Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Pubblicato il 8 gen 2021
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Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

  • Mallory Richardson

    Mallory Richardson

    Ora fa

    Fake news network

  • Varsity Gaming

    Varsity Gaming

    Ora fa

    Trump deliberately said I’m sure you will peacefully March around the capital! Peaceful! Key word peacefully! That’s no inciting violence! Biden didn’t win! Period.

  • Varsity Gaming

    Varsity Gaming

    Ora fa

    Lmao antifa was way worse lmao. 47 dead from the modern KKK(BLM)

  • Maxine Moss

    Maxine Moss

    Ora fa

    Wow a lot worse, than originallythought. Terrifying.

  • Last Minute Prayer

    Last Minute Prayer

    Ora fa


  • Anastasia girlteen

    Anastasia girlteen

    Ora fa

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  • jeff shetler

    jeff shetler

    2 ore fa

    The media needs to take responsibility for it part in this. Spreading "fake news" and only showing one side of every story. Eventually people are gonna get fed up with it. Its a shame that people lots there lives because of someone else's agenda. How could you show a person being killed on public television. Shame on you MSNBC.

  • 20M024 sajjad hussain

    20M024 sajjad hussain

    2 ore fa

    This is like seeing fall of rome but with WiFi

  • Vili Miki

    Vili Miki

    4 ore fa

    heheehhe fook America politician

  • Paula DontPanic

    Paula DontPanic

    4 ore fa

    6:15 Time Stamp 🤣🤣🤣bye beck

  • NakiNinja5000


    5 ore fa

    Your being lied to by the news

  • FireFusionXD


    7 ore fa

    I love it how they literally showed someone getting shot in this video and it still has ads like if this video was on any other channel it would get demonetized so quickly

  • Kathy Jeanmarie

    Kathy Jeanmarie

    7 ore fa


  • Sam lycan

    Sam lycan

    8 ore fa

    1:32 if this was in africa. that police line would turn to a firing squad

  • Nikki O'Shea

    Nikki O'Shea

    8 ore fa

    The people involved in this attack on the capitol should be ashamed of themselves. They should be dealt with swiftly and harshly, no bail either. Same goes for Trump and his Co-morons.

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      6 ore fa

      emotional time but him stumbling the whole way through felt almost fake, and instead of portraying the gravity of the situation it just cheapened it

  • Abdullah Madawi

    Abdullah Madawi

    8 ore fa

    Murica’, land of the free. Biggest joke of a country

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      6 ore fa

      Nice collection!?

  • Bid d Planb

    Bid d Planb

    9 ore fa

    Why aren’t you reporting real thugs at work

  • Jona Borja

    Jona Borja

    9 ore fa

    Lmao the guy who got shot hahaha 🤣 love it idk why the cops didn't do that n shoot this people hurting innocent cop

  • Xolofan04 Americatambien

    Xolofan04 Americatambien

    9 ore fa

    A revolution is starting sooner or later god bless America

  • chrisjmonty


    10 ore fa

    All summer long we saw the same dumb out of control nutjobs in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and so many other cities and it was embraced and encouraged by these media hacks. Now it's the end of the republic. I think the people who stormed the Capital are criminals and should be treated as such but for these idiots at MSNBC to dismiss the other riots throughout the country because it doesnt fit their narrative just reinforces their biased reporting.

  • Rita Review

    Rita Review

    10 ore fa

    History will look at these morons and ask, how could so many be so stupid.?

  • Yvonne Ford

    Yvonne Ford

    11 ore fa

    These are some violent uneducated simple minded people who calls themselves citizens, but are actually terrorists.

    • Jérémie B

      Jérémie B

      4 ore fa

      Yes, but that's not their fault, they were fooled by a con man.

  • Cinna Bun

    Cinna Bun

    11 ore fa

    It's scary and real, life in America for citizens of the working class. It doesn't become real for govt or upper class journalist until it's in their face. All they speak & care about is me me me. Lie lie lie

  • Christina Clouse

    Christina Clouse

    11 ore fa

    I’m confused I thought they said blue lives matter?

  • James Jordan

    James Jordan

    12 ore fa

    President Trump did not invite a riot. You're lying over and over is why your network is hated.

  • Recipes For Runtz

    Recipes For Runtz

    12 ore fa

    Russia is probably laughing so hard at us rn.

  • Nurse Wratchet

    Nurse Wratchet

    12 ore fa

    We spend $750 billion annually on "defense" and the center of American government
    fell in two hours to the duck dynasty and the guy in the chewbacca bikini !!

