THE FLASH Trailer (2022)

Pubblicato il 16 ott 2021
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THE FLASH Trailer (2022) Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Batman, DC Movie HD
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  • Kryxan Jansen Reis

    Kryxan Jansen Reis

    2 ore fa

    I'm guessing that batman will be Thomas Wayne and not Bruce

  • Amritansh Mishra

    Amritansh Mishra

    3 ore fa

    This movie will be awesome.The flash red costume and batman 89 are awesome.

  • TJ Reed

    TJ Reed

    4 ore fa

    Smart using the flash to reboot the justice league. DCEU is constantly making CRISIS movies. The characters are too static and no development. I hate to say it but warner bros is trying to copy marvel and failing big time so they have to keep rebooting the movies

  • Felipe Goicoechea

    Felipe Goicoechea

    10 ore fa

    El traje:GOD
    El casco:Zzz

  • CyberGothika


    11 ore fa

    The main theme already suits Flash the way he deserves

  • Aj the Disney and LEGO fan

    Aj the Disney and LEGO fan

    12 ore fa


  • Aj the Disney and LEGO fan

    Aj the Disney and LEGO fan

    12 ore fa

    Why is no one talking about the suits.😇😇😇

  • ChuckO


    13 ore fa

    Marvel: *brings back old Spiderman movie characters*
    DC: "That sounds like a good idea..."

  • TJ DeFelice

    TJ DeFelice

    17 ore fa

    0:50 i need a new pair of pants

  • rahdnisus


    19 ore fa

    0:40 - 0:46 Woaahhh 🔥⚡

  • Saddam Alfarizqy

    Saddam Alfarizqy

    21 ora fa

    FLASH JANCOK !!!!!!!!!

  • Caelan Cerfonteyn

    Caelan Cerfonteyn

    21 ora fa

    looks like they using flashpoint.... i hope they using flashpoint

  • kassik gaming

    kassik gaming

    22 ore fa

    nah i rather just the tv show not the film

  • ImHatake


    23 ore fa

    the suit is awful

  • Twinkletoes


    23 ore fa


  • Doctor_J


    Giorno fa

    PLEASE don't ruin this!!!!

  • Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor

    Giorno fa

    This is cool and all but what I really want to see is an ACTUAL official trailer for this thing

  • Diana Grullon

    Diana Grullon

    Giorno fa

    boom best

  • P W

    P W

    Giorno fa

    Theme from old Batman at the beginning is awesome.

  • SlowGhost


    Giorno fa


  • Elias MIHOUB

    Elias MIHOUB

    Giorno fa

    TOO SOON !!! FUCKING TOO SOON !!!! Why are ruining everything Warner !!!?? The flashpoint as nothing to do right now, it has no sense at all !! It's one of the best story ever but you want to ruin it ! You take absolutely no lesson from the past ! Really you've massacred the entire DCU !

    • Elias MIHOUB

      Elias MIHOUB

      17 ore fa

      @Royal Boy that's what I've said, they've ruined everything !

    • Royal Boy

      Royal Boy

      22 ore fa

      They are resetting dc universe so that Snyder verse never existed

    • Elias MIHOUB

      Elias MIHOUB

      Giorno fa

      @Micah Olgin all the power of this story is made by a good recognition of the justice league together, you'll see Aquaman and wonder woman ravaging the 3/4 of the planet because wonder woman have the head of aquaman's wife on his shield. You see the father of Bruce Wayne being the batman and the mother of Bruce becoming the joker. Superman have never land on Smallville and never have seen the sun, chained in area 51 (I'm not sure of it's 51 but you get the point) and flash biggest dilemma. All of this is pointless and lifeless if you didn't share many and big adventure before. At least it would have been good to end the storyline of darseid before, and even this way it's not enough. I don't even start talking of the green lantern who start all the amazing mess that lead to this story to reboot the entire DCU comics

    • Tarang Nadgeer

      Tarang Nadgeer

      Giorno fa

      Yeah, I still can't imagine that the FIRST Flash movie that was ever put into production, is not an origin story but a FREAKING Flashpoint movie. Ahh!!!

