Few People Know This Jigsaw Trick | How to Cut Clean With Jigsaw

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The jigsaw is one of the most useful cutting tools in the workshop. Many people use jigsaws to cut wood, so it is important to know how to use a jigsaw. If you use the jigsaw correctly, it is very easy to make straight cuts, clean cuts, circular cuts with the jigsaw. In this video we show you jigsaw tricks, hacks and tricks that show you how to make very clean and straight cuts using your jigsaw and blade.

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  • Simon Riley

    Simon Riley

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    Nothing new here, was hoping to learn a trick or two ,

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    Matthew Lovgren

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    3. Brilliant. Gonna make one for myself. I like that. Plus the cut line helps keep straight. Hate a jigsaw now I’m curious. Thx for the video

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    Danke Sehr Schön Zu Wissen 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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    Есть специальные полотна чтобы дерево не рвало

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    muchas gracias por tan buenas recomendaciones

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    افضل شي في مقطع انه بدون صوت موسيقي.... هاذي حيله حتي واحد يتوجه اكثر....

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    YouTube algorithm gods must’ve really shone their light on this one for it to get over 12M views from someone with a less than 250K following. Well done 👍

  • mike smith

    mike smith

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    Making a zero tolerance plate for the saw is brillant.

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    marcos rodrigues

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    E eu pensando q ia ensinar um modo de adaptar a lâmina numa furadeira kakakakakak só na minha cabeça mesmo...

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    Genialne, najlepszy jest sposób trzeci.

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    Вы Мастер, спс вам ,многому научился

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    Was the country making I can do the same thing with the skill saw

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    Trzeba odpowiednie ostrza kupować a nie byle co

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    Parabéns, ótimas dicas.



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    А с обратной стороны листа как обстоят дела?

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    Qual o nome dessa peça, usada para prender a medeira?

  • Quran Tajweed Recitation

    Quran Tajweed Recitation

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    This is so useful, these small tearout really frustrating and some hurt my eyes, another problem is the down side left, maybe should use tape on it

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    Мастер House

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    👍 Спасибо, будем пробовать

  • مـوفـتـاكـيـس


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    why 100mm blade cant cut more than 55mm??!!

  • ༺༒Janerson Oliveira༒༻

    ༺༒Janerson Oliveira༒༻

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    O que eu tô fazendo aqui??? Se nem serra eu tenho!!! 😂 Nem uso essa ferramenta kkkk

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    Top dicas. Fiquei preocupado pela capa do video. Pensei . Esse cara vai fazer merda. Mas foi so uma forma de chamar atenção e deu certo. Kkk

  • Marwan Tourkomany

    Marwan Tourkomany

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    I usually use this for circular and curves cut

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    Bang ipul Anak tukang

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    Sangat kreatif,dan sangat bermanfaat ilmunya

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    Meu corte parece que foi ruído no dente pelo me cachorro

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    Почти не знаю людей, кто это НЕ знает. Так делают уже 100лет!

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    Woww... Great tips..! Thank you.
    Keep on posting, Bro!

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    it's not rocket appliances

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    These are hacks for diy and I totally get it. But first lesson of diy should now be research. Get the blade for the job.

  • Aleksey Ivanenko

    Aleksey Ivanenko

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    This video is only useful for those that have jigsaw as their only cutting tool. There are many easier/faster/more accurate tools to do straight cuts. But who knows. There’s always a person that never use a hammer, instead will always beat a nail with a showel

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    Michael Breskin

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    This is a tremendous help. Thanks so much for this video.

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    Lawrence Porter

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    .......or you can just turn the wood upside down.

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    Весьма полезное видео , спасибо .

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    Muito obrigado pelos ensinamentos

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  • Andy Prairie Dog

    Andy Prairie Dog

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    EXCELLENT demonstration. I'm going to try making the plastic plate one with transparent type. Thank you very much.