  • Lil.Riceboy. TheGoat

    Lil.Riceboy. TheGoat

    13 ore fa

    America is so free to get attacked by any country rn

  • Duke 33

    Duke 33

    13 ore fa

    How many died during BLM?

  • Everton Welch

    Everton Welch

    17 ore fa

    The question is when will Donald Trump pay for his crimes?

  • Haley Kenney

    Haley Kenney

    17 ore fa

    He’s struggling through this the whole way but my favorite is ‘A lease offer was killed’ instead of ‘a police officer was killed’ (7:40 if you wanna listen)
    I understand this was an emotional time but him stumbling the whole way through felt almost fake, and instead of portraying the gravity of the situation it just cheapened it

  • Julie Jackson

    Julie Jackson

    18 ore fa

    Trump should go to jail for inciting murder. ENOUGH letting this fool get away with murder, literally. What a shock, Trump lied to these idiots again, and they BLINDLY believed him AGAIN. Trump NEEDS to go to jail, and the police should search out every one of these idiots to go to jail as well.

  • DaMenezFam Je

    DaMenezFam Je

    19 ore fa

    For the ones who thinks it wasnt Trump suppoters yall dumb asf.... It was patriots democrats Republicans Christina's etc I know y'all seen them post of Trum supporters saying they went DONT BE IGNORANT

  • HiddenOcelot


    19 ore fa

    Only to bad we didnt site the at least 24 dead in the "mostly peaceful protests" this summer. And the destruction of 700 buildings. Hmmmmm...... seems a little biased. (Though both are despicable, and deserve to rot in prison).

  • R Court

    R Court

    19 ore fa

    If BLM and Antifa would have breached the capital during the summer you ahole liberals would've been singing kumbia and praising the anointed ones for their fearless accomplishments. Go eat a pile of 💩. Hey Christine how's Portland looking this weekend...mainly peaceful. Shut your biased pie hole pusspants.

  • Mexxyy Brooks

    Mexxyy Brooks

    19 ore fa

    MAGA 2024 🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Zeediana Parnell

    Zeediana Parnell

    20 ore fa

    Hawley must be removed with Cruz these 2 are the source's of the republicans that get lost!

  • Khaled Mohamed

    Khaled Mohamed

    20 ore fa

    Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani
    (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri)
    (05 - 03 – 2020 Kr.)
    Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt
    ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka)
    .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre

  • Billy Sansom

    Billy Sansom

    21 ora fa

    Lmfao 🤣😂😆😂 fools what u thinking 😆😄😄😜🤔😄

  • Always Fair Appliance Repair

    Always Fair Appliance Repair

    22 ore fa

    I bet the ones not saying anything are the ones they should worry about

  • Jamie Rubin

    Jamie Rubin

    23 ore fa

    I dont see the woman before she’s shot

  • Geos Motovlogs

    Geos Motovlogs

    23 ore fa

    Every country should fear America. This shows you how many Americans are willing to fight for their country and their rights.

  • Rocky Barnes

    Rocky Barnes

    23 ore fa


  • Austin Ballog

    Austin Ballog

    23 ore fa

    So disrespectful and disgusting from Trump and his supporters...Even if there was vote fraud, you still don't do something like this...Trump is being charged for accessory to murder and he is being impeached...They should make a example of him and these people that attacked the Capitol...Trump is not a good role model... I seen white teenagers beating up minority teens and saying this is for Trump...Trump is a bad influence on our people...The Trump show has finally come to a end...Its time for Biden to make his mark on history good or bad as a US president...✌😎

  • Melons1054


    23 ore fa

    That reporter is an annoying dweeb.

  • Marc Garcia

    Marc Garcia

    Giorno fa

    Should anyone be shocked by this? Trump and his supporters wanted a wall at the border, but now we need walls at our nation's capital and anywhere else to protect us from crazed trump supporters.

  • denden s

    denden s

    Giorno fa


  • Kyle Billie

    Kyle Billie

    Giorno fa

    They should've had like a "in case of a emergency use M16" on the wall

  • Kyle Billie

    Kyle Billie

    Giorno fa

    Let's all get a "Do it yourself destroy kit"

  • Tim Cincotta

    Tim Cincotta

    Giorno fa

    It's funny that MSNBC won't cover all protests/riots like this.

  • Multi.Digital. Coder

    Multi.Digital. Coder

    Giorno fa

    Msnbc === liars and traitors to the human race.

