World's Most Functional Workbench! Making the Workbench With 20 Functions

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2021
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People who work in their workshop and do DIY works definitely need a workbench. That's why in this video we showed you how to make a workbench. This workbench we have made has more functions than you have ever seen before, this workbench that you can do with simple tools in your own garage has 20 different functions. You can watch how to make a simple, functional, solid, easy-to-build workbench with drawers in this video called how to make a workbench, the most functional workbench.

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The Maker
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  • Hazlo Tu Mismo

    Hazlo Tu Mismo

    Mese fa

    Me encantaria tener un espacio para poder hacer un banco asi de grande y tan perfecto, amazing job! Greetings from México

  • Valerii Butnar

    Valerii Butnar

    Mese fa

    Прекрасный верстак, спасибо огромное, что поделились! Важно, что Мастер показал, что все это можно сделать простыми инструментами. Пересмотрел очень много видео на тему раб.стола, и решил сделать именно такой себе на дачу. Браво Мастеру!!!

    • сергей акимов

      сергей акимов

      20 giorni fa

      Согласен, если мостерская позволяет по размеру.

  • Gil Macedo

    Gil Macedo

    Mese fa

    Uauuuuu!!!!! Eu quero está mesa pra mim, amei tudo, cada detalhe, e de mais de bonita, prática, tudo que eu sonhei

  • Theo Kuppens

    Theo Kuppens

    15 giorni fa

    I love the simplicity and functionality of your design and build. Do you have plans for your workbench which can be purchased as I am keen to build for my workshop. Many thanks in advance.

  • Tiago Mendonça

    Tiago Mendonça

    Mese fa

    Projeto muito criativo e prático. Parabéns!

  • Henry Fierst

    Henry Fierst

    Mese fa

    Very nice build. I love the attention to detail and how you showed everything's purpose. Only bad thing I could think of is you make it look to easy but great job. I'm looking forward to watching more of your builds.

  • James Dean

    James Dean

    Mese fa

    Very well thought out and executed, very impressive. Thank you for sharing this video with the world

  • Michael Thomson

    Michael Thomson

    28 giorni fa

    I been watching all the table design videos. And was about to do a extravagant one. But I just changed my mind. This one is so simple works and looks great!!

  • Layrton Silva soares Soares

    Layrton Silva soares Soares

    15 giorni fa

    A melhor, e mais bonita e prática bancada, Parabéns e Gratidão por compartilhar irmão!!!

  • SuperRusMax


    Mese fa

    Один из лучших и простых вариантов! Огромное спасибо за наглядность! Удачи в работе!

    • Pipa's Channel

      Pipa's Channel

      Mese fa

      Tal cual

  • Ken Shepherd

    Ken Shepherd

    Mese fa

    Very nice design. I’ll be using many of your features in my ownbuild. Thanks for sharing!

  • ABJ Metal

    ABJ Metal

    2 mesi fa

    What a wonderful work bench!! I wish I have one!! great job

  • Gecho Tools

    Gecho Tools

    Mese fa

    Hermoso trabajo!!! 100 puntos!!!!! Ojalá un día pueda hacer una igual.

  • Nihal Arya

    Nihal Arya

    Mese fa

    You are so amazing ❤️ I love this table
    definitely I'll build one in my workshop

  • Edwin Arango

    Edwin Arango

    22 giorni fa

    Love all of it, amazing stuff. Very well thought out

  • flatworm00


    Giorno fa

    Very well thought out and great ease of function...I really like it.

  • Maicon Ramos

    Maicon Ramos

    Mese fa

    Meu sonho ter ao menos uma ferramenta dessas. Parabéns pelo trabalho.

  • Elisabete Santos

    Elisabete Santos

    Mese fa

    A bancada ficou bastante funcional e facilita muito o trabalho.

