Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Pubblicato il 9 giu 2021
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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • Frederick Acker

    Frederick Acker

    21 minuto fa

    Beautiful Job Young man.

  • adanxD777 andax

    adanxD777 andax

    37 minuti fa

    That’s one nice man cave

  • Ashley Wallace

    Ashley Wallace

    38 minuti fa

    This guy is a Master Builder, no doubt in my mind.

  • KotL1n zoo

    KotL1n zoo

    Ora fa


  • Pat Alexander

    Pat Alexander

    Ora fa

    You the man! Best thing I have seen on building something on YouTube! Beautiful!

  • F Clarke

    F Clarke

    Ora fa

    What a complete fucking waste of my time.



    Ora fa

    Seriously very tough work

  • Anita Visram

    Anita Visram

    Ora fa

    Where is he getting the electricity from to power his tools?

  • ARAB Last Day of Survival

    ARAB Last Day of Survival

    2 ore fa


  • عبدالعزيز آل قيسي

    عبدالعزيز آل قيسي

    2 ore fa


  • Reggie Bush

    Reggie Bush

    2 ore fa


  • Lichen8404


    2 ore fa


  • neusa de freitas anjos

    neusa de freitas anjos

    2 ore fa

    Muito caprichoso lindo

  • Roberto Pacheco

    Roberto Pacheco

    2 ore fa

    Não é com certeza uma rocha de granito ou coisa assim,certamente está mais para um barro bem duro,que parece rocha,porque esse tipo de martelete, eu tenho também,e não é indicado para superfícies de pedra.

  • Tygor


    2 ore fa

    this is cool, i will try this in minecraft

  • GeSimões Simões

    GeSimões Simões

    2 ore fa

    Muito bom, mas deve ter gastado muita grana com brocas. Olha o tamanho da serra-copo. 👍



    2 ore fa

    Juridiquement - Est ce que cette maison t'appartient maintenant que tu l'as créée ? ou l'Usufruit ?
    从法律上讲 - 这所房子现在你创造了它, 属于你吗 ? 还是乌苏弗特 ?
    Legally - Does this house belong to you now that you have created it ? or usufruct ?

  • Dred Po comsomolski

    Dred Po comsomolski

    2 ore fa

    Пиикольная идея. К стати, а, если, допустим, я не законно выризал себе дом в скале, у себя же на участке, как это самовырытую пещеру будут сносить?

  • Артем Жиляев

    Артем Жиляев

    2 ore fa

    Не, ну чисто мой сосед!

  • Яков


    2 ore fa

    И все знали одно: победить их нельзя, лееров их не видеть изломов...

  • mrya es

    mrya es

    3 ore fa

    Eso vendería. En. Un millón de. Dólares.

  • mrya es

    mrya es

    3 ore fa

    Que. Belleza. Que. Arte. ....eso se llama. Ser. Artista. ...

  • Take your pants Off

    Take your pants Off

    3 ore fa

    I guess the flintstones hired this guy to make their home

  • Lapside Dropemoff

    Lapside Dropemoff

    3 ore fa

    So what if a earthquake happens?

  • Always bringing up old sh!t

    Always bringing up old sh!t

    3 ore fa

    This guy exudes spiral power.

  • Terry Grund

    Terry Grund

    3 ore fa

    What kind of rock? Looks like clay.

  • Handstand Push ups World Record

    Handstand Push ups World Record

    4 ore fa

    want to know how many drill borer did he broke or blunted

  • Brenda C

    Brenda C

    4 ore fa


  • Handstand Push ups World Record

    Handstand Push ups World Record

    4 ore fa

    wow this will last forever not like the houses nowdays

  • Priscilla Santos

    Priscilla Santos

    4 ore fa

    Madre mía! Qué trabajado y que apañado el hombre

  • Isaiah Rucker

    Isaiah Rucker

    4 ore fa

    Geez. What impresses me the most is... Does he even have to pay bills?!