    • Micah Olgin

      Micah Olgin

      Giorno fa

      What’s wrong with it coming out it’s not too soon how are they killing DC by releasing this

  • Josh B

    Josh B

    2 giorni fa

    Reverse flash? Pog

  • WinterGaming


    2 giorni fa

    I've been always wondering, what if hes in another earth?

  • syoniz lee

    syoniz lee

    3 giorni fa

    why was this not recommended to me. i had to search for it

  • bjird


    3 giorni fa

    So Superman married to Wonder Woman

  • Sakari Richard

    Sakari Richard

    3 giorni fa

    weird that they decided to go with the orange/gold lightning from the CW show, instead of the yellow lightning Barry actually has in the comics. I thought they were trying to separate themselves from that version?

  • Yupit Foyamut

    Yupit Foyamut

    3 giorni fa

    So…. This is how Beta males get to pretend to be Men… in Halloween costumes.

  • N


    3 giorni fa

    Please let this happen.

  • Stocks for Dividends

    Stocks for Dividends

    3 giorni fa

    end of justice league was amazzzzzing. Betting we are going to get an awesome scene like that again.

  • Petr Podrábský

    Petr Podrábský

    3 giorni fa

    flashpoint am i right?



    3 giorni fa

    Run Barry Run

  • Siu Jason

    Siu Jason

    4 giorni fa

    this is flash point…?

  • Liston Cutinho

    Liston Cutinho

    4 giorni fa

    Why do they downgrade the super suits bruh. I mean I get that its to make it comic accurate but in all honesty the first suit was waaaaaaay cooler

  • Alex Israel

    Alex Israel

    4 giorni fa

    I wish they would make a flash movie with reverse flash as the villain

  • Rapportus5


    4 giorni fa

    Barry Allen's real superpower is Hope.

  • Bw BigJayy

    Bw BigJayy

    4 giorni fa

    Still upset its not grant gustin playing flash

  • ❤Heavyn Aleem❤

    ❤Heavyn Aleem❤

    4 giorni fa

    People who keep saying marvel is better and DC has flopped means your not a fucking fan so WTF are you doing here then 🤔😳😂

  • Anthony Gemelli

    Anthony Gemelli

    4 giorni fa

    As a DC fan it really just pains me to see how painful the franchise is run compared to marvel. Instead of trying to go head to head with marvel I wish they took their time building their universe rather than rushing it

  • Timothy James Chowne

    Timothy James Chowne

    4 giorni fa

    Hooooooooly Oleo Batman. That's amazing!

  • Cheryl Wyatt

    Cheryl Wyatt

    4 giorni fa

    is this real



    4 giorni fa

    Some of this Flash theme music was in part 2 of the Flash Armegeddon episode when Flash was fighting Zotar!!!

  • CL0WN


    4 giorni fa


  • Havok Fz

    Havok Fz

    4 giorni fa

    I have a major problem with this version of The Flash... it's not him, it's Spiderman with superspeed, and although I love Spiderman, I want to see The Flash.

  • Aedyn Blayse

    Aedyn Blayse

    5 giorni fa

    God, I hope the ending theme doesn't become the official theme of The Flash.
    ZSJL's Flash theme was a million times bettter.

  • Sofa Biru

    Sofa Biru

    5 giorni fa

  • Scottish Man

    Scottish Man

    5 giorni fa

    He better not be an insecure bumbling kid like in Justice League.

  • friday


    5 giorni fa


  • Trevor Taylor

    Trevor Taylor

    5 giorni fa

    The real batman is back.

  • Batman


    5 giorni fa


  • Klavier Almanon

    Klavier Almanon

    5 giorni fa

    I hope Grant Gustin will come back

  • caroline napierala

    caroline napierala

    5 giorni fa


  • PeaK 808

    PeaK 808

    5 giorni fa

    Yeah IDK who this clown is, because GRANT GUSTIN is The Flash
    This is like ordering Gwen Stephani and getting Fergie, or asking for captain America and getting… that other guy

  • Eren Şen

    Eren Şen

    5 giorni fa

    Keşke ezra yerine beni alsaysdınız

  • The_ Bamboozeler

    The_ Bamboozeler

    5 giorni fa

    Is this gonna be flashpoint cause he goes behind his mom and he looks confused which means this movie has to be flashpoint right?

