Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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  • Nicholas christakis

    Nicholas christakis

    Giorno fa

    Great points

  • Christopher Keys 🎹

    Christopher Keys 🎹

    Giorno fa

    Immune system gainZ

  • chibuzo nweze

    chibuzo nweze

    Giorno fa

    Did he just drank a whole egg woth shell and all. Damn 😲

  • None of Your business

    None of Your business

    Giorno fa

    wow that is literally one of the most carb loaded fridges i've ever seen

  • Fire Camp

    Fire Camp

    2 giorni fa


  • Lapine DZ

    Lapine DZ

    2 giorni fa

    the whole EGG



    4 giorni fa

    Great video!!

  • GamerBoyPS360


    4 giorni fa

    This legend here in his 70s is like 2 billion times healthier then a average joe in his 30s

  • Robert Sea

    Robert Sea

    4 giorni fa

    Screw his gym

  • bruggetje


    5 giorni fa

    ''I have vegetables in my fridge''
    Carrots with green on it, how is he going to eat that ? Like bugs bunny ? There is so much bullcrap in this video, its unbelievable

  • Rivaldy zen

    Rivaldy zen

    5 giorni fa

    no one bother with him putting a whole egg to his protein drink ? what a chad

  • flanko4


    6 giorni fa

    arnold trinkt radler :(

  • JLB


    7 giorni fa

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the whole egg thing???

  • Dino pharis

    Dino pharis

    7 giorni fa

    I wonder if he used trend Testosterones or HGH?

  •  Our Modern Life

    Our Modern Life

    8 giorni fa

    Arnold ate tones of meats, and numerous number of stakes to build his body, and just after all that, he comes to talk about the falsely claims about the relation between muscles gain and meat!!

  • Giannis kk

    Giannis kk

    8 giorni fa

    my guy eats eggshells

  • Vinod Sharma

    Vinod Sharma

    8 giorni fa

    The GOD of body building

  • Collin West

    Collin West

    8 giorni fa

    Egg shell? Come on I know I'm not the only one

  • Millsy Boy Gaming

    Millsy Boy Gaming

    9 giorni fa

    This is the cloned Arnold lol

  • Mootje


    10 giorni fa

    He lost me when he put the egg without breaking it

  • SolFilium23


    10 giorni fa

    you can tell by the way he says ,,ok", that he's a native german speaker, he's not really pronouncing it like ,,okay" it's more like ,,okeee" (gotta pronounce the E the german way tho)

  • Dazzler21


    10 giorni fa

    Eugene Sandow was the last massively famous (especially for his time) natty body builder.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta

    11 giorni fa

    Raadlaar and Beaar. Love the accent Arni ☺️

  • Jai Rao

    Jai Rao

    11 giorni fa

    wait he put the whole egg 🥚 in the jar come on brah

  • Jo Rad

    Jo Rad

    11 giorni fa

    Arnold is a manimal!

  • Ali Shehada

    Ali Shehada

    12 giorni fa

    Considering what he did to his body in his heydays, it's shocking how well he seems and how good he looks.



    12 giorni fa

    I would like to train with arnold

  • aden12nd


    12 giorni fa

    i love how he says almond milk and banana

  • thudson99


    12 giorni fa

    Try A2 milk maybe!

  • KittyBlues Pink Shoes

    KittyBlues Pink Shoes

    13 giorni fa

    He was super fine when he was young!

  • AK


    13 giorni fa

    love his humour

  • Stop Playing

    Stop Playing

    13 giorni fa

    2:25 to all you meat heads

  • Ahmed Khalid

    Ahmed Khalid

    13 giorni fa

    he is so lovable



    14 giorni fa

    Close the FRIDGE!!!!!!!

  • Sreekar Pradyumna

    Sreekar Pradyumna

    15 giorni fa

    People talk about walking on eggshells. This man chuggs them down everyday.

  • Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson

    17 giorni fa

    Great Austrian humor lol. Love Ahnold

  • Hen Han

    Hen Han

    17 giorni fa

    How many get he paid to tell he is vegan.

  • Zylgwyn Lucas

    Zylgwyn Lucas

    17 giorni fa

    This guy right here is Mr.Olympia, global actor, comes from the future once and governor. All in one life. 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon

    18 giorni fa

    2:49 when my boss tells me a Bad joke

  • Jon Schnell

    Jon Schnell

    18 giorni fa

    F Arnold and his Liberal comments. Remember when he said f your freedoms?