  • Team wolf

    Team wolf

    4 ore fa


  • Joshua B

    Joshua B

    4 ore fa

    It’s been done before, this is probably how we escaped the last few apocalypse’s.

  • Shao


    4 ore fa

    Your first house in Minecraft.

  • Perry Gibson

    Perry Gibson

    4 ore fa

    Very impressive, especially if it's tax free. The soundtrack was also nice.

  • security tim

    security tim

    4 ore fa

    This is friking amazing

  • John_Wayne_412


    4 ore fa

    Why use bricks, when you got all that rock laying around you could use?

  • Kris Kumar

    Kris Kumar

    4 ore fa

    Mr Tiger's a man of many talents. Great job!

  • Round Peg

    Round Peg

    4 ore fa

    This the guy that cuts wooden circles and yells.

  • Jim Burrows

    Jim Burrows

    4 ore fa

    I'm not jealous of the amount of work that went in to make this a reality, but I am kinda jealous at the layout.
    This was so very well constructed.

  • Xombie 007

    Xombie 007

    5 ore fa

    What the...?! I thought that this was the kind of thing that Mexicans/Latinos were good at. Never expected an Asian guy to do all this. Also he calls himself "Mr. Tiger!" LMFAO!!

  • Ra's Way

    Ra's Way

    5 ore fa

    Wow this was absolutely amazing!!! I could spend a lifetime just listening to how he did this!!! Anybody seen him??? Tell em Ra is looking for em!!! Lol💗💗😭

  • rachel pardillo

    rachel pardillo

    5 ore fa


  • Светлана Носкова

    Светлана Носкова

    5 ore fa

    Нет слов!!! И сколько же времени ушло на это, у мастера!??

  • ام محمد

    ام محمد

    5 ore fa

    جميل جداً
    بس لو حطن الدورة المياه ماكان التلفاز كان احسن
    ‏لازم تهوى دورة المياه

  • Linda Waty

    Linda Waty

    5 ore fa

    good job

  • Grant Mahoney

    Grant Mahoney

    5 ore fa

    Id love to be able to do this like if shit ever got tough you could manage

  • Swetik Erzikova

    Swetik Erzikova

    6 ore fa


  • haroon masood

    haroon masood

    6 ore fa

    Ok i though we were done with mountain caves. I am guessing we are back to square one again,

  • Залина малина

    Залина малина

    6 ore fa


  • John Pappan

    John Pappan

    6 ore fa

    Welp. So much for a safe space when Armageddon hits. Knock knock, buddy.🤣

  • RimXplays


    6 ore fa

    It kinda of minecraft! 😁😁😁

  • ss ss

    ss ss

    6 ore fa

    قمت الذكاء اوهبها الله لهم عقول تستحق التمجيد احسنت

  • GBrothers P

    GBrothers P

    6 ore fa

    house seems like it can collapse at any moment I guess he wanted the genuine chinese quality of houses.



    6 ore fa

    Great skilled person & he is blessed.

  • Lizard Man

    Lizard Man

    6 ore fa

    Think he would have been better just building a wood house

  • 남냥이


    6 ore fa

    와~ 이게 사람새끼냐~! 존경~~~

  • 食べてください米を


    6 ore fa

    I have done it a lot in minecraft

  • Save common animals

    Save common animals

    7 ore fa


  • AZE P

    AZE P

    7 ore fa

    집짓고 집값을 유튜브로 또벌었네 미친 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Persian Solamenu

    Persian Solamenu

    7 ore fa

    Wow lol

  • Jayson Bedard

    Jayson Bedard

    7 ore fa


  • Carina Tuner

    Carina Tuner

    7 ore fa

    Jajajajaja es de decoración todo jajajaja así como quedó es un tiempo tendrás riesgo de morir sepultado jajajajaja.

  • Ramazan Kökdemir

    Ramazan Kökdemir

    Giorno fa

    İzlemeye değer bir çalışma tebrikler

  • SaXx


    Giorno fa

    That's dope! I hope he bought the land. I'd hate to be kicked out.

