Stop buying butter❗ Only 1 ingredient needed! Do it yourself!

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2021
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Stop buying butter❗ Only 1 ingredient needed! Do it yourself!
Butter recipe, this is a simple recipe you will love. A quick recipe for butter, only one ingredient required. You know how to make butter according to my recipe. A delicious recipe for butter for every taste. Fast butter recipe, the main thing is to cook with love.
Cooking recipe and ingredients:
Cream 30-35% fat
turn on the mixer at low speed
when the mass in volume increases, accelerate the whipping
remove the whipped cream from the sides of the mixer bowl
the mass must separate from the liquid
put the oil on a sieve
rinse well in cold water
squeeze out liquid
put on cling film
give the desired shape
put in the refrigerator for 1 hour
delicious homemade butter is ready
From 2 liters of cream - 770 g of butter
Bon Appetit!

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einfach lecker
einfach lecker
Commenti: 8 492  
  • crash burn

    crash burn

    4 ore fa

    Finally! Someone who knows to use the butter knife to shave butter so it spreads without shredding the bread!

  • Vành Khuyên Lê

    Vành Khuyên Lê

    9 ore fa

    It´ s amazing. Thank you so much!

  • Nancy Tobey

    Nancy Tobey

    My Grandmother was from Oklahoma and she always made her own butter! I remember she would put the cream in a mason jar with the lid, of course, then we would all take turns passing the jar around the table while each one of us would shake the jar until we had butter!

  • Наталья Сарана

    Наталья Сарана

    Giorno fa

    Супер😋👍👍👍.Я масло сливочное не кушаю,но для своих дома буду делать.И в выпечку хорошо сделать такое масло,для кремов,для теста.Спасибочки огромное за рецепт.

  • Adalbert Ruth

    Adalbert Ruth

    Super! Moja babcia też tak masło robiła. Można dodawać różne dodatki. Вкуснее. Приятного вкуса!👍

  • Seb Gierek

    Seb Gierek

    14 giorni fa

    Tez tak robilem z moja mamuska, w naszym rodzinnym wroclawiu. tylko ze zamiast miksera bylo trzesienie duzym slojem. Duzo czasu i wysilku ale efekt zawsze niesamowity. I ten zapach.... Teraz pokaze mojej corce, pol Polce a pol Szkotce - w naszym domu w anglii. A moja mamuska znowu bedzie ze mnie dumna

  • Голова садовая

    Голова садовая

    Магазинные сливки вполне себе достойные. И масло получается хорошее. И едят масло так как хочется, а не так как принято непонятно кем...я люблю масло на хлеб и со щами, на хлеб и с супом , на хлеб и с сыром и масло толстенькое такое и с вареным яйцом...а с кашей...вкуснятина...и с чаем на хлеб масло и варенья на масло прямо...

  • Lucélia Vieira

    Lucélia Vieira

    14 giorni fa

    Ameiiiii a receita.

  • Pat Dyer

    Pat Dyer

    2 ore fa

    Loved the video. I make my butter just by whipping Heavy Cream (Any Brand Will Do) until it holds together. My butter never has that huge amount of liquid in it. I like my butter softly whipped and once the butter has been whipped enough to my satisfaction, I just put it into a small container and DONE ... So easy and deliciously spreadable. I add a very little bit of salt at the very end of mixing. This butter is great with warm rolls. My friends love it and so do I ! It is also a whole lot cheaper to make it yourself, but I make it just for fun !!! Lasts at least 2 weeks in the fridge.

  • Carmel


    12 ore fa

    This is incredible. I really needed this and I can teach my son, thankyou so much for sharing all these videos with us💕

  • Teresa Haven

    Teresa Haven

    I have made butter a few times with my grandsons and talked to them about how it used to be done. We get our extra heavy cream from the local dairy store or from Costco so it is a bit cheaper than regular stores. The taste and quality of the butter is so much better than what we buy.

  • Людмила Воротынцева

    Людмила Воротынцева

    19 ore fa

    Все это я делала в 90 годы,когда полки магазинов были пустые в СССР!Только была 3х литровая банка с крышкой Сидишь на диванчике, крутишь баночку,периодически выпуская воздух,открывая крышку и через 40 мин-масло!!!Чудо произошло!!! 🎉

  • Счастье Рядом

    Счастье Рядом

    Так приятно видеть в комментариях, что некоторые люди ещё видели, как бабушки в деревне делали сливки и масло)

  • Hispanic female

    Hispanic female

    4 ore fa

    Does it have to be placed into the plastic wrap to harden, or can we place it into a plastic container with a lid? Thanks 😄👍🏼

  • sharon mcgee

    sharon mcgee

    Whoo hoo. Just made it with a hand mixer. Took 20 mins and I added some salt at the end before chilling. Thank you so much 🙏🤩

  • Denise Ennes

    Denise Ennes

    12 ore fa

    Amei a receita. ❤️

  • M Chapman

    M Chapman

    14 giorni fa

    I told my adult daughters I made butter. They were amazed. They were even more stunned when they learned butter was just cream…..whipped until it turns to butter. Add salt for salted butter.

  • Arminda RIBEIRO

    Arminda RIBEIRO

    Giorno fa

    MUITO bom aspeto. Adorei!!

  • Thaís Saager

    Thaís Saager

    Ótima receita!

  • FaBi 9

    FaBi 9

    28 giorni fa