  • TzEtZi mAn

    TzEtZi mAn

    5 giorni fa

    DC chipped in for the costume they should have used in Justice League.

  • envy99976


    5 giorni fa

    It’s all about the bat baby!

  • Abura


    5 giorni fa


  • Looniper


    6 giorni fa

    Not a fan of this flash, but definitely willing to sit it through for a new Keaton Batman.
    If he's only in it for like 2 minutes though, I'm gonna be pissed.

  • Cassandra Fisher

    Cassandra Fisher

    6 giorni fa

    For me, I find the trailer is not that interesting. It's not really telling me anything or drawing me in to wanting to watch the movie. The acting for the character the flash rubbed me the wrong way when he was introduced. It's the same with the currect cast of the Justice League with the exception of Aquaman he was excellent and I am going to see his next movie when it comes out. With all the changes they have with the cast my interest in seeing the "heroes" movies (DCU and MCU verse) is close to being 0.
    The only reason I went and watched Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 was for Chris Pine. The rest of the movie I found myself bored and ready for the movie to be over with.
    This is my option and I know everyone may not agree with what I wrote. I ask you if you can not say some nice or constructive please do not reply.

  • Sat Nav

    Sat Nav

    6 giorni fa


  • Aman's Work

    Aman's Work

    6 giorni fa

    Dc sucks this movie concept is stolen from no way home you dc fans also suck

    • Aman's Work

      Aman's Work

      3 giorni fa

      @Master Class And Tom hardy in dc he was bane now he is a marvel guy bcuz dc sucks Ryan Reynolds was green lantern now he is deadpool marvel bcuz dc sucks

    • Aman's Work

      Aman's Work

      4 giorni fa

      @Master Class You better be happy that tobey and andrew are coming in no way home your childhood is going to be refreshing the no way home will broke all the records

    • Aman's Work

      Aman's Work

      4 giorni fa

      @Master Class Even if the copied the whole world is hyped for no way home

    • Master Class

      Master Class

      4 giorni fa

      @Aman's Work the movie is based off of a comic series called flashpoint that came out in 2011. the entire concept of the multiverse in both marvel and DC came from a flash comic in 1961 (The Flash of Two Worlds.) So going by your logic that would mean no way home is copying the flash. you shoulda done your research =//

    • Aman's Work

      Aman's Work

      4 giorni fa

      @Shoubhit P A You call yourself a dc fan you don't even know about dc the no way home will fuck up all the dc movies even it can beat no way home even many flash come or batmans come it can't beat no way home

  • anish joseph

    anish joseph

    6 giorni fa

    Flashpoint paradox Vibes ❤️

  • Caleb Barker

    Caleb Barker

    6 giorni fa

    Watch that Batman be George Clooney

  • SepikzZ


    6 giorni fa

    Anyone who likes the flash hates that Miller guy playing the flash

  • Archon


    6 giorni fa

    so is The Flash keeping the Synderverse alive?!?!?!?!

  • Spunk yeet

    Spunk yeet

    6 giorni fa

    I just saw an ad about spiderman no way home and theres tickets

  • rakesh rocky

    rakesh rocky

    6 giorni fa

    Is that Dr stranges's house??

  • Aaron Alviano

    Aaron Alviano

    6 giorni fa

    Its more obvious now that Keaton is playing Thomas Wayne because that narrative is a direct line from Flashpoint

  • Rick Hutton

    Rick Hutton

    6 giorni fa

    Wait? So they are basically taking the story line from the tv show?

