Adele - Someone Like You (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 28 set 2011
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  • Specafyyy


    Anyone else just randomly come back to this song every now and then

  • lol


    15 ore fa

    essa música me arrepia toda vez que escuto ela

  • Kindly Help Me Reach 10kSub With 0 Video

    Kindly Help Me Reach 10kSub With 0 Video

    15 ore fa

    11 years later and this song still hits different. Truly a masterpiece.

  • Antonella Maturana

    Antonella Maturana

    19 ore fa

    La mejor canción de el mundo, recuerdo cuando tenía alrededor de 4 años y la cantaba con mi papá, al pasar el tiempo nos fuimos alejando por muchas cosas y diferencias entre nosotros, ahora nos estamos volviendo más cercanos y cada vez que la escuchamos corremos a cantarla juntos y abrazarnos🥰

  • iTaco


    Giorno fa

    10 Years later, its still a wonderful masterpiece ❤️ Adele's voice really is Legendary..

  • Robert Rokop

    Robert Rokop

    15 ore fa

    Great performances never get old. This will be part of human culture forever, because it expresses truth so beautifully.

  • Ouyseang Liv

    Ouyseang Liv

    I don't understand why people dislike this masterpiece. No matter how many times I listen, this song always hits me hard.

  • eduarda


    15 ore fa

    essa música me arrepia toda vez que escuto ela

  • Paul Wooten

    Paul Wooten

    19 ore fa

    The purity of Adele's voice is what fills angel's wings like no other on this earth

  • Blue


    21 giorno fa

    Its January 2022, lets see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece💚

  • lol


    Giorno fa

    Que música linda

  • Fagner


    14 giorni fa

    Essa música é atemporal!!! 💚🇧🇷. A letra dela e tão atual! Todos nós já passamos por uma coisa parecida com essa. E é isso que torna essa música tão especial!!🇧🇷💚💛

  • Prosper Mensah

    Prosper Mensah

    This song feels like old wine. It never loses its taste. The song hits every nerve in the body

  • Blue


    anyone else wish they could hear this song for the first time again?

  • Wambui Lucy

    Wambui Lucy

    Giorno fa

    5 years ago I lost my boyfriend to cancer,I used to cry to this song everyday. This was my escape to song,I hoped for healing every single day listening to this song. January 2022 I’m engaged to a man I couldn’t dream about, my healing journey has been an uphill battle but now my heart is full❤️

  • Tudo na vida

    Tudo na vida

    Giorno fa

    Que nostalgia, essa música me lembra muito minha infância, quando ia pra escola, ela é fantástica

  • paula diaz

    paula diaz

    17 ore fa

    Y pensar que las personas solitarias, buscamos reparar nuestro corazón, con esta canción.....porque nos tenemos solo a nosotros :')

  • Kelly Cristina

    Kelly Cristina

    Giorno fa

    Simplesmente perfeita 😍😍

  • CO dreaming

    CO dreaming

    After listening to “Easy on Me” 3,875 times….I decided to take a break and go down memory lane with all of her masterpieces. Anyone else? ✨🌟✨

  • Bwt


    17 ore fa

    Ela é única 💫