Lady Gaga On Method Acting And Her Italian Accent In "House of Gucci"

Pubblicato il 24 nov 2021
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Much is being said about the way Lady Gaga prepared for her role as Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci." In part three of this interview with Stephen, she explains her methods in her own words, comparing it to how she prepares for other creative endeavors like singing jazz.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • pamyela


    3 ore fa

    I adore lady gaga but her italian accents still need a lot of working

  • Maddock James

    Maddock James

    4 ore fa

    Dang she's cool.

  • William Tendo

    William Tendo

    4 ore fa

    I smell an Oscar, love her commitment to the art 👌

  • Kel Vera

    Kel Vera

    5 ore fa

    Where are the rrrrrrrrh ttttttttth, youuuuurrrr leeegacy,... Crrrrry. Words too short always reveals come from the States. But still loving she.

  • Sam Dela cruz

    Sam Dela cruz

    5 ore fa

    For GOD so Loved the world that He Gave His One and Only Begotten son JESUS CHRIST, so that anyone who Believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life (John 3:16)

  • Todd


    7 ore fa

    I don't even recognize her. So much filler and botox. where is the natural beautiful ga ga .

  • Rohit Elias

    Rohit Elias

    9 ore fa

    She's so good man 🔥🔥

  • Alex Groccio

    Alex Groccio

    9 ore fa

    Her Russian Accent

  • Rah Raf

    Rah Raf

    10 ore fa

    Is this gaga or Donatella Versace?

  • Achilles


    11 ore fa

    Like... come on.. she is really talented!!

  • Mo


    12 ore fa

    Gaga’s accent when she says “company” that sounds real. Like she’s native italian. I mean I know she has close italian roots so that’s probably how she was able to sound so amazing.

  • nikki soho

    nikki soho

    14 ore fa

    she's a gem, the best, so talented, love her

  • Charles Kim

    Charles Kim

    15 ore fa

    She is amazing.

  • Afanofthem


    15 ore fa

    I'm a foreign student in Italy, and my Italian professors speak in English. Their accent sounds nothing like Gaga's. However, she had to imitate one particular person and nailed it.

  • Kyle Risi

    Kyle Risi

    16 ore fa

    What's up with the Russian accent

  • saul moncada

    saul moncada

    16 ore fa

    OSCAR goes to Lady Gaga ....!!!!!!

  • Matt L.

    Matt L.

    16 ore fa

    It all sounds so good until she starts speaking with a Russian accent in the movie

  • Shannon 🤍

    Shannon 🤍

    17 ore fa

    Beautiful ✅
    Kind ✅
    Intuitive ✅
    Introspective ✅
    Talented ✅
    Funny ✅
    GOAT 🐐 ✅

  • Theresa Jopson

    Theresa Jopson

    18 ore fa

    I have always loved her but she has shown she is so much more than her voice. Absolutely LOVED her last movie A Star Is Born and watched it more than once. This one though is AMAZING! And her beautiful soul shines through in these interviews. I hope she wins an Oscar for this performance.

  • Leonardo Ciucci

    Leonardo Ciucci

    18 ore fa

    ci sono enormi errori , personaggi che sembrano caricature..alcune cose assurde .un classico di voi americani

  • Wilma Dean

    Wilma Dean

    18 ore fa

    Eww slow down on surgeries girl

  • Леся Попова

    Леся Попова

    19 ore fa


  • Schwasty Pantz

    Schwasty Pantz

    19 ore fa

    Fix.... Her Russian accent!!!

  • Geiger1983


    21 ora fa

    Awful accent (it is more like Russian, not Italian) and awful actress. I don't know how people buy it

  • ractsninjas


    22 ore fa

    She weighs 120 pounds plus 15 pounds of makeup on her face.

  • Nuri R

    Nuri R

    22 ore fa

    Lady Gaga must/should to act Donatella Versace - that’s true

  • Drow


    22 ore fa

    Babygirl deserves an Oscar for her performance I watched this movie twice w 2 different females and they both loved the movie

  • Jan Herlitzius

    Jan Herlitzius

    Giorno fa

    Did she have her lips done?

  • For-Real-CountryGirl


    Giorno fa

    I love Lady Gaga. She is unparalleled by anyone else in the business

  • Artigo Tale

    Artigo Tale

    Giorno fa

    Lady Gaga is a phenomenon

  • Luis Avina

    Luis Avina

    Giorno fa

    She is GORGEOUS😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michele


    Giorno fa

    Lady Gaga is an excellent actress

  • Luvvy


    Giorno fa

    Gaga speaks beautifully

  • DS.