    19 giorni fa

    Arnold wanted ppl to vote for Biden. How is that going?

  • Kamuran Deliormanli

    Kamuran Deliormanli

    19 giorni fa

    2:45 Arnold's humour is classic :)))

  • The infiltrator

    The infiltrator

    20 giorni fa

    He's 74 and looks 50

  • EckE 96

    EckE 96

    20 giorni fa

    ”This one stays between us”.
    Famous last words.

  • Ollegit


    21 giorno fa

    he looks very healthy and naturally lean! I like the form!



    21 giorno fa

    Эта борода его только уродует

  • Yannick Dongo

    Yannick Dongo

    23 giorni fa

    He eats egg shells?

  • BigJohn Hansome

    BigJohn Hansome

    23 giorni fa

    When you see that shot of the camera panning up from his legs to a biceps shot he looks a funnel. Big at the top, but getting smaller at the bottom.

  • BigJohn Hansome

    BigJohn Hansome

    23 giorni fa

    The one thing missing from his fridge is the steroids.

  • TheRealLex


    23 giorni fa


  • William Rasoanaivo

    William Rasoanaivo

    24 giorni fa

    Don’t say I’ll be back… so funny. Great interview.

  • GG JMB

    GG JMB

    24 giorni fa

    Bro really said the protein shake is nothing special but put literally a whole egg in there 💀💀💀

  • hubedubel1


    24 giorni fa

    Eggs with shell ? Ever heard of Salmonella ?

  • anti awkward

    anti awkward

    25 giorni fa

    What??? He drinks eggshells milkshakes????

  • DK standard

    DK standard

    26 giorni fa

    Radler very good

  • Nominoë


    26 giorni fa

    vegan food does'nt give you all the amino acids needed for a full protide synthesis

  • Julian R

    Julian R

    26 giorni fa

    Don’t forget the trt

  • underdog melting

    underdog melting

    27 giorni fa

    We listen to what this man has to say the knowledge he has is beyond comprehension would love fpr few tips from him direct that woukd be my new bible

  • Adel Shahin

    Adel Shahin

    27 giorni fa

    Egg shells! Oh yea it’s Arnold

  • Hindo Beast

    Hindo Beast

    27 giorni fa

    The pump is always out there 👐

  • Sarthak Aswal

    Sarthak Aswal

    27 giorni fa

    You will be back for sure.

  • Luka Phavlenishvili

    Luka Phavlenishvili

    27 giorni fa

    He really lived life man, love to hear interesting memories and stuff. Impossible to not to love this guy.

  • Jaya


    27 giorni fa

    Arnold:I hate cow's milk
    Also Arnold: I don't hate any food 😜🤣

  • Allan Thompson

    Allan Thompson

    28 giorni fa

    At 1.16 Arnold says while putting his banana in his drink "sometimes I don't have clean hands..........other peoples germs strengthen the immune system" or words to that effect yet the other week he's telling us to keep away from others. I'm very surprised this video is still out there.

  • The Traveler Wonderful world

    The Traveler Wonderful world

    28 giorni fa

    This right here is the one that THE WHOLE WORLD wants to see.

  • Kian Saghafi

    Kian Saghafi

    28 giorni fa

    idk how he is the coolest man at his age every year of his life

  • Kamu Leka

    Kamu Leka

    29 giorni fa

    Hi Arnold bro say hi

  • Kenneth Humphrey

    Kenneth Humphrey

    Mese fa

    He looks great.Good to see he is taking Care of what the Most high God has blessed him with once again

  • Al Fersnoz

    Al Fersnoz

    Mese fa

    The king of steroid heads.

  • Михаил Белохвостов

    Михаил Белохвостов

    Mese fa

    Аста Лависта , Бэби ......(

  • Shane Roberg

    Shane Roberg

    Mese fa

    Now listen up big muscle man superstar of Hollywood u.s.a and world life and death and time and space are part of an agenda so truth and lies lies and truth are also a part of that agenda however if you believe in Jesus Christ as our saviour the saviour of the world it is already "proven" that death does not exist only different bodies now look at you back in the day and look at you now as evidence of different bodies over time mother nature teaches us different bodies over time and God spirit no one can conquer defeat The creator God noone so life is eternal in universal terms this means ctmu the cognitive theoretic model of the universe where God is commander and chief only the top dog the big boss and decision maker death does not exist the essence is always preserved spirit and different bodies and realms of the universe over time think spirit cognition creator God and his universe and different bodies over time death is a lie Arnold

