AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies

Pubblicato il 20 dic 2021
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all hail the brown set, and rapidly auctioning everything, according to AI at least. 11.2 million games of self-play were used to discover the secrets of this classic game
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  • OfficiallyNerdyGames


    **Put the raw chicken in the salad.**

  • jesse sisson

    jesse sisson

    You should make an AI that all of a sudden stands up, cusses out the other AI, and flips the board over. Keep it random.

  • PicklePunFun


    14 giorni fa

    Ai: "What is my purpose"

  • Check


    I am somewhat of a monopoly master within my household, and everybody refuses to trade with me in fear of me ruining their lives. Browns are even better in a real life situation.

  • Ryan


    "You know what's better than altruism? Winning." It seems like the bots have been given the gift of humanity.

  • 10drae


    id love to see a twitch account that just lets AI play against eachother on games like this and just have someone commentating throughout the entire thing

  • R L

    R L

    21 giorno fa

    I have only one gripe with the AI: Not only should it be winning when playing against the other AIs, it should also need to win against some control-AIs making sure that their strategy also works against other AIs that don't feat the way the NEAT AI has evolved. The way you did it the AI could still be pretty bad against a lot of players because the sample range of playing styles wasn't big enough

  • Herobrine


    My favorite strategy is to buy as many houses as possible, but not turn any into hotels. There are only 32 houses available in a traditional Monopoly set, and opponents won’t be able to build properties if you hold most/all of them. For this strategy, owning the browns and light blues is important because their houses are cheaper and thus you can hog more.

  • DarkonFullPower


    One small gripe.

  • Jake


    It’s scary to think of the time manipulation that AI can have. Learning at that rate in a simulated world to impact this reality. I wonder how specific you can get with the tasks you give the AI.

  • Brendan K

    Brendan K

    Giorno fa

    Your explanation of neural networks is by far the best explanation I've ever heard. Thank you. Subbed.

  • Daniel O'Sullivan

    Daniel O'Sullivan

    4 ore fa

    I've always been a big fan of the browns and I've tended to do better when I have both of them.

  • KingBarlius


    16 ore fa

    This was my monopoly strategy for over 3 years and now everyone knows it. I've lost m crown as a monopoly champion. These 5 months have destroyed my monopoly supremacy (within the family).

  • Tripod


    I wanna see a full game with this AI against humans in discord.

  • eric johnson

    eric johnson

    7 ore fa

    One strategy that I've seen used by Dan from Game Grumps is as follows: Once you have a complete set, mortgage all properties that are in a set, shared by another player, and use that money to buy houses and hotels.

  • John Jackson

    John Jackson

    14 giorni fa

    "You know what better than altruism? Winning." Pretty good summary of monopoly.

  • Offbeat Onpoint

    Offbeat Onpoint

    Giorno fa

    "we created a monolopy god and after it spent the equivalent of 1600 years discerning the ideal strategy for the game what it told us is what we already knew" 😹😹😹

  • kacprowski


    You forgot that placement on the board when trading can make a difference (increase your chances someone will land on your property earlier). Also your cash can make a difference when trading (do you have enough cash to buy buildings or does your opponents and have money leftover in case of bad luck). That is assuming both players get a monopoly from the trade. I personally avoid trading were I don’t get a monopoly if I give one. I also would never trade to give a monopoly if I had one and my opponents don’t. Then there is trading for cash. How much should you trade and when? That is determined by the monopoly set you have a monopoly on and your opponents set. Plus the amount of cash each person has. Obviously if you end up with a cheap set you can afford to give up more cash depending on how much you have and your opponents have. Over all it’s a great AI but in my opinion it lacks the human ability to think outside the box and adapt. Or should I say that the interpretation we humans get from it does not reflect the way too many variables to copperhead. Just my opinion as a monopoly lover who has a great win lose record. Lastly there is not much you can do if your opponents make a bad trade with someone else or you have lost because of luck so decide to help one or another player by making bad trades. I did enjoy the video and it was very insightful.

  • Leia Kasta

    Leia Kasta

    7 ore fa

    One of my favorite Monopoly memories is when my younger sister bought the two lowest costing properties, built hotels on them for cheap, and then absolutely wiped the floor with the rest of us.

  • Jack Nesbitt

    Jack Nesbitt

    The animations were so engaging and you chose a very fun topic to explore! Thanks