    Giorno fa

    She Is So Amazing Whatever She Does…Music, Movies, Fashion & So Beautiful. Thank God For Superstar Lady Ga Ga ❤️❤️🇬🇧👍

  • Lucas Blankenhorn

    Lucas Blankenhorn

    Giorno fa

    Listen, I haven't seen the film yet BUT based off of what I have seen...she really was partnered with a brick wall. Adam doesn't seem to be doing much of anything, and she really is having to project what he should be giving her onto him, making her performance kind of even more incredible? At least based off of what I am seeing...who knows, maybe when I see it my mind will be changed but who is to say.

  • Naj Bakhtiar

    Naj Bakhtiar

    Giorno fa

    She’s talented!

  • oxforddictonary


    Giorno fa

    The accent's not good. I can still hear Gaga when she's speaking.

  • suzawilo


    Giorno fa

    She looks more and more like Donatella 😱😱😱😱😱

  • jamie


    Giorno fa

    Will people stop injecting their lips please 😖

  • dudedandify


    Giorno fa

    she's a great singer singing shitty songs, most of the time. she's not a good actress AT ALL. when she talks, the words come out great, but i dont believe in anything she says. god bless though.

  • MrMelgibstein


    Giorno fa

    Spoiler :Watch Gucci get shot .

  • Angelo Cianfrocco

    Angelo Cianfrocco

    Giorno fa

    She is so talented

  • Marija Stojanova

    Marija Stojanova

    Giorno fa

    Poor soul, can hardly smile because of tons of botox and fillers in her face. Why... i thought the credo was "Born this way"?

  • Cybelle Araújo

    Cybelle Araújo

    Giorno fa

    Quase não a reconheci com tanto botox e plástica. Ela não precisa disso.

  • Sarah Noble

    Sarah Noble

    Giorno fa

    God she’s just a marvel, isn’t she? What an iconic, intelligent, inspiring human.

  • Omar Yañez

    Omar Yañez

    Giorno fa

    “I think art is the second most beautiful thing in the world…I think nature comes first.”
    It’s refreshing to see a person that has achieved such great success publicly acknowledge her awareness of nature being the true basis of everything that is beautiful.

  • Slava Richter

    Slava Richter

    Giorno fa

    She looks so freaking creepy

  • It Is Zinny

    It Is Zinny

    Giorno fa

    she's such a beautiful soul, we must protect our Queen❤

  • IvettFox


    Giorno fa

    I always appreciate Gaga because she really is an artist and always you see she has a healthy weight too😊

  • LostInOstia


    Giorno fa

    As an Italian, I can say that doesn't sounds genuine. It sounds more like a russian lady. However, you made a great job Gaga ❤️

  • Natasha Cordova

    Natasha Cordova

    Giorno fa

    Beautiful performance by a beautiful queen 👑

  • راشد عبدالله Rashed Abdulla

    راشد عبدالله Rashed Abdulla

    Giorno fa

    Loads of love from Dubai.

  • Samantha Etchison

    Samantha Etchison

    Giorno fa

    She understood the assignment

  • Becca Je

    Becca Je

    Giorno fa

    She is so amazing!

  • Claudio Rocha

    Claudio Rocha

    Giorno fa

    love u GAGA

  • minestrollio


    Giorno fa

    Lady Gaga has put on some weight and I like that she does not shy away from exposing her belly. She looks healthy.

  • Love Quinn

    Love Quinn

    Giorno fa

    Nature is the first beautiful thing in the world, and next is art 😫 I AGREE

  • Love Quinn

    Love Quinn

    Giorno fa

    She is stunning!!!

  • jesy Gomez

    jesy Gomez

    Giorno fa

    I really love her because she is very respectful and very humble

  • SS


    Giorno fa

    God awful acting, both of them!!!

  • Jon D

    Jon D

    Giorno fa

    Kylo Ren would crush the Bob Lazaar life story

  • Nobody's Business

    Nobody's Business

    2 giorni fa

    Her Italian accent sounds Eastern European

  • James Heath

    James Heath

    2 giorni fa

    She sounded more Russian than Italian

  • Ruslans Stikovs

    Ruslans Stikovs

    2 giorni fa

    Strašila....eto mužik

  • mco mco

    mco mco

    2 giorni fa

    She looks like Donatella Versace and her botox game is too strong.

  • Z Baz

    Z Baz

    2 giorni fa

    She's really multi talented.

  • Moon Struck

    Moon Struck

    2 giorni fa

    Wow the way she explained this was so thorough and articulate, it really helped me understand what method acting really is and how it relates in terms of music and art, and the collation of both.

  • Anthony Serra

    Anthony Serra

    2 giorni fa

    If she was doing a Mexican accent would everyone be ok with it?

  • Baby Blue

    Baby Blue

    2 giorni fa

    As an Italian and Spanish speaker, I think that this accent is waaaay more like Spanish... Gaga is trying, but if I was her, I would not go there really...