  • James Donnelly

    James Donnelly

    Mese fa

    I have to admit, I've seen a hundred work bench designs, but this one is clearly the best. Bravo! You achieved something remarkable and shared it freely. I will be taking many of your clever ideas away. Many thanks

    • chucksmart


      6 giorni fa

      Well heaven forfend that we have to answer your questions mark. As I said no one cares about your opinion. Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one . Your comments neither affect me nor vilify your pretentious obnoxious pontificating. Your questions much like your comments are just the empty words of someone who thinks he has some false sense of authority to questions how others appreciate someone else’s hard work and kind gesture to provide a video which educates. Your self worth comes from trying to belittle others when they do not provide you with the false recognition you crave standing on your little soap box (hiding behind a computer). I have neither listed my accomplishments nor tried to gain any recognition from my comments. I am solely here to annoy a pompous insecure egotist such as yourself as it gives me pleasure . Again, still waiting on a video on your channel backing up your claims of your mastery of carpentry 😜

    • Mark Cynic

      Mark Cynic

      6 giorni fa

      @chucksmart I asked a simple question which some replied to with honest answers and others, with less than good grace. Yours was one of those replies that deserved ridicule. Your subsequent replies were filled with personal insults borne of the fact you couldn't answer the question without condemning yourself to even further ridicule. You're a little man without any skills and you'll remain just that. What you see as arrogance is just my lack of tolerance for those without talent and manners. I don't suffer fools gladly, and that's precisely what you are.

    • chucksmart


      6 giorni fa

      Mark the reason most of us are here is because we want to improve our skills in areas that we lack. The majority of us here have a deep respect for the trades and want to be able to learn by trial and error and watch others so we can improve and learn. No one is disrespecting trades , no one is here patting themselves on the back about how they can do more with less because they are so talented….. except you. Think about how arrogant you sound and how IF you are an actual tradesman, how your comments and attitude reflects negatively on everyone else who is trying to teach and grow the community. Again your fragile ego and vaunted thoughts of your own grandeur prove nothing to any of us as we do not care what you think, what you think you can do or what you think you have accomplished in your life as they are all superseded by your arrogance. I have subscribed to your channel in the hopes that you will stop talking and actually post something of use finally….. cheers Mark

    • chucksmart


      6 giorni fa

      AND he’s back! Wow we went from cynical keyboard warrior to full fledged master carpenter …… Mark your skills are surpassed only by your ego, and imagination. For someone who is supposedly a skilled tradesman you seem to take a lot of joy in trolling others who want to explore or improve on their skills in a field that you are Supposedly a master in all of a sudden. Do us all a favor Mark, start your own channel while you do these Reno’s so that we may all learn from your amazing skills. In this day an age you can pay for a woman to touch you :) Try it, having someone else play with your “ small tool” may brighten your outlook on life, and again may lead to further more meaningful interactions . Have a wonderful 2022 my friend :) I hope that all your dreams come true 🤗

    • Mark Cynic

      Mark Cynic

      6 giorni fa

      @chucksmart Well, no argument is forthcoming from you or you partner in gullibility. Why is that? Perhaps you can enjoy yourselves playing with each others little tools, because you'll never make anything worthwhile with them. I'm a retired carpenter. I can make just about anything. I've spent my life earning a good living at it and still fit a few kitchens every year. It's easy money for someone with my ability. I've never had a workshop, never owned a table saw and my workbench is just two saw horses and a piece of ply. Why? Because I don't need them. I can do, while you can only talk nonsense. Good luck with educating your progeny, I don't see a future for them with you pair as guidance.

  • cap'n sean

    cap'n sean

    Mese fa

    Quite clever, inexpensive, weekend built project. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bulldog Remodeling

    Bulldog Remodeling

    Mese fa

    When I built mine, I put locking casters so I could roll it around in other locations, looks good!

  • Karthik Vishwatejas

    Karthik Vishwatejas

    2 mesi fa

    The simplicity of design and function is awesome thanks. The split table design makes a lot of sense for a small garage workshop like mine.

    I would appreciate if you could please make a short video on creating the different bench dogs used. I have tried to make similar dogs earlier, but they did not come out properly.

  • Rosane Campos

    Rosane Campos

    13 giorni fa

    Mesa multifuncional muito eficiente parabéns

  • Nilpaulo Alves

    Nilpaulo Alves

    9 giorni fa

    Vocês lembram daquele sentimento de criança quando vê um brinquedo novo ?
    Pois é tô eu aqui me contorcendo.
    Que trampo top!!!!!

  • Dee Cee

    Dee Cee

    Mese fa

    Would you have a suggestion for the vice to be moved from short to long side of the table in order to increase the length of the wood held by it?



    Mese fa

    Muito boa essa bancada.Parabéns.

  • A BC

    A BC

    2 mesi fa

    FANTASTIC table design and execution! Very practical and great features like the bench dogs and vice with the bench dog holes in top.
    Cheers from London England 👍💪😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙏

  • Ega Garcés

    Ega Garcés

    29 giorni fa

    Mucho ingenio para un maravilloso banco a medida. Gracias por la generosidad en el detalle y los trucos, propios de quien ama el orden y lo que hace.

