Froning vs. Fraser-CrossFit Open Workout 15.1 Live Announcement

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Reebok CrossFit One played host to the epic matchup between then four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning Jr., and the man who took his place at the top of the podium when Froning left individual competition: Mat Fraser. Enjoy this replay of the Open Workout live announcement.

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  • Richie


    9 mesi fa

    Incredible demonstration of skill and strength by both participants 👍🏼

    • Bettie Rage

      Bettie Rage

      2 giorni fa

      One of the sh€€iest toes 2 bar I have ever seen. The technique is embarrassing. They should be disqualified as they teach bad technique and example to CrossFit practitioners. It's like not being able to do proper push-up or burpee. It's as bad as Fraser's recent, failed attempt to do weighted pull-ups in his private workout video (he didn't even manage to go with forward facing chin over bar once)

    • Nick Collins

      Nick Collins

      2 mesi fa

      Juice does wonders 😎

    • Kemi Abiona

      Kemi Abiona

      2 mesi fa

      Super fit guys respect*****

  • Sergey Baturin

    Sergey Baturin

    19 giorni fa

    Rich just unbeatable. True Emperor



    22 giorni fa

    Ultimate competition🏋️‍♀️

  • Michael Weston

    Michael Weston

    26 giorni fa

    i ate half a box of donuts while watching this. some chocolate, some creme filled. the chocolate creme filled are probably my favorite.

  • Thani Nina

    Thani Nina

    28 giorni fa


  • BBBT


    Mese fa

    Yea, this was when Matt was going to school half time and eating like shit. Beast....

  • Evan Kolar

    Evan Kolar

    Mese fa

    Anyone know that first song in the background?

  • JediNxf7


    Mese fa

    lol what is the purpose of those silly deadlifts in this workout?

  • Cuộc sống vùng quê hoà bình

    Cuộc sống vùng quê hoà bình

    Mese fa


  • hama hemn

    hama hemn

    Mese fa

    Who would have believe that I will finally find a diet that works. It's called Agoge Diet and you are just a few steps away from getting your diet prepared. Trust me, don't waste your time on stupid diets and fat loss pills or teas.

  • John M

    John M

    Mese fa

    Clean & snatch 315, 325, 343 pounds….just damn

  • Junfox Karaoke

    Junfox Karaoke

    Mese fa

    This 2 superhuman being are real goat..



    Mese fa

    Did anyone spotted James Saint Patrick being Matt Frazer judge ?

  • Robert Prewitt

    Robert Prewitt

    Mese fa

    This has all the trappings of a cult.

  • Kami Butt

    Kami Butt

    Mese fa

    Respect for both athletes

  • Harit Sharma

    Harit Sharma

    Mese fa

    They did my 1 hour workout in 9 f*ing minutes. I feel small to say the least but, soo f*ing motivated ✊🏼

  • g-squared


    Mese fa

    What in the horrible form is this?

  • Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    Mese fa

    crossfit "athletes" are a joke LMAO

  • Diego Coradini

    Diego Coradini

    Mese fa

    Froning G.O.A.T

  • Esketty


    Mese fa

    Imagine being such a douche, you think CrossFit is cool …..

  • Lucky Poop

    Lucky Poop

    Mese fa

    Does Rich Froning and Mathew Fraser inject male hormones into their vaginal area before or after workouts?

  • ClanPsi


    Mese fa

    Putting one rep maxes on a timer seems like an incredibly dangerous idea...

  • Denizmelih Melih

    Denizmelih Melih

    Mese fa

    what a great guy is Matt. He definitely had Froning have it in the first part. Second part, he didnt have good stance, also he is smaller so its only natural to lift less anyway but Nonetheless they are beasts!

  • Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football Houston

    2 mesi fa

    Great morning 🌄 🏋‍♂️

  • Hazari Yadav

    Hazari Yadav

    2 mesi fa

    What are you eating

  • sur kang

    sur kang

    2 mesi fa

    사람잡네잡아 ㄷㄷ

  • Karina Nieto

    Karina Nieto

    2 mesi fa

    This was beautiful 🧡 GOATS

  • benjomarquez


    2 mesi fa

    Warrriors but also very damaging for the body. These are injuries waiting to happen live on tv. Kids don’t try this at home.

  • WelcomeToJ


    2 mesi fa

    Would've been amazing to see these two compete individually together all these years in their primes.

  • Marcin Golik

    Marcin Golik

    2 mesi fa

    this is so silly

  • sko001czek


    2 mesi fa

    so many energy

    • Santiago Ferrari

      Santiago Ferrari

      2 mesi fa


  • James Kuchek

    James Kuchek

    2 mesi fa

    Xfit ppl r self absorb, conceited ppl

  • Mathieu Bertrand

    Mathieu Bertrand

    2 mesi fa

    Crossfit is so bad on your body. I'll stick to working out like a normal person. Lol

    • Santiago Ferrari

      Santiago Ferrari

      2 mesi fa

      yeah those dudes seem so unhealthy!!!

  • KOP


    2 mesi fa

    Fraser's last clean/jerk ... that ankle sprain made me cringe hard, mans just walked it off

  • shatteredsquare


    2 mesi fa

    a lot easier to follow than to lead, Froning is like a magnet

  • kiero1236


    2 mesi fa

    I can't believe that their cardio is that good, whilst carrying all that muscle. Amazing athletes.

  • Irfan Setiadi

    Irfan Setiadi

    2 mesi fa

    They have a gorilla's arm

  • David Webb

    David Webb

    2 mesi fa

    The men and women is CrossFit have the same build and muscle tone 🤔

  • Smacky Pappelroy

    Smacky Pappelroy

    2 mesi fa

    Crossfit 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • KP Kelly

    KP Kelly

    2 mesi fa

    Finally something for those that excelled at the presidential fitness test in grade school

  • 劉俊明


    2 mesi fa

    藥師琉璃光如來 ______()______

  • Akhilaskok Akhil

    Akhilaskok Akhil

    2 mesi fa

    Both have a lot of stamina..... Respect from me.... Love from. INDIA

  • Sugimation


    2 mesi fa

    I hate CrossFit but I tried this one day and lasted 5 minutes...before throwing ip

  • Jeffrey Yeater

    Jeffrey Yeater

    2 mesi fa

    Crossfire is nuts . A future of ruptured disc's.

  • Secret Asian Man

    Secret Asian Man

    2 mesi fa

    Quit CrossFit if you care about your body and dignity - go make some real gains instead!

  • Jam Went

    Jam Went

    2 mesi fa

    My tren and anabol levels increased just watching this.

  • John Kramer

    John Kramer

    2 mesi fa

    And this is how you piece together 5 days of competition videos into one.. the planning being so good that even the audiences are in the same place every day.. wonderful..

  • Sebastiaan Smit

    Sebastiaan Smit

    2 mesi fa

    I thought Rich Froning was retired or something? What did I miss? Anyhow, amazing performances!

  • Levi-James Te Maheno Tioko

    Levi-James Te Maheno Tioko

    2 mesi fa

    My eyes lost calories watching this

  • Allan Ricardo

    Allan Ricardo

    2 mesi fa

    Os dois que marcaram história no Crossfit.

  • Ople A

    Ople A

    2 mesi fa

    How can I dare to complain about walking on a treadmill for 30 mins then?

  • bs431980


    2 mesi fa

    Rich the goat
    4 individual titles beat Matt his last year competing
    5 teams titles
    Beat Matt 1 on 1
    No comparisons in accomplishments

  • Ethan Peeler

    Ethan Peeler

    2 mesi fa

    But why, just why on earth are they deadlifting 115lbs?? That’s the most boring thing to watch on the planet.

