VR gaming looks like a great time 😂|

Pubblicato il 23 nov 2021
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VR gaming looks like a great time 😂|

(via @angela_cubana)

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Commenti: 18 114  
  • Top 5 Auto Repairs

    Top 5 Auto Repairs

    At least they're burning 🔥 calories

  • Pot Roast

    Pot Roast

    Giorno fa

    We had one of these at my old job, it was so much fun when people who had never played with anything vr related before. Even on your most down days you couldn’t help but to laugh along with the family and friends watching from the outside.

  • Jelly Alex

    Jelly Alex

    Giorno fa

    I always wanted one of those things because it makes the game a lot more fun instead of just moving the thumb stick you actually have to move your entire body

  • SomeGuyOnWevideo


    Giorno fa

    The second time he started running looked like pure terror

  • Beverley mishoe

    Beverley mishoe

    Giorno fa

    This was one of the best investment I ever made for my my family. We have a blast with our VR setup.

  • Makemedinner


    If this is the future of gaming, future gamers are gonna be shredded af.

  • TheHeroMatthew


    14 ore fa

    Tried these at a place in Texas. They were pretty used, but it was still some of the most fun VR I've ever done!

  • private channel

    private channel

    12 ore fa

    This looks more fun than I imagine 😂

  • CuPlease Flicker

    CuPlease Flicker

    Giorno fa

    This is so good. You play game + get extra bonus from burning calories 🔥

  • Ryuzen


    14 giorni fa

    I just found out that VR like this actually exists. even though yesterday just crossed my mind

  • TheVulgarBackpacker


    I don't know what's funnier, the dead sprint or that sweet ass karate. I'm fucking dying over here with this thing on repeat.

  • Kunodven


    16 ore fa

    🌟 These shorts are so entertaining me they always make my day better 🌟

  • Mungo


    Giorno fa

    I would love to own one of these rigs one day. Perfect way to burn calories in my opinion

  • mythical dragon

    mythical dragon

    21 ora fa

    That's a smart contraption for playing on the VR, actually!

  • XΣΠΩ Π7

    XΣΠΩ Π7

    12 ore fa

    The more you watch and observe it, the more damn funnier it get 🤣😭 poor bloke lmao

  • Roman


    I'm impressed the machine can take that sprinting, and not have him fall down as well.

  • junhin games

    junhin games

    Giorno fa

    Preciso de um desses no meu quarto agora!

  • tito rex

    tito rex

    Giorno fa

    Hilarious 😂 kudos to the running guy

  • Ayden Martin

    Ayden Martin

    19 ore fa

    Anybody else see the part where the dude running almost positively bruised his hip on the second time that he booked it? 😂

  • gui gamer

    gui gamer

    2 ore fa

    Que daora sempre quis ir em um