    Nice try, total and intentional out of context story with consequently totally phony moral concern: real context: They are angry because of the pedophile elite that runs and corrupts this world the very people you very knowingly know you work for very diligently ,and Trump is fighting. The truth is coming out and even by fate itself, there is no way you are going to escape the level of wrath that is going to come your way for treason to all life. You will pay for your treason, you and the rest of the Illuminati, no matter where you run on this planet.

  • roberto5red5rocky


    Giorno fa

    Funny how when certain people riot its not a big deal until they actually storm a capital building. White people riot all the time and its never been a big deal until they went to the capital. But people made BLM (which i dont agree with) seem like it was the first time a riot has happened. White people riot after hockey games and it barely makes the news. Hmm

  • TeaPartyActivist


    Giorno fa

    Gee!? I asked my phone to look up “hyperbole” on YouTube and ended up here!??

  • CJ6.5


    Giorno fa

    Nothing soothes my soul like watching footage of the mob breaking down the doors immediately followed by an ad for Candy Crush.

  • Princess Farrah

    Princess Farrah

    Giorno fa

    Blah blah blah blah

  • w blevins

    w blevins

    Giorno fa

    MSNBC is trash

  • IslandBarbie420


    Giorno fa

    This is the same incited crowd that made plans to take the Gov of Michigan.. smh.. crazy thugs and animals .

  • IslandBarbie420


    Giorno fa

    RIP to the fallen officer. That man had family and loved ones. Smh.. all because y’all couldn’t handle that you lost. Smh.. they need to charge them with murder too

  • Alexis Rivera

    Alexis Rivera

    Giorno fa

    I never want anyone to die no one deserves to die. Not any human being. This is so grotesque to see.

  • Lefty


    Giorno fa

    This is what happens when clown is a president 4 years. The Great Nation of America

  • Joshua Ponseti

    Joshua Ponseti

    Giorno fa

    And the murder of 4 citizens fighting for their freedom!

  • She is Covered

    She is Covered

    Giorno fa

    Lord Jesus please help your children. Please guide their minds away from wanting to be in total control of one another. Please lead them back to you Lord Jesus. Please forgive America God. Many are doing wrong and believing wrong but you can soften the heart and change the mindset of man. Help them not to hurt themselves and others any more Lord. Jesus we honor you and we give you glory. Please help all of your people of every nation tongue and kind. We seem to be losing sight of you father.Please protect those who are in office and those who are their protectors.Jesus help the family of those who have lost loved ones.In Jesus name Amen.

  • Verifiede


    Giorno fa

    I don't even feel half bad for the veteran shot. Nobody forced her to go into that window, and everyone saw the police officer with his sidearm pulled out. Police don't shoot you just because you're black or you support Biden/Trump, they shoot you only if you're absolutely oblivious and stupid.

  • Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious

    Giorno fa

    It's really funny that they think they have to censor THE TRUTH. If what I said wasn't true, they wouldn't bother removing it...

  • Leilani Vasquez

    Leilani Vasquez

    Giorno fa

    Let america great again this is what happen omg

  • Leilani Vasquez

    Leilani Vasquez

    Giorno fa

    Those people are brain wash by Trump

  • Keoki Basallo

    Keoki Basallo

    Giorno fa

    Have you cleared this information with that Maddow Guy?

  • Robert Pauly

    Robert Pauly

    Giorno fa

    Well at least you finally think riots are a big deal. This one I will agree was much worse than the others because the rioters surrounded our government leaders. Will agree with you that Trump surrounding the capital with his
    followers during the electoral process could be insurrection even without a riot. I can see how this guy has been making you crazy for four years.

  • Karen Murillo

    Karen Murillo

    Giorno fa

    Time to put Trump and his Cronies in Prison for the rest of they’re miserable lives!

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Giorno fa

    Wow the propaganda machine is alive and well... believe nothing they say to you and question everything they say... and the spectacle you speak of was sponsored by Biden and soros... and now these bought and paid for news stations are doin the propaganda with full on hatred seething form every word

  • 0 0

    0 0

    Giorno fa

    Revisionist rhetoric not worth the paper it's printed on. Pass.

  • HypeLife


    Giorno fa

    Black Lives Matter?

  • Phyllis Miller

    Phyllis Miller

    Giorno fa


  • Angela Willis

    Angela Willis

    Giorno fa

    It was STAGED, the whole thing! Democrats paid Antifa AND CNN REPORTERS/EMPLOYEES to dress up as Trump Supporters. Perhaps you should ADD that video of them inside the capitol, dressed as Trump Supporters and high fiving each other all proud of themselves for pulling it off. Why didn't you add that video??!! Oh yeah cause your FAKE NEWS! How about REPIRT ON THEM BEING CHARGED and maybe ask CNN how they felt about their news reporter being busted....