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    Alla Ivanova

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    Koop nooit zo'n Bosch decoupeerzaag, de zaag bevestiging is een plastic constructie, na een jaar kun je de machine bij electroschroot gooien, China rommel waar we veel te veel van hebben, als je geen geld voor een goede zaag hebt, moet je een machine huren, beter voor onze Planeet.

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    Todo esse tempo pra mostrar uma coisa que ja foi mostrado a exaustao , que falta de originalidade , só sabem copiar dos outros .

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    Pretty nifty

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    Be giving away all the secrets for free..? This is why we get the big bucks, you traitor.

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    Use a down cut blade

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    It's not fool proof by a long way, there is a better way

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    Excellent video. Short brief and to the point. Well done.

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    Это видео для тех, кот электролобзик видит первый раз в жизни как минимум на фотографии.



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    grünes Boschwerkzeug *kotz*

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    esa no es de marqueteria

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    I figured 2 out of 5 of these tricks. Thank you for the video, I am now a bit less dumb, a bit more humble 👍

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    The 3rd on is great on straight path. The masking tape is good for performing curves.

  • Keith Hubbard

    Keith Hubbard

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    These are handy tricks for using a jigsaw. Exspesally if it's a older saw. Thanks for sharing

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    Для пятого класса нормально

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    Пластик мне больше всего понравился 3 вариант 👍

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  • Sparks construction

    Sparks construction

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    I’ve got an even better tip for everyone, go to the damn store and buy the blade that’s appropriate for the job, they make a million different kinds, and they will work for you much better without the unnecessary investments of time

  • Никита Евгеньевич

    Никита Евгеньевич

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    А еще взять пилку с маленьким зубом

  • TheRestingcrow


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    A fine tooth metal blade will also cut smooth finish cuts in WOOD, only slightly slower

  • Mitesh Parmar

    Mitesh Parmar

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    I've cut laminated chipboard. Best way was to buy a speicifc blade for it, turn of pendulum movement, use tape and go slow.

  • James Egan

    James Egan

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    Just turn the saw upside down blade coming out the top

  • Seth Warner

    Seth Warner

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    Very good! Im a boat and canoe builder, so been in unusual predicaments; I discovered I could actully do a plunge cut in the middle of a sheet of plywood! Also, cutting with sabersaw upside down under the plywood, leaves a clean topside!

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    Полнейшая ерунда

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    Vi, revi e tornei a ver este vídeo e nada vi de truque da Serra Tico Tico; o que vi foi um Profissional colocar em prática a experiência adquirida em longos anos de trabalho!

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    zero clearance insert

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    Make sure to use the right blade for the job, it really helps

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    BOSCH avait une scie sabre fabuleuse mais son attache lame s'est cassée, ma deuxième est tombée en panne : je voudrais une sans fil (l'ancienne sciait des arbres) mais il n' y a rien de bien, même le démonstrateur à une scie sauteuse avec un fil à chier ? 😂😂

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    Man, people are mean critics! Very few are nice or complimentary anymore. The double-stick tape and zeeo-clearance plate is a great idea. Will be adding that today and trying it out. Great tutorial, bud!

    • birdyboyblue


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      I agree this is a very useful video. Way too many a$$holes out there with access to a keyboard.

  • J. B.

    J. B.

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    Why are you using a jigsaw to make straight cuts?

  • ThePacificatore


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    well, what about just using a more fine saw-blade with smaller serration?

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    KKKKK quanto tempo não vejo um compensado.

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    Cut it from under the bottom👍

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    If no one knows that, they should not be using a power tool..

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    Van deman

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    just buy a good saw and no problems. and the right speed ofcourse

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    jake smerth

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    Plastic piece prevented tear out. And seeing your line.

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    That plastic sheet waaaaaaayyy more having cleaner cut. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Great video .... I've used the masking tape regularly but the others are new and in some cases MUCH better. Nice Job!