  • Luis Ramos

    Luis Ramos

    Mese fa

    Very well thought out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lancastrian


    16 giorni fa

    Lots of great ideas there. Very handy to have such a lot of your most used items to hand. If I could offer one criticism: woodworkers' chisels are like razors. Reaching for one of those tins could result in a nasty accident. Enclosing the blade end in acrylic would be safer and you could still see which chisel you are reaching for.

  • Francisco Diniz

    Francisco Diniz

    Mese fa

    Excelente trabalho!!! Parabéns

    • Юрий Боровик

      Юрий Боровик

      25 giorni fa

      Прекрасная работа. Наверняка буду делать подобный

  • Guillermo Sánchez

    Guillermo Sánchez

    12 giorni fa

    Buenísima mañana la empiezo hacer, gracias por tan magnífico tutorial.

  • Mr Grizzle

    Mr Grizzle

    Mese fa

    Exceptional work!
    What stood out to me is the absence of handles to pull the drawers out. Of course it comes down to preference, so I wouldn't view it as a flaw or oversight. Curious whether that may be problematic from a functionality standpoint.
    Truly experienced in your craft.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Nihal Arya

      Nihal Arya

      Mese fa

      good point but he could make ones that is deep inside will not affect your feet movement

  • S Y

    S Y

    Mese fa

    What an amazing talent you have. Hats off for such a superb work of art.

  • Bertrand Doerr

    Bertrand Doerr

    18 giorni fa

    De très bonnes idées. Merci.👍😉

  • George Rocha

    George Rocha

    Mese fa

    Really a great workbench. One of the best here in YouTube... Congrats!

  • Фарит Вильд

    Фарит Вильд

    2 mesi fa

    Очень толково сделанный верстак. И без премудростей в изготовлении. Надо взять на заметку. Спасибо.

  • Loyd Evan

    Loyd Evan

    Mese fa

    Great video, design and execution. My only point of contention would be the chisel rack. I would have made it deeper as to not expose the cutting edge to damage and personal injury. However superb video. You Sir are a mastercraftsmen and designer.

    • keong lei

      keong lei

      Mese fa

      z at

    • keong lei

      keong lei

      Mese fa


    • keong lei

      keong lei

      Mese fa

  • Marco Aurélio Rocca

    Marco Aurélio Rocca

    29 giorni fa


  • Edwin Baires

    Edwin Baires

    Mese fa

    Wow!! Que creatividad, que excelente trabajo el que has hecho, gracias por compartirlo

    • Коля Мельник

      Коля Мельник

      Mese fa

      дякую що ти іноземець

  • Sean


    Mese fa

    Great Design! Love the bench dogs and the 2 table split design excellent.

  • JuliusJueLi


    Mese fa

    I am planning my 1st work bench, you have showed so many great ideas

  • Nabor Castillo

    Nabor Castillo

    5 giorni fa

    Excelente trabajo, ¿pudieras poner las dimensiones de cada elemento del banco o workbench?

  • Helena Alves de Aguiar

    Helena Alves de Aguiar

    Mese fa

    Essa mesa é tudo que agente precisa,

    Vou mandar fazer uma pra mim,era tudo que eu estava precisando.

    Vc esta de Parabéns 🥰🥰😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Marisol Calvo

    Marisol Calvo

    Mese fa

    ¡Magnífica! Felicitaciones 👍👏✌

  • Marc Daigle

    Marc Daigle

    Mese fa

    Very nice build. You spent allot of time design it. I wish I could do the same.

  • Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley

    8 giorni fa

    This is hands down the best workbench I have ever seen. Putting the table saw in the middle, genius. I wish I didn't build my workbench so I could copy yours. I hope mine breaks.

  • Валентина Ивановна

    Валентина Ивановна

    27 giorni fa

    Очень понравилась ваша работа, и ваша идея..👍👍👌👌
    Вы, не поверите-это моя маленькая мечта..-именно 2 стола..
    Мне будет проще ее осуществить.., благодаря вашему видео..
    Теперь, как никогда, осознаю фразу - "Кто ищет-тот всегда находит"
    Буду считать это подарком от вас, в канун РОЖДЕСТВА.. 🤣🤣🌲🌲
    Р.s. С меня 👍и подписка👏👏🤝🤝

  • jaime santillan

    jaime santillan

    14 giorni fa

    perfecto, muy bien, eres alguien que ama lo perfecto y el orden esa mesa de trabajo esta perfecta saludos por mostrar como se hacen las cosas bien y tener ordenado todas las herramientas necesarias.....

