Pubblicato il 3 lug 2021
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Mon run complet de la Mountain Of Hell 2021! Troisième VICTOIRE d'affilée avec des pointes de vitesse encore au dessus des 100km/h!!
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Grosse bataille avec Baptiste Gaillot sur toute la deuxième partie de course! Rien n'était gagné avant de franchir la ligne d'arrivée... Un grand bravo aux 600 participants, organisateurs, bénévoles et spectateurs! C'était la folie!
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Kilian Bron
Kilian Bron
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  • Koenpdbmusic


    Let's just all appreciate the fact that he cleans the camera multiple times too make sure that we can see clear

  • K.C Rio

    K.C Rio

    I almost cried just by hearing you breathe. That's a real hardwork. You deserve every bit.

  • Ada Garcia

    Ada Garcia

    4 ore fa

    Concepts, Perception, amor,

  • Emory Daniel

    Emory Daniel

    Not gonna lie, that little “woo” moment at

  • Quoth 73

    Quoth 73

    I find this amazing. Not only the speed and the skill to traverse the course so seemlessly, but also the insane changes in terrain and scenery through the decent which must make it all the more exillerating and challenging.

  • Mystixor


    Dude that shortcut at

  • Benjamin Fairchild

    Benjamin Fairchild

    These are the only types of videos, where I don't mind someone breathing in my ears for almost 30 minutes straight. Fucking amazing!

  • Predictor Bibulous

    Predictor Bibulous


  • Tibi Cheia

    Tibi Cheia

    I cannot believe my eyes.... this is insane ..... my stomach almost hurt from the stress and the nervousness I had watching the track. Awesome!

  • Holly Taylor

    Holly Taylor

    21 giorno fa

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.

  • NaturalMystic


    Wow, sincere congratulations to everyone who raced this. The endurance level has to be off the chart! I think I got my cardio in for the week just watching this!

  • Chad Helvey

    Chad Helvey

    I just found these MOH videos 2 days ago and I can't stop watching them. I hope to one day participate in this race. Well done Killian and thanks for always cleaning the lens! And the short cut at

  • Reply to this if you have dumb

    Reply to this if you have dumb

    “He’s been tailing this guy for the past 7 minutes, how is this the winning run?”

  • infidel900rr


    12 ore fa

    This is so intense, with the helicopter sounds overhead, the guy right on your tail, the speed, the terrain... Holy hell dude, you guys are nuts!

  • jackattack20000


    The diversity of the course is astounding. The microsecond corrections needed to run this at those speeds speaks of true dedication and raw talent.

  • spartanical


    that was a beautiful run. even when you had great leads, you never stopped pushing. that was a win well earned!

  • Vanessa Gonzales

    Vanessa Gonzales

    Eres un ídolo

  • Bill Granddaddy

    Bill Granddaddy

    That was an incredible run! I've seen some other runs, but this course was the toughest and your skill is the best!

  • bryan


    love how he really studied the course, where to take shortcuts and just rode confidently.

  • bad santa

    bad santa

    Это было круто, я смотрел и переживал за каждым движением, особенно возле мостов.