  • Himanshu Sekhar

    Himanshu Sekhar

    2 mesi fa

    How on Earth this is not a sport in Olympics?

  • איתי מתן

    איתי מתן

    2 mesi fa

    Stupid sport and contest! Breaks the body and soul for nothing!

  • Fikret Pajalic

    Fikret Pajalic

    3 mesi fa

    Can someone please tell me what shoes are they wearing? I think Froning has Reebok SPEED TR, but not sure. Fraser?

  • lujauna Turley

    lujauna Turley

    3 mesi fa

    Good job Rich!! Would you consider strength wars league? Frasier, you too.

  • Clarence Wright

    Clarence Wright

    3 mesi fa

    #respect to both guys

  • Андрей Исаев

    Андрей Исаев

    3 mesi fa


  • Wotan123456789


    3 mesi fa

    FRONING, it'll be always be FRONING!

  • Солто Кара

    Солто Кара

    3 mesi fa


  • Charles Son

    Charles Son

    3 mesi fa

    Can I know the shoe name of both player?

  • Hans Y

    Hans Y

    3 mesi fa

    What wristbands is Rich wearing. Looks like Dutch national flag.

  • 화공약품


    3 mesi fa

    벨트가 저리 중요하다!



    3 mesi fa

    Well done 🔥

  • TheOrionStar


    3 mesi fa

    This is why crossfit is so stupid. Doing an exhausting workout and following up with 1 rep max Olympic lifts wtf and to top it all off at the end you're putting a time pressure to do the lift...... Could you design a competition to be more dangerous? almost fucked his ankle up @15:30

    • V


      2 mesi fa

      Yea this seems to be one of the most dangerous sports ever created. I go to a olympic weightlifting gym and i've seen people hurt themselves doing fairly low weights. These guys are doing their one-rep max after 10 minutes of grueling cardio and exercise which is pure insanity. It's actually hilarious how over the top cross fit is, almost like a meme in itself.

  • hunter747


    3 mesi fa

    Want to know how much weight they are using for deadlift

  • Arif Özcanoğlu

    Arif Özcanoğlu

    3 mesi fa

    The concerned trapezoid unfortunatly encourage because speedboat frequently rely alongside a plausible hose. political, drab myanmar

  • How can I do

    How can I do

    3 mesi fa

    Nobody wear mask !!!!!! 🙂🙂

  • День Тупняка

    День Тупняка

    3 mesi fa


  • Ryan Shelley

    Ryan Shelley

    3 mesi fa

    “The winner will be highlighted in blue”
    *both blue*
    Me: 🤯 🤯

  • James VIP

    James VIP

    4 mesi fa

    CrossFit is no fucking joke really move your body as it should

  • Ben Spagnuolo

    Ben Spagnuolo

    4 mesi fa

    Old God vs New God 😂

  • Ben Spagnuolo

    Ben Spagnuolo

    4 mesi fa

    Rich beat him here so Mat took his record.. lmao

  • Akunaku


    4 mesi fa

    Froning 👍

  • Eve Lynn

    Eve Lynn

    4 mesi fa

    It's hard to believe that these two are dead to each other now..

    • Just Matt

      Just Matt

      3 mesi fa

      Rich just can’t take it that he won 4 CrossFit games and Mat won 5. It’s the competitor in him. Doesn’t like it when someone eclipses his accomplishments

  • Sr.Cortez


    4 mesi fa

    Caralho, os caras são fera demais.. disouta acirrada.

  • Fishing Bob

    Fishing Bob

    4 mesi fa

    My back hurts after watching this.

  • Jhony Cruz

    Jhony Cruz

    4 mesi fa

    Who is the girl?

  • Dipesh Gajjarr

    Dipesh Gajjarr

    4 mesi fa

    But athletes should have been provided with staff support for adding weights.

