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Nobody in their right mind would pay $800 For real Airpod Max's. We decided to buy a replica. Let's see how good it is..
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Phone Repair Guru
Phone Repair Guru
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  • Phone Repair Guru

    Phone Repair Guru

    I compared them to real ones! check it out :

  • sage


    "we have fake apple products"

  • AceOfSpades


    When he said “take a listen” that would’ve been a perfect time to rickroll everybody

  • Salty_TeaCake


    My dude you had every opportunity to rickroll us and yet you didn't, A noble man I see..

  • Mrs. Kwan

    Mrs. Kwan

    "The sound qualities are actually really good! Take a listen."

  • I like pork

    I like pork

    "these actually look really good"

  • layla kamilla

    layla kamilla

    "we have fake apple products"

  • I give you emotional damage

    I give you emotional damage

    Not gonna lie, 130 sounds like a more reasonable price than 150

  • Templar388z


    “Take a listen”

  • 🐾 Jojo Mtb 🐾

    🐾 Jojo Mtb 🐾

    “The sound quality is actually rly good take a listen”

  • Pedro Domingues

    Pedro Domingues

    The real ones also come off super easy, so this one is surprisingly close to the real ones, and a way better deal.

  • Eriberto Acedo

    Eriberto Acedo

    Thank you for the heads up sir! Posted this on my site.

  • deshun grant

    deshun grant

    Love ur videos bro!

  • GamerBoi Studios

    GamerBoi Studios

    Nobody gonna talk about what he had us listen to sounded eerily familiar to “the hub intro”

  • Finnish V1nce

    Finnish V1nce

    "These videos are so entertaining"

  • ☆Blue Diamond☆

    ☆Blue Diamond☆

    When u said "what" when u saw it was apple it made me laugh xDD

  • day


    I would like to thank your for these shorts! 💚

  • Enderboy 64

    Enderboy 64


  • Oddvar


    Surprisingly close! For the money they are almost a steal. And I love your content man! What's the most common product people come in with, and what's usually the problem?

  • Fanta Red

    Fanta Red

    Aliexpress - biggest “legal” distributors of counterfeit products in the world.