  • نیما نجفی

    نیما نجفی

    Giorno fa


  • kayj905


    Giorno fa

    If he’s gonna want to keep living there, he’s gonna have to keep carving down the ceiling and walls every few months. The weight of the mountain is gonna start pressing in and closing up the hole in its side.

  • alan smith

    alan smith

    Giorno fa


  • Миха Медведь

    Миха Медведь

    Giorno fa

    В России давно бы заинтересовались этим домом и отобрало бы государство

  • Bulka 005

    Bulka 005

    Giorno fa

    He could probably rent it out to tourists for a lot of money.

  • G48DownX


    Giorno fa

    If u cut a tree ur not eco friendly

    • G48DownX


      2 ore fa

      @Take your pants Off again not eco friendly. Eco friendly is dying an no longer touching the planet.

    • Take your pants Off

      Take your pants Off

      3 ore fa

      But if he were to survive alone he needs wood to make logs and set them on fire to be warm and cook food if he ever hunted

  • Михаил Борисович

    Михаил Борисович

    Giorno fa


  • 𝗕𝗿𝗶_𝗶𝗺𝘃𝘂 💫

    𝗕𝗿𝗶_𝗶𝗺𝘃𝘂 💫

    Giorno fa


  • Mohamed Egyptian

    Mohamed Egyptian

    Giorno fa


  • Zofia Kozera

    Zofia Kozera

    Giorno fa


  • SenseiWizard


    Giorno fa

    I know who in calling next time I need help on my Minecraft house

  • Ford F150

    Ford F150

    Giorno fa

    Great job 👍🌹

  • whitecatexpress


    Giorno fa

    すいません トイレは洋式で



    Giorno fa

    liistrim dri mna

  • Matt Daemon

    Matt Daemon

    Giorno fa

    До первого заебатого ливня

  • Jorge Paula

    Jorge Paula

    Giorno fa

    Isto sim,é gente de trabalho.

  • Мадина Сунбек

    Мадина Сунбек

    Giorno fa

    Ну и нах)) бедные моии нервы.

  • Михаил


    Giorno fa

    Не понял. А где шутки про ипотеку

  • Антон Фалалеев

    Антон Фалалеев

    Giorno fa

    Мужика бессмертным сделать со временем всю планету переделает

  • 제 채널아트를 보면 안됩니다.

    제 채널아트를 보면 안됩니다.

    Giorno fa

    제 닉네임을 보면 안됩니다.

  • Michael Antrim

    Michael Antrim

    Giorno fa

    Dude made Minecraft his reality

  • dreamer


    Giorno fa

    I usually do this in Minecraft



    Giorno fa


  • Jasonups5


    Giorno fa

    But does he own that mountain?? Can’t start a project on a mountain. So I can go to Mount Rushmore and make a man cave?? 🤣😂

    • Tal rasha

      Tal rasha

      Giorno fa

      yes, who would stop you?

  • The Crilex821

    The Crilex821

    Giorno fa

    Alv la casa de los escandalosos xD

  • Дмитрий, всё о Зарайске Official group

    Дмитрий, всё о Зарайске Official group

    Giorno fa

    Молодчина, Всё сделано с душой! Ставлю лайк 👍🏻

  • Cuss Cuss

    Cuss Cuss

    Giorno fa

    We need workers like this. Not like the cowboys in the UK and USA🤣

  • DaRaven


    Giorno fa

    Bare wood in a 100% humidity, non ventilated area. What could go wrong ? Also, no need for eye protection when sanding rock. Ho yeah, it's in china.

  • Mr. I

    Mr. I

    Giorno fa

    "How's that bachelor man cave coming along?" I know he's a bachelor because his wife would not have stuck around.

  • MU30


    Giorno fa

    *Elon must should employ this man*

  • C C

    C C

    Giorno fa

    Wear safety goggles.