  • Bika Beja

    Bika Beja

    4 mesi fa

    Crossfit is an ultimate way to change anyone who really wants to change his_hers life into confident strong human being with level of endurance equals to this of a navy seal soldiers.
    I have a lot of respect for those guys and anyone who will stick to this form of sport and be patient.
    There is no other form of sport that can match if you serious about keeping fit and being strong same time.
    When you look around in your gym seeing athletically build man you know straight away its a pose mostly only. No match for level of endurance crossfiters represent.
    Bodybuilding is safe easy pace walk around heavy machinery but ask them to jump up and down for 30min with big intensity doing weights as well..thats the real test to establish what you made off.
    A lot of people lough but there is a lot of ignorance and idiots elewhere unfortunately.

  • Dan Beard

    Dan Beard

    4 mesi fa

    Clearly these guys are beasts and this was a display of dedication, athleticism and lots of hard work but BUT why oh why do an exhausting routine THEN a 1 rep max??? Just do them the other way round and you have exactly the same visual spectacle without the brain dead, dangerous and downright irresponsible example of how not to perform a 1 rep max. Could a representative of cross fit explain this one to me? I would feel guilty if because of this someone out there thought 'i know ill go for a 5mile run before my next 1 rep max on the deadlift, that's a good idea.'

  • D Shriner

    D Shriner

    4 mesi fa

    Those leg raises were bloody insane. I can do 25 knee raises in a row then I have to cry in pain for 1 min tops

  • Mazud azhari

    Mazud azhari

    4 mesi fa

    How many Calories did they burn?

  • nng red

    nng red

    4 mesi fa

    The cultured pancake happily attempt because garden macropharmacologically flower modulo a hushed processing. actually, noisy wire

  • Iacopo Fiorino

    Iacopo Fiorino

    4 mesi fa

    What happened on Rich rep counter at 8:56?

  • Jc Pasley

    Jc Pasley

    4 mesi fa

    I’d be sore for a couple weeks after this

  • Harry Winston

    Harry Winston

    4 mesi fa

    Damn. Military training



    4 mesi fa

    The closest we get to the 2 GOATS competing each other...

    • Sam Gomez

      Sam Gomez

      2 mesi fa

      No, we've gotten closer to the two of them competing against each other. Like when they literally competed against each other.

  • E. Seda

    E. Seda

    4 mesi fa

    This is insane 😮
    Edit: this was the first CrossFit video I saw and ever since I’m hooked with the games, following on the athletes, etc. 😆

  • Hadram Coltzau

    Hadram Coltzau

    4 mesi fa

    This was incredible to see how far the human body can be pushed.

    • Marco Andrade

      Marco Andrade

      4 mesi fa

      @Viktor Lindholm legit

    • Viktor Lindholm

      Viktor Lindholm

      4 mesi fa

      This is a lot harder if you’re natural

  • Mou zidny florida

    Mou zidny florida

    4 mesi fa

    I got tired just sitting and watching, incredible

  • CMJesus


    4 mesi fa

    No rest

  • Elia D. Paris

    Elia D. Paris

    5 mesi fa

    I can't take this serious 😂

  • Nikhil Ojha

    Nikhil Ojha

    5 mesi fa

    what a display of character!

  • Kirk Meyers

    Kirk Meyers

    5 mesi fa

    Froning is the GOAT of crossfit.

  • ryan mckenna

    ryan mckenna

    5 mesi fa

    I understand strongman, powerlifting, even bodybuilding. This though, I don’t understand this...let’s compete over who can do the exercise better? The fuck!

    • Tony


      4 mesi fa

      It’s a similar concept to triathlons… testing endurance through multiple types of movement

  • Ryan Sanders

    Ryan Sanders

    5 mesi fa

    What in gods name in this garbage

  • 이돈우


    5 mesi fa

    please WOD information ㅠㅠ

  • Joshua Wille

    Joshua Wille

    5 mesi fa

    Are those yellow weights 35lbs each?