    • nikki soho

      nikki soho

      14 ore fa

      I don't agree. I think she did a great Italian accent - and I'm Italian, too

  • MK VD

    MK VD

    2 giorni fa

    That accent is terrible, it sounds slavic and sometimes spanish.. really bad

  • Ari 123

    Ari 123

    2 giorni fa

    Food n meds for me😘oh and peace

  • Gee Raza

    Gee Raza

    2 giorni fa

    I'm amazed! I think this is the first hit video that has zero dislike

  • Maria Luiza de Castro

    Maria Luiza de Castro

    2 giorni fa

    She seems so mature and confident. I'm happy for her.

  • Adam Adel

    Adam Adel

    2 giorni fa

    I don’t get why they are faking an Italian accent in the movie

  • Jest Setter

    Jest Setter

    2 giorni fa

    I’ve heard she’s done a great job in House of Gucci but I can’t stop commenting she’s looking more like Donatella Versace nowadays.

  • Charles Lee

    Charles Lee

    2 giorni fa

    Without the side by side it sounds Russian but she worked hard as an actor/ actress.

  • audrey


    2 giorni fa

    so well spoken !

  • José Ari Ojeda Murcia

    José Ari Ojeda Murcia

    2 giorni fa

    What accent are they talking about? She speaks in English in the entire movie. 🙄

  • Bijana V Valentino

    Bijana V Valentino

    2 giorni fa

    I always forget how much I love listening to her speak, how much she grows between every public appearance, and what an inspiring artist she is to me. I admire her so much.

  • YouTube Visitor

    YouTube Visitor

    2 giorni fa

    Both are disgusting 🤮 She was the choice for the role though Lol

  • TheDanidiamond


    2 giorni fa

    Thats not an Italian accent! 😂😂😂

  • Annie Knight

    Annie Knight

    2 giorni fa

    House of Gucci has Oscar written all over it… Lady Gaga is amazing in this film. For me probably her best performance so far.

  • Cassandra Lindgren

    Cassandra Lindgren

    2 giorni fa

    Her last quote really struck me..thanks Gaga ❤️

  • Carmen Zablan

    Carmen Zablan

    2 giorni fa

    Gaga is so well spoken, articulate, eloquent, not just gifted. I can listen to her all day in an interview. No nonsense and bullshit. She is consistent, affirming, and effective.

  • Isabella Advíncula

    Isabella Advíncula

    2 giorni fa

    i love the way she becomes ALL about whatever project she's in

  • Isabella Advíncula

    Isabella Advíncula

    2 giorni fa

    i've admired her work for almost 11 years now and it makes me so happy that she finally got the respect she deserves. her performance in hog is absolutely out of this world

  • johana saez

    johana saez

    2 giorni fa

    Lady gaga Rocks!! She is the whole package 🤩

  • Marissa Isabella

    Marissa Isabella

    2 giorni fa

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  • Francesco Gozzano

    Francesco Gozzano

    2 giorni fa

    Lady Gaga Is italian american, her parents were Italians with italian origins

  • Rami Khirfan

    Rami Khirfan

    2 giorni fa

    She is well cultured .

  • Paridae Vision

    Paridae Vision

    2 giorni fa

    Can't wait for the locusts to burn forever.

  • warren smith

    warren smith

    2 giorni fa

    Saw the movie last night, Gaga was brilliant...great acting all round...Ridley Scott maestro...

  • Aman Yadav

    Aman Yadav

    2 giorni fa

    What has she done to her face over the years. It's just sad to see her become plastic.

  • Eliane A.C.

    Eliane A.C.

    2 giorni fa

    She is becoming a twin of Donatella Versace.

  • alv mir

    alv mir

    2 giorni fa

    Ich möchte dein film näschte Woche besichtigen.ich hoffe diese film sowie andere film gut war.

  • Malia Jones

    Malia Jones

    2 giorni fa

    and of course she is pretty smart

  • Malia Jones

    Malia Jones

    2 giorni fa

    talented but dresses horrid most of times, is gross

  • Gaurav Bora

    Gaurav Bora

    2 giorni fa

    If she doesn't get Oscar for this. I will break my neighbours tv

  • Rage Agains The Machine

    Rage Agains The Machine

    2 giorni fa

    Maybe she win best actress. She is amazing.

  • Lilou Groulez

    Lilou Groulez

    2 giorni fa

    Lady Gaga is a truly incredible woman with a real talent in both music and cinema.
    With House of Gucci she really showed who she was as an actress.
    In this interview she is able to express her feelings with honesty about her role as Patrizia Reganni
    She's really amazing and she's so committed to everything she does
    That's really why I love her.

    • Buck Naked

      Buck Naked

      Giorno fa

      She is about as good an actress as Madonna.

    • chris tomm

      chris tomm

      2 giorni fa

      She’s a dude