  • Krzysztof


    6 giorni fa

    Super stół. Pomysłowo zrobiony.



    6 giorni fa

    Excelente con un sistema de ruedas hubiese quedado perfecto.Felicitaciones me encantó.

  • Let's Speak Technology HD

    Let's Speak Technology HD

    Mese fa

    Woodworking is such an awesome hobby and there are so many reasons that I love woodworking

  • Marcos Mendes Pontevedra

    Marcos Mendes Pontevedra

    11 giorni fa


  • Hankondo Sibalwa

    Hankondo Sibalwa

    Mese fa

    Awesome . I would have added lockable wheels so you can move the bench around

  • Jim Pak

    Jim Pak

    Mese fa

    Excellent video and content, well done 👏

  • Слави Стоянов  LZ1SSA

    Слави Стоянов LZ1SSA

    2 ore fa

    Благодаря ви че споделяте труда си.

  • Quincy Birwood

    Quincy Birwood

    12 giorni fa

    I love it. Lots of great ideas there. Thanks for posting.

  • Witold Witold

    Witold Witold

    Mese fa

    A great idea, I will make one for myself on four lockable wheels, thanks for the video.

    • NZ Bro Trev

      NZ Bro Trev

      29 giorni fa

      Same here and can roll it outside and I have an umbrella hole 🕳 for the sun.



    Mese fa


  • Tim Ort

    Tim Ort

    11 giorni fa

    Neat work bench. Thanks for sharing makes me want to share my small shop work bench design

  • Videos Física

    Videos Física

    Mese fa

    Hola, excelente video, estoy planeando construirme una igual. pero tengo una duda, ¿porque la prensa siempre la ponen a la izquierda?

  • jim boots

    jim boots

    Mese fa

    Excellent job on a superb work bench i envy yours.

  • Herbert Freitas Sandin

    Herbert Freitas Sandin

    Mese fa

    Muito show 🙂

  • Michel Rea

    Michel Rea

    5 giorni fa

    No music, no talking, fast forward. What more can I say! Fantastic job thanks 😊

  • Doudou


    14 giorni fa

    C'est magnifique et tellement efficace.

  • Rentner


    2 mesi fa

    Brilliant. If I had the room I would build one like that.

  • Paulo Henrique

    Paulo Henrique

    Mese fa

    Perfeito 🤩🤩

  • Matthew Gallinatti

    Matthew Gallinatti

    21 giorno fa

    Can you please post a list of all the tools and equipment that you used to build this work bench?

  • EvGeN ABR

    EvGeN ABR

    Mese fa

    Отличный стол! Но, на мой взгляд, не хватает колесиков для легкой передвижки укомплектованного стола. Колесики лучше поставить с функцией подъема на колеса и приземления на ножки.

  • P.J. Phillips

    P.J. Phillips

    Mese fa

    Very nice, thanks for sharing I will be using some of these ideals.

  • Celisar1


    Mese fa

    Fantastisch! Alles perfekt durchdacht! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Bob Bemister

    Bob Bemister

    Mese fa

    Well thought out and nice looking work table. 👍

  • Andrej C

    Andrej C

    4 giorni fa

    Fantastic inspiration 👍 Thank you.

  • Игорь П

    Игорь П

    Mese fa

    Отличный стол, только небольшое замечание. Столешница должна быть с запасом по ширтне и длине, потому что ботинки упираются носками в нижние ящики. Не удобно в плотную стоять к верстаку.

  • Valdir Xavier

    Valdir Xavier

    Mese fa

    Parabéns pelo trabalho! Se possível me esclareça um detalhe: os furos no tampo tem um coletor para reter o pó e cavacos que cairão na parte inferior? 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • Miguel Angel Ornelas Esc

    Miguel Angel Ornelas Esc

    15 giorni fa

    Hola excelente banco de trabajo voy a seguir el diseño para hacer un para seguir practicando con el oficio dela carpintería que genial saber trabajar la madera
    Saludos desde Cd Neza, México

  • Lars Grimstad

    Lars Grimstad

    Mese fa

    Good execution. I would add heavy-duty lockable casters, for mobility.

