Why Everyone Should Love Kimi Raikkonen

Pubblicato il 3 lug 2019
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Learn more about the notorious ’Iceman’ of Formula 1. Get to know more about Kimi Raikkonen in this video as it educates some of his most iconic moments of his career as a F1 driver.

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    You think you know F1? Well, try this Formula 1 quiz and see what you got!

    • bug productions

      bug productions

      29 giorni fa

      If you don't like Kimi, you're dead inside.

  • Tiago Lethal

    Tiago Lethal

    9 ore fa

    1:58 como te haria cagar pa dentro

  • Donovan Tyler

    Donovan Tyler

    23 ore fa

    When Kimi came to F1 shit got real lmao 🤣 Kimi vs Michael was some of the best times.

  • Gary Laaks

    Gary Laaks

    Giorno fa

    Kimi loves his fans but feels very little for the media. Great guy with massive talent over his long career. Respect Kimi.

  • Rufus Odulas

    Rufus Odulas

    4 giorni fa

    WITH WHATTTTT!!!!!!!!

  • Der Steff

    Der Steff

    4 giorni fa

    Vettel and Kimi had such a synergy. I lovef this duo

  • аслан батыров

    аслан батыров

    9 giorni fa

    Последний из настоящих водил!!!

  • Buda Dangol

    Buda Dangol

    10 giorni fa

    He cuts through the media bull.

  • Maxi F

    Maxi F

    10 giorni fa


  • Tyler Sorensen

    Tyler Sorensen

    11 giorni fa

    I wish mick schumacher had gone to alfa just so he could be kimi's teammate

  • David Semen

    David Semen

    13 giorni fa

    for what can u hate him? nobody hates kimi the goat

    • F1Vids&Gameplay


      12 giorni fa

      FOR WHAT?!

  • starsofmetube


    13 giorni fa

    Hahaha legend

  • Horst Girtew

    Horst Girtew

    14 giorni fa

    Michael Schumacher once fired an engineer because he had given him too little information over the radio during the race. Kimi fired the same engineer for chatting too much.

  • Chrischn


    14 giorni fa


  • Ranjan Kammar

    Ranjan Kammar

    14 giorni fa

    B W O A H 😂😂

  • 0_BigChungus_0


    15 giorni fa

    I miss him driving for ferrari 😭

  • Dn By

    Dn By

    15 giorni fa

    "Why people should love Kimi Raikkonen"
    We already do

  • Rocket Channel

    Rocket Channel

    16 giorni fa

    one in a lifetime heros👍We love you 🥰

  • Downforce


    17 giorni fa

    Everyone loves kimi 😂

    • Eulo GP

      Eulo GP

      2 giorni fa

      not me

  • tiaan cloete

    tiaan cloete

    17 giorni fa

    Wonder what he was saying to Vettel

  • FRFM00


    18 giorni fa

    the definition of white privilege

    • d b

      d b

      15 giorni fa

      Sore loser

  • TheHandyGuy


    18 giorni fa

    I think everyone does

  • FixxxeR208


    18 giorni fa

    He's the coolest dude in F1

  • milanostabia96


    18 giorni fa

    You can make a fool of him, but remember this guy is Ferrari's last world champion. Still undisputed who knows for how long.

    • F1Vids&Gameplay


      18 giorni fa

      Ferrari’s last world champion. The undisputed fastest driver of 2003-2005 (without car failures), whom deserved atleast 1 world titel with Mclaren from those years. And still 15 years later can outdrive the younger eager generation of drivers. Simply astonishing.

  • Stephen Wright

    Stephen Wright

    18 giorni fa

    Kimi is really good at filtering out the BS of F1...

  • Metaleiro Sincero

    Metaleiro Sincero

    18 giorni fa

    Somebody give my steering wheel 😂😂

  • Chirag .Vinod Choudhari

    Chirag .Vinod Choudhari

    19 giorni fa

    Why the question in the caption exist😡

  • MrMaze


    19 giorni fa


  • Barbu Reinoso

    Barbu Reinoso

    20 giorni fa

    Amo a Kimi, es un chabon que no te puede caer mal, me encantaba la química que había entre él y Vettel

  • THE Riften Guard

    THE Riften Guard

    20 giorni fa

    "bwoah, ehh... hello everybody and good evening & OBviously"

  • un tubo

    un tubo

    21 giorno fa

    ebbravo kimi il rikkionen

  • Tai


    21 giorno fa

    first they deny him his steering wheel, then they deny him the drink... what next?!

