CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

Pubblicato il 14 mar 2016
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Watch what happens when Cristiano Ronaldo goes out for a cup of tea at a local cafe. How many sips of tea will he have before being swarmed by excited fans?

Manchester United

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  • ItWasMe Dio

    ItWasMe Dio

    21 minuto fa

    The fact that they use him to make themselves look cool in social medias is sad, can't he just fucking have a normal life sometimes ?

  • Hh gjj

    Hh gjj

    38 minuti fa

    بصحة والراحة احسن لعيب في العالم .كريستيان رولندو .

  • Johana Vargas Mejía

    Johana Vargas Mejía

    50 minuti fa

    He descubierto un nuevo santo. San Cristiano Ronaldo, q simpático y paciente. Lo tienes todo hijo, viva la madre q te parió. 👏👏💖

  • Muddsir Khan

    Muddsir Khan

    Ora fa

    I love this man only one thing he boycott Israeli products. So much love you Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Mais que VENCEDORES

    Mais que VENCEDORES

    2 ore fa

    Se fosse aqui no Brasil ele não ia conseguir nem andar.

  • Overzin on grind

    Overzin on grind

    2 ore fa

    Literalmente o café inteiro foi tirar foto com o cara kkkk

  • The Maharani's Closet

    The Maharani's Closet

    2 ore fa

    He needs to hire a group of extras to populate a coffee shop and keep to themselves so that he can have a peaceful tea.



    2 ore fa

    Nerdeyse ünlü olmadığıma sevineceğim. Adam bi çay içemedi ya

  • ND Imagery and Down & Out Productions

    ND Imagery and Down & Out Productions

    2 ore fa

    Move to a rural area in the US and no one will have a clue who you are.

  • Frelove TV

    Frelove TV

    2 ore fa

    Adama bi kahve içirtmediler ünlü olmakta zor

  • PointBlank00


    2 ore fa

    2:30 Messi's father was so happy he got a picture

  • Pierre Laus

    Pierre Laus

    2 ore fa

    am I the only one who finds it even crazier that he drinks 4 cups of tea?

  • Andrea Maria

    Andrea Maria

    2 ore fa




    3 ore fa


  • Soman Rama

    Soman Rama

    3 ore fa

    Good way of looking at it, good signal. But he should not say it because someone will give him a really great signal.

  • Mr Cow579

    Mr Cow579

    3 ore fa

    Jeez let the guy enjoy his fucking tea...

  • Hogans Hero’s Fan

    Hogans Hero’s Fan

    3 ore fa

    If this guy lived in America not one American would know who he is … therefore if he wants privacy just come to let’s say Idaho , Virginia places like that who probably never heard of soccer

  • alexis salamanca

    alexis salamanca

    4 ore fa

    This is why cristiano is better than Messi, besides being a baller he get all the bitches

  • LMOH


    4 ore fa

    Yeah, I don’t like to bother anyone when they’re drinking or eating. But if he’s calling people up, sure.

  • soap


    4 ore fa

    I would be so mad loool seems so annoying

  • Arber Numani

    Arber Numani

    5 ore fa

    If I were him I would finish my tea in peace and then take a photo with everyone who wanted one. Being interrupted time and time again must be so annoying

  • กูว่าแล้ว..555


    5 ore fa


  • Legend S

    Legend S

    5 ore fa


  • Nasrin Shakibnia

    Nasrin Shakibnia

    6 ore fa

    Oh my God ,ronaldiniyo is lovely

  • Bilal Bin Khalid

    Bilal Bin Khalid

    6 ore fa

  • Sunny Rijhwani

    Sunny Rijhwani

    6 ore fa

    No disrespect to ronaldo.. But he is after all human being.. So people need to stop behaving like stupid.. Let him have his own time enjoying tea

  • CptSpears007


    7 ore fa

    Jesus, I’d stay in my house.

  • Khánh Ngoc

    Khánh Ngoc

    7 ore fa

    Tội jorge mendes quá

  • Wandering Lion

    Wandering Lion

    7 ore fa

    Surely he knew this was going to happen when going to public place

  • Edwin Lopera

    Edwin Lopera

    8 ore fa

    Que pereza ser tan famoso !!!

