200IQ Warzone Plays That Will BLOW YOUR MIND! #2

Pubblicato il 23 feb 2021
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WARZONE - Top Call of Duty Plays - When Warzone players are 200IQ 🤯

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Top Call of Duty Plays
  • Top Call of Duty Plays

    Top Call of Duty Plays

    7 mesi fa

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      5 mesi fa

      @matzzW lpiipippimlilpm.

    • Bush Wookie

      Bush Wookie

      6 mesi fa

      @Khundkar Georgis it’s sad no one answered your question

    • Ben Over

      Ben Over

      6 mesi fa

      Warzone iis trash

    • AIRBORN915


      7 mesi fa

      CRONUSMAX at its finest 🤣🚮



      7 mesi fa

      Congratulations sister!

  • Perfect10


    Giorno fa

    A whole lot of wall hacks in use...

  • Maul


    6 giorni fa

    See when I try stuff like this I get shot from behind 😂

  • Andrew Sutton

    Andrew Sutton

    7 giorni fa

    So many fucking hackers in 1 clip. Not one legit kill was had

  • Don Cole

    Don Cole

    9 giorni fa

    I'm pretty sure I'm on of these people getting played.

  • Peyayon


    9 giorni fa


  • jean peltant

    jean peltant

    12 giorni fa

    how they did that ?

  • J. Will

    J. Will

    14 giorni fa

    13:05 😆



    Mese fa

    The guy following the trio lmao that was epic



    Mese fa

    Look at me I'm a streamer, streaming the same fucking game 500,000 other people stream. Lol

  • #FuckVegans


    Mese fa

    3:40 did y'all notice the boat

  • Jordan Jackson

    Jordan Jackson

    Mese fa

    4:55 he thought he got away 😂😂

  • Carden Lim

    Carden Lim

    Mese fa

    14:21 this man is from the matrix, dodging flying object.

  • 8 ball

    8 ball

    Mese fa

    5:44 the shit i hate about warzone.

  • morningstaR x

    morningstaR x

    Mese fa

    Riot shield players are objectively the worst human beings on the planet.
    So fucking stupid looking

  • The Infinite Mag

    The Infinite Mag

    Mese fa

    these are good but I think we can all agree some of these are just good plays by streamers on high IQ plays

  • snois2


    Mese fa

    13:08 is just hilarious

  • RedFalcon VFX

    RedFalcon VFX

    Mese fa

    Miss this shit

  • Jacob A

    Jacob A

    Mese fa

    I'm here because I sold my console and wish I had it now.

  • BrainTherapyGames


    Mese fa

    This clip is next level!

  • DamnFam


    Mese fa

    Kis magyar zászlók😳😫💪

  • Amp


    Mese fa

    lmao these clips suck i literally do this every game smh

  • Joseo 03

    Joseo 03

    Mese fa

    How can i get lobbies like this God

  • BoykaYT


    Mese fa

    Wow 😳 those r some serious skills man🤌😎

  • BlueProductionz


    Mese fa

    Some of these people must have super eye sight if they can see an enemy from so far away lol. I couldn't see anything 😂😂

  • The secret of survival_TV

    The secret of survival_TV

    Mese fa

    Professional video Mizari hot time continue ❤

  • Jeremy Bruce

    Jeremy Bruce

    Mese fa

    a lot of these fools jus camping or sneak up behind

  • Ryan Ilas

    Ryan Ilas

    2 mesi fa

    dont be shy, show us the rest of the first clip

  • Lodda Chicken

    Lodda Chicken

    2 mesi fa


  • Gannon Sigler

    Gannon Sigler

    2 mesi fa

    Imagine being at the abortion center with your mom the you just hear “be advised your teammate got his ass kicked in there”

  • VHS over DVDs frfr

    VHS over DVDs frfr

    2 mesi fa

    1:23 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jonathan Armenta

    Jonathan Armenta

    2 mesi fa

    16:36 LMFAO 🤣👏👏

  • Jackie-boy


    2 mesi fa

    I didn't realize that I watched all of this... it's a school night

  • Josiahanddevin Martinez

    Josiahanddevin Martinez

    2 mesi fa

    Smh. Im annoyed at the fact that this has so much video but not enough comentary from the gamers😘💌💝🗽💙🌨🐒🐷😭

  • WingsOfFreedom 876

    WingsOfFreedom 876

    2 mesi fa


  • Sauce2Different


    2 mesi fa

    3:18 there’s literally a dead body on the top of the helicopter🤔

  • Gaz-75W


    2 mesi fa

    Literal rat plays some of these, nothing to be proud of playing like a pest.