  • Joel Miller

    Joel Miller

    Mese fa

    Still German Accent 😔

  • Abdel Kader

    Abdel Kader

    Mese fa

    I like this actor

  • Soprano X

    Soprano X

    Mese fa

    Legendary Multiplied

  • Hélène Louise

    Hélène Louise

    Mese fa

    Keto was developed for the treatment of epilepsy in children in the 1920s. This fad is still useful for neurological conditions which are much more common than most people realize. It's too bad this fad is treated so dismissively.

  • Insane about film

    Insane about film

    Mese fa

    Wow his idol is Eugene Sandow that is so cool. I love Arnold’s resolve, wisdom and passion for health & fitness.
    If there was ever such a thing as a “perfect” celebrity it would be Arnie. He’s a household name in Bodybuilding, Movies/Hollywood and politics. There’s nothing this man hasn’t done he is a true inspiration.
    You can always learn something from this guy. His reputation proceeds him. He’s also witty and rather humble. What you see is what you get. Furthermore he’s one of my favourite actors. Sure he may not be a De-Niro or Pacino but no one and I mean Absolutely NO ONE plays machine better then he did with the first two terminator films. Brent Spiner played data to perfection, an intelligent android endeavouring to become more human but Arnie as an unstoppable nightmarish killing machine is iconic. It’s engraved in our subconscious as well as our pop culture.

  • EL Chungus

    EL Chungus

    Mese fa


  • Barthez Bartholomew

    Barthez Bartholomew

    Mese fa

    I love this man, I'm afraid legends like him one day will be gone. I'm gonna cry so hard

    • WarLord's Eye

      WarLord's Eye

      5 giorni fa

      Then become one yourself… serious….that should help….goodluck brah were all gonna make it…..

    • Darkknight0777


      13 giorni fa

      Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

  • Saperpolosat Green

    Saperpolosat Green

    Mese fa

    👍🐱‍🐉 Один хрен в 74 молоток , а уходя от холодильника он говорит:" Я вернусь". Как и мы все, просто он у него не задерживается ...

  • CCP Joe

    CCP Joe

    Mese fa


  • toppertruthio


    Mese fa

    ive battled all my life to get bigger than arnorld.i think i can now say ..its done

  • HCShuffle


    Mese fa

    i save the eggshells, and i blend them on sundays with a litle bit of almond milk so i get a superboost of calcium for the bones, i dont wash the shells to get a strong immunesystem and extra b12.

  • SinEey


    Mese fa

    4:20 ,,suplements and multivitamns,, .. also picture of drugs.

    just joking Arnold is G.O.A.T bodybuilder and big inspiration for many of us.

  • Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Mese fa

    ARNOLD U.S.A🇺🇲

  • Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Mese fa

    ARNOLD 🧍🍒🍓🍉🍎

  • Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Mese fa

    Arnold 🇺🇲✌️🌹

  • Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Sohrab Rajabzadeh

    Mese fa

    Best Arnold 🌹

  • MalluStyle MultiMedia

    MalluStyle MultiMedia

    Mese fa


  • MalluStyle MultiMedia

    MalluStyle MultiMedia

    Mese fa

    Eggs with shells ?? 😳

  • Threasa Coleman

    Threasa Coleman

    Mese fa

    I'll be back....I choked on

  • Jesus Is Lord

    Jesus Is Lord

    Mese fa


  • Devon Lê

    Devon Lê

    Mese fa

    4:56 calories in vs. calories out. I love it!

  • huddless50


    Mese fa

    F your freedom.

  • Bobby Kemp

    Bobby Kemp

    Mese fa

    When l was growing up you were one of my heros. Then I realized that you are a Socialist so you are no longer my hero.

  • Upashana Sirohi

    Upashana Sirohi

    Mese fa




    Mese fa

    Long leave

  • asad samrat

    asad samrat

    Mese fa

    I just love this man toooooooooooooooooooo much 😍
    Such a inspiration 😍😍😍

  • SHD Games 2

    SHD Games 2

    Mese fa


  • Dan Alexander

    Dan Alexander

    Mese fa

    Pure fitness

  • Marge Carter

    Marge Carter

    Mese fa

    Excellent Video of his life and today for what he feels in keeping his body healthy.