  • ABDO ahmed

    ABDO ahmed

    8 ore fa

    The biggest smile is the picture for that's women son who is fan of him.

  • Mario Friedrich

    Mario Friedrich

    8 ore fa

    I see a poor, rich man.

  • Eric Wei

    Eric Wei

    8 ore fa

    Well, no surprise as the camera crew are there too ...

  • Mbuso Mohlakoana

    Mbuso Mohlakoana

    8 ore fa

    I wouldn't be able to maybe that why I'm not a famous football player

  • Subscribing account 😊 Read description 💜

    Subscribing account 😊 Read description 💜

    8 ore fa

  • twinz2008


    9 ore fa

    This is exactly why I would never wanna be famous. Can't even mind your business without ppl fawning all over you

  • mabb


    9 ore fa

    Disrepectful people

  • Tanmay Panda

    Tanmay Panda

    9 ore fa

    Most popular person of universe

  • SystemExclusive


    10 ore fa

    Would you do the same??? Or would you leave him alone? Fckn human beings!!!! You want the photo only to show your friends. Be ashamed you stupid human!! Its incredible how Ronaldo takes this and he seems to actually enjoy it.

  • DronesInJail


    11 ore fa

    Fuck,, just leave the man alone 🤦🤦‍♂️

  • Soso Mama

    Soso Mama

    11 ore fa

    This is so weird. These people can't even enjoy a cup of tea? Damn. No wonder they always say no and habe dismissive faces. This looks annoying.

  • Mia vale

    Mia vale

    11 ore fa

    omg pobre porque esa necesidad de la foto!🤦

  • The Amazing Stories

    The Amazing Stories

    12 ore fa

    Que hueva de gente que no saben respetar a los demás aunque sean famosos, yo los hubiera mandado a la fregada a todos.

  • JinGyu Park

    JinGyu Park

    12 ore fa

    I will go the cafe even if it will take an hour.

  • Andray Roopnaraine

    Andray Roopnaraine

    12 ore fa

    I want this

  • Amanda Telefilms

    Amanda Telefilms

    12 ore fa

    Thanks for 170 subscribers 💕💓
    jaldi se 200 karwa do
    love you all 😘💕❤️🔥

  • Akun Bisnis

    Akun Bisnis

    12 ore fa

    Tidak enak juga jadi org terkenal

  • Elegrin


    13 ore fa

    This is so disrecpectfull. Let the man drink his coffee and hangi out with his friend.. People are disturbing him regularly. Not just once.

  • Cheal Fike

    Cheal Fike

    13 ore fa

    Connecting songs to Manchester city 💙

  • Thandile Xesi

    Thandile Xesi

    13 ore fa


  • Andre


    14 ore fa

    I admire His patience …If that was me I would’ve started to get irritated very quickly

  • Kieron john

    Kieron john

    14 ore fa

    roy Keane sat opposite looking in disgust lol

  • Amogh


    15 ore fa

    3:02 El Professor spotted😬🙌

  • Alex Berry

    Alex Berry

    15 ore fa

    Respect to Ronaldo most celebrity would lose thier mind.

  • Adoring Fan

    Adoring Fan

    16 ore fa

    “Last one, ok?”

