 💐💐💐🍾

  • dudetracracing


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    Thank God I watched the whole game... your clip almost made me believe that Serena kicked Bianca’s butt.

  • Alan


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    It would have been nice if the highlights were more of the winner, Bianca Andreescu, than of Serena Williams. The winner deserves more respect and I, for one, would have liked to see more of the points Andreescu won to win the game.

  • 02


    2 anni fa

    First player to win the us open in their debut. Keep going Bibi! She’s the future of tennis and has unbelievable mental strength 💪

  • mns


    2 anni fa

    Shameful that this is an official US Open video. Where are Bianca's highlights?

  • saurabh thakare

    saurabh thakare

    2 anni fa

    How you could be so biased...For a moment I thought Serena won

  • Ibrahim Shah

    Ibrahim Shah

    2 anni fa

    What the hell is this video? Showing Serena winners. SHE LOST! Why is this channel so biased?

  • John Muir

    John Muir

    2 anni fa

    Very cool to see Bianca win, well deserved and with great pressure on her from the pro Williams fans.

  • Raul Mares

    Raul Mares

    2 anni fa

    I don't know how I ended up watching Andreescu play throughout the tournament but to see her win it all was really amazing. I don't really watch tennis but I do like the sport. Anyway, congrats Bianna!

  • Paul Jackson

    Paul Jackson

    2 anni fa

    It's hard to understand how Bianca won after watching this video clip. This is similar to the commentary by Chris Evert and Chris Fowler that I watched. They actually said, near the end of the second set, that the New York crowd had been fair. They both agreed. Can you imagine a nineteen-year-old having to deal with that aggressive, almost violent, support for Serena? They CHEERED Bianca's unforced errors! Talk about fake news!!!

  • bigrobsydney


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    Really great reaction from both, and I loved the emotion at the end there from Bianca. I also thought Serena was gracious, so good for her.

  • Ijlal Nasir

    Ijlal Nasir

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    The Serena fans can't digest the fact that their so called Queen got demolished by a young Canadian Superstar. Such biased Highlights in favor of Serena even though Bianca ran that game! Well at least Bianca had it better than Osaka lol. Good game, well done Bianca ❤️💯

  • Gururaj Kodkani

    Gururaj Kodkani

    2 anni fa

    So is this US OPEN final highlights or highlights of Serena's play ...🤔🤔

  • Speez Leventis

    Speez Leventis

    2 anni fa

    We’re so proud of you Bianca! Thank you on behalf of ALL OF 🇨🇦!!!!!