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I Got My Wisdom Teeth removed and it was some of the funniest and most embarrassing moments for you guys to enjoy! My friends asked me some really weird and juicy questions while I was feeling extremely honest.. 1MILLION Likes and Alex will get his wisdom teeth removed!!
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MrBeast if you're reading this please let us play in your Squid Game youtube video. We're good at green light red light and we would make the vlog and challenge because we're vloggers. Shawn had a dream about KSI, Vikkstar & GeorgeNotFound Sidemen after meeting Mr Beast PewDiePie and James Charles. Then Like Nastya Vlad and Niki HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman Whinderssonnunes showed up and ate some food. After Dhar Mann Adin Ross SSSniperWolf and Tommyinnit got mad there was no food left for them. Quackity Too XQCOW Wilbursoot Sykkuno and Pokimane then saw everyone playing tug of war and after, Tinakitten Lilypichu Valkyrae A4 David Dobrik started making some honeycomb candy. Felipe Neto Brianna Carter Sharer Dangie Bros and Daniel Gizmo then played the marble game in real life! Corpse Husband then did a face reveal and shocked jianhao tan and Liza koshy along with Lucas and Marcus the dobre twins and dobre brothers. Nelk even came in and shocked Preston with Niana Gurrero and Ranz Kyle with Rebecca Zamolo. We heard that Shane Dawson even made a comeback after saying something to Airrack ACE Family with the Labrant fam before the Royalty Family. The Try Guys didn't want to join after Unspeakable won the betting marble game. It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog and we played Minecraft and watched squid game and Kpop. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. Shawn had so fun and Pog Champ!!

Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins
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  • Stokes Twins

    Stokes Twins

    If this video gets 1MILLION LIKES, Alex will get his Wisdom Teeth Removed!! So Like it up!! 👍❤️ ALSO SUBSCRIBE if you want a chance to be in a whole YouTube video and to hang out with us ❤️❤️

  • XxIslander_GurlxX


    I love how Alex is just holding Alan’s hand to make him feel safer

  • Family Wonderland

    Family Wonderland

    I love the way that Alex was there for Alan the entire time. They are the sweetest🥰

  • Kerollos Mina Samir & George Mina Samir

    Kerollos Mina Samir & George Mina Samir

    14 ore fa

    I love how alex is just holding alan's hand to make him feel safer



    19 ore fa

    I laughed so hard just at the first bit 😂 EDIT: lol i commented that before after the surgery and I felt so bad :c anyways u guys are awesome I wish you all the best ❤️

  • E & K RobloxGaming

    E & K RobloxGaming

    21 giorno fa

    its so nice how caring alex is

  • Rainbow Wolfie

    Rainbow Wolfie

    14 ore fa

    Alan is amazing for being so brave well done 🥰

  • Debo Gaming

    Debo Gaming

    Who else loves the twins videos?

  • iovevisions


    21 giorno fa

    When Alan said “hey dad?” Then their dad goes “what son “ his face of concern had me in tears cuz my dad would just never be like that plus also when after Alan’s procedure he straight away asks where Alex is ..♥️

  • Brooke star walker

    Brooke star walker

    14 giorni fa

    I love have the twins take care of each other its so cute 😂❤❤

  • A.D Let’s Eat

    A.D Let’s Eat

    14 ore fa

    Stokes twins are funny and always make my day

  • Butterfly playz

    Butterfly playz

    I just got my teeth removed i watched this vid like 100 times last night and it made me feel better so u guys got me through this

  • Jay G

    Jay G

    19 ore fa

    Good luck ❤ and I loved how tanner said “I didn’t want to do this you guys Forced me” 😂😂

  • Anna


    The way Alex was holding Alan's hand was so adorable they are the best twins ever❤️❤️❤️

  • anna annoula

    anna annoula

    It was so sweet when Alex was staying with him in the room...

  • Sree Veena

    Sree Veena

    i took my wisdom teeth last year and it pained a lot thankyou alan and alex for taking this video inspite of the pain you had after surgery

  • dreamisgod453


    21 ora fa

    i was in tears the whole day

  • Ameriah Debian

    Ameriah Debian

    I also had all four pulled at the same time. My jaw locked for two weeks. Rice fell out of my mouth and I had to lean my head back to drink. It was than I developed TMJ. That was at 18 and still today at 35. It's all fun and games, but this brought back memories. Thankfully, no one took advantage of my pain.

  • Raylee Antonette Calvo

    Raylee Antonette Calvo

    16 ore fa

    i love when they miss each other

  • Anisha Bobra

    Anisha Bobra

    “I think Dad has a crush on Mom”