  • stefano accorsi

    stefano accorsi

    Giorno fa


  • Al Green

    Al Green

    Giorno fa


  • frankvonfrauner


    Giorno fa

    This dude looks like a kid that stole someone's glasses and credentials and convinced msnbc to hire him

  • Patricia Jacques

    Patricia Jacques

    Giorno fa

    Trump said that there was going to be a civil war that he has police fire fighters military bikers proud who will fight.for him.

  • Your Conscience

    Your Conscience

    Giorno fa

    Bogus News. Don’t forget a vet died at the hands of armed guards.

    • Your Conscience

      Your Conscience

      3 ore fa

      @Ryan Perkins not funny

    • Ryan Perkins

      Ryan Perkins

      3 ore fa


  • Kristine Joy Arellano

    Kristine Joy Arellano

    Giorno fa

    No, this is not the American dream. Everyone who participated must be given the corresponding punishment/s for their actions. Trump must be held responsible. His supporters must be held responsible.

  • Nora Rotkin

    Nora Rotkin

    Giorno fa

    What happened? The Repubs used to love the Electoral College. tRump and his cohorts only endorse the EC when they win. They are hypocrates!

  • Alex Garza

    Alex Garza

    Giorno fa

    "Mob"? Call it what it is. TERRORISTS.

  • R W

    R W

    Giorno fa

    Isn't it the law that anyone involved in commiting the crime where a murder occured they are all charged with murder? Like if 3 people commit an armed robbery and 1 person shoots and kills someone then all 3 people are charged with murder? Everyone that was involved in the riot should be charged with the murder of the police officer.

  • Richard Harris

    Richard Harris

    Giorno fa

    Let's see if this fallin Soliders attackers are caught and Prosecuted by the so called LAW. UP to this very day anyone with a brain knows that this country and its Leaders are becoming more and more CORRUPT as the years pass. If Sodom and Gormorra were wicked, corrupt and were sodomizing each other among other Sadistic behavior that GOD forbid what makes you think that this country and this world will receive a free pass. Only those who think that they are PRIVILEGED and those who are ARROGANT enough to think that they are above GOD. The Wrath of GOD is FAST approaching Repent before the RAPTURE begins. Pray for peace. Pray for the Fallen ones and pray for the families of the fallen ones.

  • Thomas Matlak

    Thomas Matlak

    Giorno fa

    Joe biden could expand us millitary and navy by structuring the us navy by creating two large sized battleships for each fleet thease ships capable acting as a destroyer a cruiser and battleship all in one with four apache attack helicopters hundreds of different missiles phanax gatlinguns eighty eight heavy guns and 155 guns and all the extras and latest tecnologie. Thease ships could be as large as an aircraft carrier or larger

  • Zlatko Burazer

    Zlatko Burazer

    Giorno fa


  • Mike Andrews

    Mike Andrews

    Giorno fa

    Don't let anyone fool you.
    White supremacy is not about valuing white heritage, it is about devaluing everyone else.

  • Joe Paunil

    Joe Paunil

    Giorno fa

    Oh my god! They are animals!!! They are evil!!, should pay for it!!!,

  • mr cool

    mr cool

    Giorno fa

    Now do the one with riots affecting actual American citizens that took many lives and lasted almost 9 months

  • =]


    Giorno fa

    these people are terrorists. no doubt about it.

  • barry fulton

    barry fulton

    Giorno fa

    i hope they catch all these evil doers and send them to jail for LIFE,, cops should have opened fire killing a bunch of them

  • Josh O

    Josh O

    Giorno fa

    I would of shot anyone holding a trump sign , I would of left some lead in a lot of people

  • panic! at la biblioteca

    panic! at la biblioteca

    Giorno fa

    Over two weeks later, Biden is president now and I still can’t believe this happened

  • Katie Burns

    Katie Burns

    2 giorni fa

    I've watched more than once. All of us should make sure this is burned into our minds just like 9/11.

  • Ray


    2 giorni fa

    Why did he hesitate when describing the terrorist who committed this crime. Angry Mob is an understatement. Treasonous terrorist is the correct description..

  • Garcia sir

    Garcia sir

    2 giorni fa

    can u imagine if Hillary was president for this

  • Mat S

    Mat S

    2 giorni fa

    They need to go to jail for decades

  • recurf


    2 giorni fa

    These people are not Americans

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez

    2 giorni fa

    They all should of got shot

  • Janice Wahl

    Janice Wahl

    2 giorni fa

    We the people have a question for the White House January 23 2021
    LAPTOP !!!?????