Pubblicato il 9 dic 2021
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Brennan, Erika, and Goots compete in an all-star battle royale.
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Um, Actually
Um, Actually
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  • Greg 1756

    Greg 1756

    Brennan's anti-establishment energy seeping through the rest of the constestants in any game he's part of is poetic and beautiful in the most chaotic way possible.

  • William Garrett

    William Garrett

    I love that no matter what, it always feels like Gutz is holding back.

  • The Red Rabbit

    The Red Rabbit

    Erika losing a point on a technicality and then getting a point due to a technicality later is just fantastic.

  • nessesaryschoolthing


    So excited to see Brennan on the show again

  • Arghya Raihan

    Arghya Raihan

    Erika is literally always such a joy to see. And Brenna winds Trapp up like nothing else, and it's the best. Great episode.

  • Jared Thompson

    Jared Thompson

    Gutz holding back and Brennan being so competitive feels SOO on brand for both of them. I can't wait for another all star where Gutz reveals his final form and ends in the double digits.

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Yeah... Gotta go with Brennan on that one, you can't call something an "unusual" power when it's common, in-universe. All superpowers are uncommon, from our perspective, so calling it "unusual" implies that it's unusual in the universe in which it exists.

  • eva fellmann

    eva fellmann

    I love how Mike is like ''Yeah, by the time this episode comes out it'll all be over, they'll say we're so dour!'' And we've been in this for almost 2 years and we all want to die

  • Baptiste Rietz

    Baptiste Rietz

    i would love to see an episode dedicated to DnD or tabletop RPG in general with Matt Mercer and Brennan.

  • Swanee


    Even in an all star meeting it just feels like goots is like giving the others a chance to answer before he says what the answer is. I love him being on the show so much

  • inacityalone


    it's been a while since i've watched a brennan episode and it really highlights the contrast between other guests good-naturedly accepting that they're not getting the point and brennan straight up ready to Fight trapp and truly i have missed this energy

  • ksspang


    I feel like everytime Brennan is on these I'm just waiting for him to say "get in the comments!" the whole time :)

  • Krelekar


    Technicality is what this game is about, Brennan deserves every point that was stolen from them

  • Verity


    They need to do a DnD themed one and get Brennan, and Matt mercer on to duke it out over who knows more about RPGs.

  • Armando


    Brennan has met his match. And he quivers in frustration. But he's still one of my CH favorites. Hi, Brennan.

  • 2011majood


    you need to do another one of these in person we need the full experience

  • BoiJWest007


    Brennan, Erika, and Gutz were the perfect trio for this episode.

  • Danny Brase

    Danny Brase

    Um, actually, your Avatar question mentions two separate things (gaining the ability to bend and

  • Tantrill


    While I get the situation with "Durin's Day" and the "keyhole" into the mountain, I think its important to remember that this was the secret back-door/builder's entrance into the whole mountain. If it wasn't this complicated, some one would use it to attack the Dwarves. Also, if there was a specific snail/bird combo that lived only in the Lonely Mountain, it could be used to mark as part of the ritual to know they're in the right spot.

  • postbunnie


    Brennen is the best. A most adorable and dedicated comedian.