  • nightwolf


    16 ore fa

    Madre mía el bicho

  • Uwais Alqorni

    Uwais Alqorni

    16 ore fa

    Nice guys,

  • aeron is real

    aeron is real

    16 ore fa

    That’s so annoying. Not a life that everyone would want

  • cold fire

    cold fire

    17 ore fa

    Bhai ka fame hai yaar

  • Chînwîyà 21

    Chînwîyà 21

    17 ore fa

    Very nice

  • Danilo Garces

    Danilo Garces

    17 ore fa

    Podem me achar estranho mas eu jamais pediria uma foto com ele e nem com ninguem



    17 ore fa


  • Local gamer

    Local gamer

    18 ore fa

    Bhai aapka trick se hr koi win kerne wala hai

  • Local gamer

    Local gamer

    18 ore fa

    Bhai aapka trick se hr koi win kerne wala hai

  • Huiz Bono

    Huiz Bono

    18 ore fa

    Cant he just drink ang go🤨come on!! People

  • Jose Rose

    Jose Rose

    18 ore fa

    God don't make you a man with out you being a man

  • Sergeant Sodom

    Sergeant Sodom

    19 ore fa

    Id fucking hate to be famous

  • Hamit zung Thailand

    Hamit zung Thailand

    20 ore fa

    I don't need photos but i need one coffee please Ronaldoooooooooooooooo

  • Jose Salvador Esteve Canos

    Jose Salvador Esteve Canos

    20 ore fa

    Que paciencia este señor no poder tomarse un apritivo tranquilo
    Muy bien por ti ronaldo la jente te admira

  • Jose Salvador Esteve Canos

    Jose Salvador Esteve Canos

    20 ore fa

    La jente es estupida ¿ porque molestar?.

  • Rony Mejia

    Rony Mejia

    22 ore fa


  • H K

    H K

    22 ore fa

    Well he is probably the most famous person in the world rn

  • Artur Gietka

    Artur Gietka

    22 ore fa

    Well f..You all this Human ...Great talent ...his Life..make Great Job his Life ..Sport Tooo Respect

  • Artur Gietka

    Artur Gietka

    23 ore fa

    Christiano Much Respect Great Work as always...well i Love M.U.

  • ALAN Love Beer

    ALAN Love Beer

    Giorno fa

    Jt wonder will Messi walk to him n ask for photo 🤣😲🤭

  • Rosa Salazar

    Rosa Salazar

    Giorno fa

    Haha this wouldn’t happen if that pink lady started leave him alone omg

  • Duke's Jazz Room

    Duke's Jazz Room

    Giorno fa

    Can I have a photo?...No, f$@k off.

  • khan


    Giorno fa

    It's sad people (we) are so selfish just care about photo no matter what the condition is

  • ᴅᴇᴇᴘᴀᴋ


    Giorno fa

    Welcome to recommendation!

  • Lewy B

    Lewy B

    Giorno fa

    If he wanted to be left alone to drink his tea all he had to do was to keep his glasses on, it worked for Clarke Kent

    • Duke's Jazz Room

      Duke's Jazz Room

      Giorno fa

      Nah, better option would be to turn into the 'Invisible man'

  • C H

    C H

    Giorno fa

    Check out the one where he dressed as a homeless guy and everyone ignored him except a kid.

  • S.S.K 999

    S.S.K 999

    Giorno fa

    In india there will be million people around him

  • Bucky Stevens

    Bucky Stevens

    Giorno fa

    What in the hell, this would be aggravating.

  • Bucky Stevens

    Bucky Stevens

    Giorno fa

    This is why I would never want to be famous on any level.

    • Betta Warrior

      Betta Warrior

      9 ore fa

      Wealth yes! Fame?BIG NO

  • Bilingual Kid

    Bilingual Kid

    Giorno fa

    cute goat

  • Lida Cardona

    Lida Cardona

    Giorno fa

    Lo que es la fama , en el video anterior disfrazado no le peló la gente y se quitó el disfraz y casi mo lo dejan respirar siga disfrazado Ronaldo para que te puedas tomar el café en ✌️ paz

  • courtney dunrod

    courtney dunrod

    Giorno fa

    Bloody hell that would do my head in.

  • Yuris Anugrah

    Yuris Anugrah

    Giorno fa

    now i know why VIP and VVIP status is needed

  • EGStar123


    Giorno fa

    God…. I just couldn’t deal with that

  • Hasan Sert

    Hasan Sert

    Giorno fa

    Şimdi bizim ülkemizde olsaydı hepsi adamı linç etmişti 😂

  • F R

    F R

    Giorno fa

    If this dude goes to the bar, no pickup lines are needed

    • Betta Warrior

      Betta Warrior

      9 ore fa

      But the female will try to sue afterward for money

  • Abdel Aziz Ziar

    Abdel Aziz Ziar

    Giorno fa

    Very nice person.

  • blood_believer


    Giorno fa

    Only legends have this in recommendations after 5 years

  • satibom official

    satibom official

    Giorno fa

    Is he movie actor ..?