    • Jon Smith

      Jon Smith

      6 giorni fa


  • Cosmic Laziness

    Cosmic Laziness

    6 giorni fa

    We all seen this coming with the DC multiverse and the flashpoint

  • Roger Dominguez

    Roger Dominguez

    6 giorni fa

    I don't like how it's not dark toned when they showed the batman . He should always be revealed in the dark or so.

  • Rick Ross

    Rick Ross

    6 giorni fa

    DC needs to stop tryna copy marvel.

    • Jon Smith

      Jon Smith

      6 giorni fa

      Marvel should stop trying to copy DC

  • Billy t Gould 6

    Billy t Gould 6

    7 giorni fa

    I'm more exited about seeing keaton back in the bat suit than anything else 🤣🤣🤣

  • Motor Man

    Motor Man

    7 giorni fa

    Anotlher flash paradocx... And multi worls

  • 笑

    7 giorni fa

    wa-o very tanosimi

  • Xpryyz


    7 giorni fa


    • CommonHouseSpider @⃟⃝⃟

      CommonHouseSpider @⃟⃝⃟

      7 giorni fa


  • Edward Geary

    Edward Geary

    7 giorni fa

    I love cw flash but they should have done a season about flashpoint rather than an episode and the season following being flashpoint based, but ya excited to see this

  • Dumasson Francois

    Dumasson Francois

    7 giorni fa

    Seriously what are they trying to do with flash

    • CommonHouseSpider @⃟⃝⃟

      CommonHouseSpider @⃟⃝⃟

      7 giorni fa


  • bargon Kris

    bargon Kris

    7 giorni fa

    HELL NOOOO!!! That was terrible they trying to do some dumbass Shazam type shit and the costume looked nothing like the flash this can't be a real movie and if it is I'm not spending a dime on that movie

  • snake plissken

    snake plissken

    7 giorni fa

    Batman is like ''ok im in,but you better be sure,cuase i dont want no scrubs''

  • H4VCSt0RmZ


    7 giorni fa

    i wonder if he still runs like an idiot

  • niknikktm


    7 giorni fa

    When I first saw this over a month ago I originally thought it was Barry's dad's voice we were hearing. I just realized it's Michael Keaton. Sweet! I figured that was his batcave and his batmobile under the cover but him narrating that teaser made it sooooo much better.

  • Serkan toold

    Serkan toold

    7 giorni fa

    his mask is a little bit ugly😐

  • Blue Dwarf

    Blue Dwarf

    7 giorni fa

    Lets hope they didn't let Whedon anywhere near this

  • KoolDood


    7 giorni fa

    Why the heck is Ezra miller the flash 🤦🏻‍♂️ Something that will always bug me

  • Sakitomi


    7 giorni fa

    gonna be banger!

  • Daniel Alabi

    Daniel Alabi

    7 giorni fa

    LET'S GOOOO!!😁😁😁

  • Pantera Capital

    Pantera Capital

    7 giorni fa

    Incredible graphics!

  • agegbert


    7 giorni fa

    grant shouldve don ethis

  • akikazucoco


    7 giorni fa

    give me the actor from the series "The Flash" and not a random guy on a movie bad as sharknado 5 :')

  • the 101 club

    the 101 club

    7 giorni fa

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo does this mean robert paterson won't play main universe batman

  • SecretiaTV


    7 giorni fa

    I'll be avoiding this movie like the plague. Ezra Miller is a terrible choice for the Flash and it looks like the movie is going to suck

  • tyrongkojy


    7 giorni fa

    Cool that DC has a built in reset button for how they've fucked their universe.

  • marcmobilegames


    8 giorni fa

    This real or click bait?

  • ben scott

    ben scott

    8 giorni fa

    Poor DC... always two steps behind Marvel. Movie still looks good though.

  • Edgar Romero

    Edgar Romero

    8 giorni fa

    Wish they had casted a better flash this guy sucks

  • Robert Jones Vistal

    Robert Jones Vistal

    8 giorni fa

    To be honest I forgot this trailer exist

  • Rico Tufts

    Rico Tufts

    8 giorni fa

    Is that Michael keaton?

  • Mario Munoz

    Mario Munoz

    8 giorni fa