New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏 #shorts

Pubblicato il 20 mar 2021
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😍 Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions 😍
New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏
Cool gadgets!😍Smart appliances, Home cleaning/ Inventions for the kitchen [Makeup&Beauty] 💪🙏
All products in this video are owned by the website owner and product owner. This is not a promotional video. It's just a smart gadget that makes our lives better

  • vitória oliveira

    vitória oliveira

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  • your disappointment

    your disappointment

    17 minuti fa

    Один вопрос

  • Jacob Chambers

    Jacob Chambers

    44 minuti fa

    What is a fork.. definitely a Chinese invention

  • Harshil Panchal

    Harshil Panchal

    53 minuti fa

    Sorry i have hands

  • Fatima Ali

    Fatima Ali

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    Lazy ho

  • Tuğba Tiryaki

    Tuğba Tiryaki

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  • owo Boy

    owo Boy

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    Берете и разбиваете яйцо.
    Потом оазмешиваете....

  • Kelvin S

    Kelvin S

    2 ore fa

    $1 sock ?

  • Yoshita


    2 ore fa

    Yea uh I'm gonna stick with the less time consuming one



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    2 ore fa


  • ༺༒ 𒅒꧁「Gnomad」꧂𒀱༒༻

    ༺༒ 𒅒꧁「Gnomad」꧂𒀱༒༻

    2 ore fa

    and how will you know if the egg is rotten or not? Hahaha

  • big zubber

    big zubber

    2 ore fa

    I never thought humanity would not be able to use a fork

  • John Ear

    John Ear

    2 ore fa

    The useless thing I've ever seen

  • Luciene Oliveira

    Luciene Oliveira

    3 ore fa

    A gente tem cada ideia

  • fadel kassem

    fadel kassem

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  • Szkarlett Vajda

    Szkarlett Vajda

    3 ore fa

    Jó is xdd😎😎

  • 。

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    Remember feeling useless
    This is the place to commit suicide

  • little Devil JG

    little Devil JG

    3 ore fa

    if you run a restaurant you will see a 10miles queue

  • جمانه علي

    جمانه علي

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  • Karen Takehito

    Karen Takehito

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  • daniel pienaar

    daniel pienaar

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    Talk about over complicating things

  • Bian Sky

    Bian Sky

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    ape tu

  • Лейла Кишенина

    Лейла Кишенина

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    Вы ленивые жопы, вам что лень вилкой яйца размешать 🤦‍♀️😑🗿🗿

  • 니얼굴


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  • Emilie mazambi

    Emilie mazambi

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  • Sueda Yildiz

    Sueda Yildiz

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    Lan okadar şeye gerek yok
    Gidin bir bardağa koyun bardağın ağzını diğer elinizle kapatın
    çalkalayın 👊👊

  • 다윤


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    이것은 고유의 한국에서 부모님 세대들이 놀았는 추억의 놀이다.

  • 손경


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  • Paul What

    Paul What

    5 ore fa

    Stupidest thing I've ever seen

  • djshaun 127

    djshaun 127

    5 ore fa

    Or u could just crack the egg and stir the yolk😃...its....its not that hard

  • Parth Mhatre

    Parth Mhatre

    5 ore fa

    When Chinese kids have invented everything. American kids :

  • bodroddoza kamal

    bodroddoza kamal

    5 ore fa

    পাক নামি করে যখন পচা ডিম এমন করে খাবা, সে দিন থেকে র পাক নামি করবা না

  • Zehra Musayeva

    Zehra Musayeva

    5 ore fa

    Ay onu kırıb karışdırmak çokkkkk büyük zahmet

  • Vera Liukkonen

    Vera Liukkonen

    6 ore fa

    Why does this exist?

  • Siraprem


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    Un tenedor y a batir

  • Kevin McAuley

    Kevin McAuley

    6 ore fa

    Or you could do it in a tenth of the time with a fork 👍🏻



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  • Aastha Dixena

    Aastha Dixena

    7 ore fa

    In india this was a game children play I have played it too

  • Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez

    7 ore fa

    Imagine asian lola's see you do this..

  • Петя Пупкин

    Петя Пупкин

    7 ore fa

    1. Зачем если можео просто потрести в руках
    2. Одна русская

  • Upendra Thakuri

    Upendra Thakuri

    8 ore fa

    But time consuming. One at a time

  • Upendra Thakuri

    Upendra Thakuri

    8 ore fa


  • Swe Slime

    Swe Slime

    8 ore fa

    #vat 19

  • Lemetage


    8 ore fa

    Its fake

  • Vanjavicko20


    8 ore fa

    That egg shaker or whatever you call it looks like a #^$@€%# nuclear reactor

  • Wisnu Aji reswara

    Wisnu Aji reswara

    9 ore fa

    Ahhh stupid

  • Alfilus


    9 ore fa

    That product is for lazy people.

  • Sakata Gintoki

    Sakata Gintoki

    9 ore fa

    It's such a useless product omg

  • ZzzDarkCloudzzZ


    9 ore fa

    Im 100% sure im gonna use it wrong and get one eye splashed with egg and the other will be hit with the hard egg parts of the string...

