First iPhone vs. First Android (HTC Dream)

Pubblicato il 9 set 2021
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A year after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, Android 1.0 arrived on the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1. Since then, we've seen 28 more iPhone models, 15 versions of iOS and 12 versions of Android. But how did the originals stack up against each other?

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  • The Mercury

    The Mercury

    27 giorni fa

    Jesus your voice, please wake up ffs. You sound like Gabe from The Office

    • Ali Hisami

      Ali Hisami

      5 giorni fa

      "I'm taking karate courses online"

  • nousername4me2use


    Mese fa

    I still have yet ro own an apple related product. 1st smart phone was a HTC Hero. Stayed with HTC phones for years, but in the last few have moved over to Samsung Galaxy phones.

  • Martin Zvarík

    Martin Zvarík

    Mese fa

    iPhone bla bla bla... Google getting the work done :D

  • Martin Zvarík

    Martin Zvarík

    Mese fa

    HTC Dream G1 was waaaayyyy ahead of iPhone... I don't understand how iPhone was revolutionary

    • memes_gbc


      25 giorni fa

      the iphone came first bro

    • [GD] Banana

      [GD] Banana

      29 giorni fa

      iphone was revealed before the htc dream g1 so the technology on the iphone was revolutionary at the time

  • Jon S

    Jon S

    Mese fa

    Next, tell us why HP and PalmOS was a failure. Make it a longer video

  • Elpie Cruz

    Elpie Cruz

    Mese fa

    Never knew it was also called Dream out of the states. Just thought it was HTC G1.

  • Ang S

    Ang S

    Mese fa

    Htc dream is my first smartphone while blackberry dominating the market, now i use iphone but i don’t hate android, both are a decent phone…

  • AtaC3N


    Mese fa

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  • Nathan Terer

    Nathan Terer

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