Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | Jan 13, 2022 | FreeDawkins

Pubblicato il 12 gen 2022
visualizzazioni 86 447

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Commenti: 92  
  • Soroosh Hamedi

    Soroosh Hamedi

    Thank you for still making these great highlights man! They're levels above others, you include defensive plays and edit them in such a flowing way.

  • Papa Floga-Chungus

    Papa Floga-Chungus

    I'll argue the Warriors still lose this game by 20 if Draymond were here. They simply didn't play well. This team will break this slump, don't be surprised when it happens.

  • Christopher Lawson

    Christopher Lawson

    " The bucks only beat bad teams"- Casuals

  • YL Venti

    YL Venti

    The absence of Dray is felt in each game without him.🤦

  • madclone84


    So nice of Giannis to rewelcome klay to the league

  • Niall John

    Niall John

    Speaks volume to how important draymond is to the warriors success it’s been like this since they first won 🏆

  • Myles McCartin

    Myles McCartin

    Portis is huge for this bucks team.. huge plays in the finals last year, constant hustle on plays he deserves to get paid soon.

  • Артём Корсун

    Артём Корсун

    I like how Iggy is being presented as a tough defender yet on every defensive possession when he gets scored on he turns to the ref to whine about a no-call

  • Allan


    this shows how important Draymond is

  • SimplyJay0


    Man i'm convinced there's someone else wearing a steph body suit for the past 20 games 😂 warriors will need 2021 april steph in the playoffs this team won't make it far playing lazy like this

  • Bleb Han

    Bleb Han

    Never seen an MVP get blown out by 40. None of the greats ever trailed by 40. What a scrub.

  • The Official Shy Baby

    The Official Shy Baby

    GSW really missing Mr. Triple Single


    Giannis is the M.V.P. 2021-2022 , HANDS DOWN. 30-12-11 in 29.5minutes ?!!!!!!

  • Bleb Han

    Bleb Han

    GSW are the only team with a winning record that consistently get blown out on the road.

  • Pavel Radev

    Pavel Radev

    That long shot at the end :D

  • SremmZori


    Just hoping when GSW start winning again there won't be a bunch of bandwagons. Still my Team

  • Min Young

    Min Young

    I dont know if it would have made a difference if they played Kuminga early on. I think it would have. At least to have some muscles in the paint to counter Giannis. Team's 3's were shit as well. Let's us pray Bucks wont be in the finals.

  • Francisco Orozco

    Francisco Orozco

    We Really Need Dray

  • Bleb Han

    Bleb Han

    Notice every team ends their losing ways when they play GSW? Look out, another two losses vs Da Bulls and Minny.

  • rtms tana

    rtms tana

    Giannis 30 12 11 3 in 29 minutes. sheesh