  • Mexico


    21 giorno fa

    2:47 I would love to know what he was saying to Mick Schumacher

  • aashique ramsee

    aashique ramsee

    21 giorno fa

    Only Kimi can snubb Nicole Kidman and still be considered cool

  • Mario Torres

    Mario Torres

    21 giorno fa

    Que pedalera tenía Kimi en el escenario jajaja

  • საქართველოს შვილი

    საქართველოს შვილი

    21 giorno fa

    Living legend ! 🏎👍

  • Boris Müller

    Boris Müller

    21 giorno fa

    Man the volume varies so much on this video 😨

  • Dani Nagy

    Dani Nagy

    22 giorni fa

    Two things:
    1. Kimi getting drunk and distracting everyone from Seb's awful mustache is #friendshipgoals
    2. There was this PR event in Italy after he'd joined Alfa, and the way the tifosi were shouting his name was so pure.

  • Agua Menti

    Agua Menti

    22 giorni fa

    With kimi what you see is what you get that's why most people love him and it's not an easy thing to do by the way.

  • flintlypop


    22 giorni fa

    ''Happy mother's day to mother and every other mother also. Nothing more. Thanks.''

  • Seaf Halabi

    Seaf Halabi

    22 giorni fa

    In that photo I thought he was Nico Rosberg 😆

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    • YouTuveLag • VIDEOS CON EDICIÓN •

    23 giorni fa

    BOAH one more day living this planet is so easy.

  • David Olivares

    David Olivares

    23 giorni fa

    people hate kimmi?

  • Funni Ornellin

    Funni Ornellin

    24 giorni fa

    Anjingggg 👎🐑🔪

  • Shashank Venkataraman

    Shashank Venkataraman

    24 giorni fa

    Kimi normal: no nonsense
    Kimi drunk : no no nonsense

  • John Bako

    John Bako

    24 giorni fa

    He's the Ozzy Osbourne of F1

  • Rahul Kapoor

    Rahul Kapoor

    24 giorni fa

    3;18 was brilliant. I remember this. Him telling the driver to drive so that he doesn't have to do interviews

  • Franco Viejo

    Franco Viejo

    24 giorni fa

    Drunk Kimi is best Kimi

  • Hawk The Pig

    Hawk The Pig

    25 giorni fa

    Bold of you to assume that we don't already love Kimi

  • Vidit Jain

    Vidit Jain

    25 giorni fa

    You can't be an F1 fan without liking Kimi

  • Luukas Viljanen

    Luukas Viljanen

    25 giorni fa

    6:17 Vittu.. sorry guys

  • Matej C

    Matej C

    26 giorni fa

    The person who hates Kimi shouldn't be trusted.

  • RccDB Cars

    RccDB Cars

    26 giorni fa

    I love drunk Kimi

  • RodHammett95


    26 giorni fa

    This video is not necessary, everyone loves Kimi already haha. Grande Kimi!

  • N K

    N K

    26 giorni fa

    8:10 Kimi and his Ferrari

  • Ainz Ooal Gown Sama

    Ainz Ooal Gown Sama

    26 giorni fa

    drunk kimi is the best kimi

  • ramji 7zs

    ramji 7zs

    27 giorni fa

    Ahhh bwohhhhhh!!!

  • Kevin Woods

    Kevin Woods

    27 giorni fa

    Flat out chatting Petter Solberg at the awards 🤭🤩

  • indydude06 *

    indydude06 *

    27 giorni fa

    Kimi looks like a social butterfly when he's drunk

  • Shadowmick M

    Shadowmick M

    28 giorni fa

    Kimi the man of many words..

  • adrijana cah

    adrijana cah

    29 giorni fa

    Kimi is a true legend!

  • Jeremy JS

    Jeremy JS

    29 giorni fa

    everyone does love Kimi !

  • David Kyle

    David Kyle

    Mese fa

    he's my boy....love kimi, a true personality that is so needed in F1

  • Troy Lewis

    Troy Lewis

    Mese fa

    Vettel. Kimi & Solberg!

  • Troy Lewis

    Troy Lewis

    Mese fa

    No matter who you like in F1 Kimi is the maverick & has always been rapid!, BS walks and he proves it!