  • Mohammed Ausaaf Ahmed-M

    Mohammed Ausaaf Ahmed-M

    9 ore fa

    This is a vat 19 product

  • banyu palsu

    banyu palsu

    9 ore fa

    Mw makan aja ribet

  • Gokul Kalyanaraman

    Gokul Kalyanaraman

    9 ore fa

    10 seconds i am never getting back

  • Nathan abigail

    Nathan abigail

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    Cara mempersulit hidup

  • FS24 • 7 years and

    FS24 • 7 years and

    10 ore fa

    Utterly useless crap

  • _ Chrome

    _ Chrome

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    11 ore fa

    That looks to hard I'll rather crack 30 eggs and just screw it

  • Iskandar Arief

    Iskandar Arief

    12 ore fa

    Kayak telur busuk kek gitu

  • Cooper Davis

    Cooper Davis

    13 ore fa

    Your supposed to boil the egg after you put it in the thing

  • Jimin you have no jams

    Jimin you have no jams

    13 ore fa

    I already clicked off when I saw 1 cuz you can just mix it
    Like a normal person

  • Samuel Smith

    Samuel Smith

    13 ore fa

    It’s fake the membrane in the egg will protect the yoke so the yoke will not bust

  • Mieratjun


    14 ore fa

    I dont know why i think this gadget is blasphemy to something

  • анонимус1337


    14 ore fa

    Привет я конор и я закажу это чтоб проверить как оно работает на самом деле

  • Shreya Agrahari blogging

    Shreya Agrahari blogging

    15 ore fa

    Meanwhile indian ... 💥💥💥💥💥 Anda curry😂

  • Cygnus Xone Antares

    Cygnus Xone Antares

    15 ore fa

    Woah it so useless

  • Jonathan Mateus

    Jonathan Mateus

    16 ore fa


  • Ailee’s Wild World

    Ailee’s Wild World

    17 ore fa

    OR you can be a normal person and whisk the eggs together :D

  • Armalyte


    17 ore fa

    sure but you can also use a fork wich you don't need to buy another product just to make an omelette and you cans also do other receip with a fork cus this object is only for omelette

  • Filipe Melo

    Filipe Melo

    18 ore fa

    Congratulations, you have acquired the most useless item in history

  • 69TEKASHI69


    18 ore fa

    Wtf why?



    18 ore fa

    Ok but why tho ?

  • josh waterman

    josh waterman

    18 ore fa

    I feel like a whisk would work just fine and would probably be quicker actually

  • Who Am I

    Who Am I

    19 ore fa

    Para mi esto es para bajos



    20 ore fa

    You can do this with a disposable sock

  • SrCloud


    20 ore fa

    Todo esto para batir un PUTO HUEVO

  • Gero


    20 ore fa

    Le decían el Re Inesesario

  • denis rada

    denis rada

    20 ore fa

    New gadgets? That gadget came out in like 2012

  • Anas B.

    Anas B.

    20 ore fa

    Oooooor, you could just, you know, break all the eggs you wanna use, and use the same amount of energy used in this video to whisk them ALL at once. Just a thought

  • l𓃟l


    21 ora fa

    To much work for one egg

  • Mady Koita

    Mady Koita

    21 ora fa

    Très efficace 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • That idiot person

    That idiot person

    21 ora fa

    Or: fork

  • Eric Li

    Eric Li

    21 ora fa

    this gadget is way more useful for creating energy or making an handmade miscroscope than try to make an scramble egg.

  • Douglas Azevedo

    Douglas Azevedo

    21 ora fa

    Parece que tá estragado 🤮

  • Tanveer ali

    Tanveer ali

    22 ore fa


  • keyca'trress jkk

    keyca'trress jkk

    22 ore fa


  • lorentz lumawig

    lorentz lumawig

    23 ore fa

    Egg: *Vomits adter the ride*

  • Rinku Meena

    Rinku Meena

    Giorno fa

    I have same gadget, now I am cleaning my room for 2 hours

  • Antonio Montana

    Antonio Montana

    Giorno fa

    Invenções inúteis:

  • Piotr T-ski

    Piotr T-ski

    Giorno fa

    My eggs started to hurt ;)

  • Butter


    Giorno fa

    C'mon guys be positive at least once, it looks fun for children

  • Barnaba Bananiusz

    Barnaba Bananiusz

    Giorno fa

    Whats the point?

  • Mahesh Bargal

    Mahesh Bargal

    Giorno fa

    & if u have to scramble like 20 eggs then i guess it will take a hour ........

  • Тимур Шамсутдинов

    Тимур Шамсутдинов

    Giorno fa

    Я конечно лентяй ,но не до такой степени

  • Reza Arif

    Reza Arif

    Giorno fa

    napkin :v?

  • Mad Lad

    Mad Lad

    Giorno fa

    It's like 1=X and X=1

  • Sebson


    Giorno fa

    I tak jesz jajecznicę z 6 jajek xd

  • Nilesh Gade

    Nilesh Gade

    Giorno fa


  • Girl Cook Art

    Girl Cook Art

    Giorno fa

    Ever heard of a simpler gadget called a FORK?

  • Kenzo Sattu

    Kenzo Sattu

    Giorno fa

    In my house ther's a magic tool it's called fork :v