  • Мария Архипова

    Мария Архипова

    Mese fa

    Золотые руки. Великолепный стол. Все при нем- и красота и эстетика и функционал. Браво мастеру!!!

  • Ian Oliver

    Ian Oliver

    Mese fa

    Looks like a fine bench. Even more important, that looks like a very good video. All the pictures I needed, and none I didn't. Good rhythm, and - most important - no shouty 'presenter' in a back-to-front hat. Thank you very much.

  • M F

    M F

    Mese fa

    Amazing bench, can you share the measures?

  • cyril .g

    cyril .g

    Mese fa

    Rien a redire, vraiment top.
    Un petit plan avec des cotes serait bien apprécié 🤗

  • Российский дачный портал

    Российский дачный портал

    26 giorni fa

    Супер! Хорошие идеи. Спасибо за видео👍

  • Владимир Юхно

    Владимир Юхно

    Mese fa

    100 баллов ! Очень аккуратно ,это здорово ! пожалуйста скажите где роспечатать план и размеры этого стола в мм . или см. Благодарю! Удачи и всего доброго !

  • Agnaldo Castilho Santos

    Agnaldo Castilho Santos

    2 mesi fa

    Boa noite. Excelente. Teria como disponibilizar as medidas para que eu possa fazer uma igual.

  • Marcenaria de Quarto

    Marcenaria de Quarto

    2 mesi fa

    Que bancada sensacional … gostaria de conseguir criar uma dessa para mim 😱

    • LA Bär

      LA Bär

      2 mesi fa

      Das sehe ich genau so.👍🏼 Gibt es einen Plan oder Skizzen zum anschauen? Würde mich über einen Link sehr freuen um die Werkbank nachbauen zu können. Vielen Dank

  • Vivian Bohon

    Vivian Bohon

    7 giorni fa

    Can you advise what size the tops were for both benches? Love this, I’m gonna build. Thanks for sharing video.

  • Ковка. В.К

    Ковка. В.К

    2 mesi fa

    Отличная работа 👍👍👍

  • José Roberto França Villas Bôas

    José Roberto França Villas Bôas

    Mese fa

    Ótima mesa de marceneiro gostei ( sou do Brasil)

  • John Lee Nkomb

    John Lee Nkomb

    Mese fa

    Oh mon Dieu ! Établi tip top ! Vous avez pensé à tout. Franchement bravo !

  • Steven Ross

    Steven Ross

    18 giorni fa

    Love the you have plans/cut-list you could share?

  • Braulio jara

    Braulio jara

    2 mesi fa

    Exelente mesa de trabajo muy funcional me gustaría saber si es posible adquirir los planos con todas las medidas .

  • Александр Федченко

    Александр Федченко

    Mese fa

    Прекрасный верстак! Благодарю за видео! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Matt Dunkin

    Matt Dunkin

    Mese fa

    Well done, and I think most people can create a bench setup like this, just good basic methods that allow you to do very advanced things.

  • Miguel Angel Cano

    Miguel Angel Cano

    2 mesi fa

    Honestly best workbench I've seen before.
    Well done
    Good job

  • olindo mioduski

    olindo mioduski

    2 mesi fa

    Ver tudo assim organizado. Da uma paz de espírito.👏👏

  • dagbo max

    dagbo max

    Mese fa

    That work bench is super nice , I only wish I had the skill set to build myself one great job.

    • TMZ1001


      Mese fa

      I think the point of this video is to show that with simple tools and basic skills (not cutting off own fingers) you are able to build decent bench on your own.

  • v lanza

    v lanza

    Mese fa

    Oh my ... you are a GENIUS sir ... my mind is blown. I'm a single 63 year old female that does everything myself. I'm sooooo making this table!

  • Fabiana Comer

    Fabiana Comer

    15 giorni fa

    Increíble mesa muy funcional espectacular!!

  • Вадім Павловський

    Вадім Павловський

    Mese fa

    Даю 100% гарантию, что стол делался на заказ! Но мужики - вы супер!
    Описали бы ещё затраты на его изготовление по материалам и по финансам, то было бы ваще круто!
    Но стол - всем верстакам фора!...)))
    Удачи вам!

  • K LE

    K LE

    4 giorni fa

    Cool, how long were your screws? They seem to be really long to screw into the edge of a 2x4.