  • Robban Johansson

    Robban Johansson

    Mese fa


  • Gui [GD]

    Gui [GD]

    Mese fa

    Ferrari has fans in all part of the world.
    Kimi: Bwoah...Amateurs.

  • Jamaican Me Crazy

    Jamaican Me Crazy

    Mese fa

    who doesnt love Kimi

  • Amin Syahir

    Amin Syahir

    Mese fa

    Kimi: 1:05
    Seb: Go home Kimi, you are drunk.

  • SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

    SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

    Mese fa

    Me: What’s your opinion from the amount of dislikes on this video about you?
    Kimi: Bwoah...I don’t care what they think. It’s none of my business

  • Eulo GP

    Eulo GP

    Mese fa

    Why should I love him? He is average since more than a decade, and a very arrogant person. And has too many annoying and deluded fans.

  • Dukagjin Hasku

    Dukagjin Hasku

    Mese fa

    Min 1:58 till 2:02 look who walk behind Kimi

    • d b

      d b

      15 giorni fa

      The 🅱️oss

  • hirgurd


    Mese fa

    YT shows me that vid every couple months and i watch it every time. And evertime i pray that Kimi never leaves us.

  • EricDerLetsPlayer


    Mese fa

    3:48 a normal conversation in finnland

  • NoisyBadAss


    Mese fa

    He was a good driver at Sauber, but now he is a clown.

  • grassrot


    Mese fa

    Kim acting is the best thing ever

  • TJ ART

    TJ ART

    Mese fa

    Kimi, you are world champion!
    Kimi: why not?

  • JoRi


    Mese fa

    I just love how Kimi doesn't think anything special of being a rich guy, F1 driver or whatever. He just does what he loves and is a nice and honest person.

  • tyb2005


    Mese fa

    KIMI is like the fun uncle that knows the family is intense but just doesn’t care at all

  • Marianne Hallberg

    Marianne Hallberg

    Mese fa

    I love Kimi and his sence of humor I don't know if he knows how funny he is but he makes me laugh...

  • TSY


    Mese fa

    The best !

  • RecklessDude777


    Mese fa

    Bruh you had to make a 10 min video for this?
    Just show us a clip of him sitting in a press conference when others talk about him. Everyone will love him instantly. (I do not intend to nullify your efforts or anything of that intention, just saying what I think is the truth)

  • Formula 1 Clips

    Formula 1 Clips

    Mese fa

    Why does the thumbnail look like Schumacher and Kimi are in love

  • Janhls


    Mese fa

    "is it 40 or 42" "vittu"

  • nikos koskinas

    nikos koskinas

    Mese fa


  • Diego


    Mese fa

    Kimi is AWESOME!

  • Car Life

    Car Life

    Mese fa

    The wife of Kimi looks so angry when they let the FIA event but Kimi still on party 😂😂😂 Grande Kimi

  • Nuraz Syed

    Nuraz Syed

    Mese fa

    What does kimi do as well as driving

  • Dick Carrillo Melgarejo

    Dick Carrillo Melgarejo

    Mese fa

    the best way to learn a Finnish word. Check out 2:22

  • Ragnar Wiik

    Ragnar Wiik

    Mese fa

    Kimi would ace acting.

  • Peik Roos

    Peik Roos

    Mese fa

    It was the 40 or 42 for me
    Btw vittu means fuck in Finnish

  • ferenc várhegyi

    ferenc várhegyi

    Mese fa


  • Tomaten Mark

    Tomaten Mark

    Mese fa

    3:46 Classic finnish conversation.

  • TheAssening


    Mese fa

    Kimi = my waifu

  • jakubkrcma


    Mese fa

    Seriously, in terms of overall liking, it is literally Kimi and the rest... :-)))

  • Michał Depta

    Michał Depta

    Mese fa

    Na gali Kimi wygląda jak polski piosenkarz Rafał Brzozowski :D

  • july99887766


    Mese fa

    He is so good that ferrari expects him to drive without steering wheel

  • Evan Griffith

    Evan Griffith

    Mese fa

    The tough stepmother classically bruise because grouse whitely guarantee except a fragile sister-in-law. capricious, waggish lunch

  • Tomáš Petro

    Tomáš Petro

    Mese fa

    "And now constructor champions continue impressive performance in Formula 1 since twothousandPUTIN"

  • Eoin Barry

    Eoin Barry

    Mese fa

    Brilliant edit of the legend 👍, Kimi's the best!! 😁