  • Dennis ONeal

    Dennis ONeal

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    your using a course tooth blade, use a finer tooth blade

  • Brian Williams

    Brian Williams

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    Smooth cuts = metal blade

  • Marcos M

    Marcos M

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    1- Casi todas las sierras de calar tienen un CONTROL DE AVANCE, eso hace que el rodillo de la sierra se mueva hacia adelante y atrás, de esa forma si lo dejas en el mínimo y controlas tu velocidad de corte, el mismo te saldrá perfecto.
    2- Tu modelo de sierra BOSCH PST-650 ¡LO TIENE!.
    3- En el caso de que no tenga esa función solo tienes que hacer un corte lento y te aseguro que con cualquier madera te sale perfecto.
    (traducido por google)
    1- Almost all jigsaws have a FORWARD CONTROL, that makes the saw roller move back and forth, that way if you leave it at the minimum and control your cutting speed, it will be perfect for you .
    2- Your BOSCH PST-650 saw model HAS IT!
    3- In the event that it does not have that function, you only have to make a slow cut and I assure you that with any wood it comes out perfect.
    1- Почти у всех лобзиков есть УПРАВЛЕНИЕ ВПЕРЕД, которое заставляет пильный ролик двигаться вперед и назад, поэтому, если вы оставите его на минимальном уровне и будете контролировать скорость резки, он будет идеальным для вас.
    2- У вашей модели пилы BOSCH PST-650 ЕСТЬ!
    3- Если у него нет этой функции, вам нужно только сделать медленный пропил, и я уверяю вас, что с любой древесиной он выходит идеально.
    1- Pochti u vsekh lobzikov yest' UPRAVLENIYe VPERED, kotoroye zastavlyayet pil'nyy rolik dvigat'sya vpered i nazad, poetomu, yesli vy ostavite yego na minimal'nom urovne i budete kontrolirovat' skorost' rezki, on budet ideal'nym dlya vas.
    2- U vashey modeli pily BOSCH PST-650 YEST'!
    3- Yesli u nego net etoy funktsii, vam nuzhno tol'ko sdelat' medlennyy propil, i ya uveryayu vas, chto s lyuboy drevesinoy on vykhodit ideal'no.

  • Xro


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    Well done young man. Taught an old dog a couple new tricks. And thanks for not call these Jigsaw Life hacks. I would never have watched.

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    γριγορης παπαδοπουλοσ

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  • fiddlor


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    You missed the simpliest method of all for this case.
    Just cut upside down.
    Put the jugsaw underneath withe the blade facing upwards.
    Less dust
    Best view
    No tears

    • birdyboyblue


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      That could be dangerous if the saw isn't fixed to the underside of the surface (as a router is in a table).

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    Naja, du siehst halt nicht mehr genau wo deine sägelinie verläuft wenn du ne platte unterm Schlitten hast

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    Вот тебе еще сюжетец: Мало кто знает, но если перевернуть доску лицевой стороной вниз, то лобзик (ОКАЗЫВАИЦА) сделает снизу!.. (НЕ ПОВЕРИШЬ!) чистый рез без сколов и задиров! (ПРЕДСТАВЛЯИШ?!)
    Кстати, при распиле лобзиком ламинированного твердым покрытием материала (типа ДСП с лаком), скотч от сколов не спасёт. НО!.. ВОТ ТЕБЕ ТЕМА!..
    Запили новый видос и обзови его так:
    "ШОК! (используй именно этот, популярный лет пять назад кликбейт) но МАЛО КТО ЗНАЕТ (мне тут в комментах подсказали), что малярный скотч лучше заменить на ненужную (жертвенную) планку толщиной 7-10мм и прижимать её плотно к месту распила"
    Не тушуйся! Камеру в руки и вперед! ДЕЙСТВУЙ! Главное в начало названия поставь "ШОК" и ЕЩЕ 10 миллионов просмотров тебе обеспечено.
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    Parabéns pela ideia.