  • R4g3Qu!7


    2 mesi fa

    yOOOOOOO! ;O

  • mesii entomal

    mesii entomal

    2 mesi fa

    any console = 30 fps

  • Nemowhitefish03 :3c

    Nemowhitefish03 :3c

    2 mesi fa

    This is big brain time.

  • Mr.BadInternet


    2 mesi fa

    15:37 sus aim bud



    2 mesi fa

    17:13 Malayaalis spotted 😀❤️

  • 滿葉星辰


    2 mesi fa


  • Adam Ant

    Adam Ant

    2 mesi fa

    Barely a missed shot in there, seems legit.

  • Fatih AKBULUT

    Fatih AKBULUT

    2 mesi fa

    End musıc ?

  • ADDVersity


    2 mesi fa

    Man really missed a snipe on a non moving target🤣 25:00



    2 mesi fa


  • Bionic Tdb

    Bionic Tdb

    2 mesi fa

    you are such a hacker. POS.

  • R.j. Brown

    R.j. Brown

    2 mesi fa

    Does anybody know if there's a advantage being on PC vs console. I feel like the way there moving most are on pc

  • Thomas Kaludis

    Thomas Kaludis

    2 mesi fa


  • SPMO47


    2 mesi fa

    So satisfying too hear these campers rage 32:05

  • Changeling35:34


    3 mesi fa

    Everyone is a try hard on this game

  • Carlos Cantrell

    Carlos Cantrell

    3 mesi fa

    @ 9:50 Was crazy

  • Red_Fuzz _Gaming

    Red_Fuzz _Gaming

    3 mesi fa

    Me: watches first clip.
    Also me: 👍

  • Артем Масляєв

    Артем Масляєв

    3 mesi fa


  • beardedjudd03


    3 mesi fa

    seeing the lobbies these people get in im about to tank my shit

  • Gui GOOD MOD

    Gui GOOD MOD

    3 mesi fa


  • tony


    3 mesi fa

    1:01 what gun is that

  • Hello yes

    Hello yes

    3 mesi fa

    Earlier today I downed someone as he threw c4 at me, his teammate was about to run me over, I shot the c4, killing them both.

  • Verum fabula

    Verum fabula

    3 mesi fa

    Assassinc Creed: Цфкящту

  • Travis Ferguson

    Travis Ferguson

    3 mesi fa

    Bro that riot shield play where he laid down to cover himself was 3000 IQ

  • Nitin Jadhav

    Nitin Jadhav

    3 mesi fa

    3:55 as thought

  • Barrett Ferrell

    Barrett Ferrell

    3 mesi fa

    That clip by AXR95 made me understand how bad some players really are those guys he killed were worse than bots. my game must be glitching because people shoot me

  • Nickolas Von

    Nickolas Von

    3 mesi fa

    2:40 hahahahahaha



    3 mesi fa

    @28:53 .. that looks suspicious af lol

  • Rogerio elias

    Rogerio elias

    3 mesi fa

    Mano o cara não acerta cabeça e mata muito rápido não entendo isto eu não erro tiros e mesmo assim não conheço nem uma arma no warzone que derrube tão rápido a menos que o cara esteja sem blindagens.

  • Stephanie Keane

    Stephanie Keane

    3 mesi fa

    Absolutely ✅what happened to mine but with the help of *webdrone_max* 💪on *!G* I GOT mine.🙏

  • Stephanie Keane

    Stephanie Keane

    3 mesi fa

    Are you having any kind of issues with your account (any kind)? DM *webdrone_max* 🇺🇸on *ℹ️G* He is the best 🔝for account fixing and retrieving. 💯

  • Woody Storey

    Woody Storey

    3 mesi fa

    Stop using the Glock 9mm….use the 1911 as your sidearm, 45 is way more powerful

  • Count_Zer0


    3 mesi fa

    Reverse boosting

  • Crab Lord Quan

    Crab Lord Quan

    3 mesi fa

    my computer cant even run videos of warzone..when i play my cpu is at 100 percent. death it is.



    3 mesi fa

    epic clips, I have some like that too.

  • Joshua Mclean

    Joshua Mclean

    3 mesi fa

    Looks like doors are for the weak. 🤣

  • Hassan Eid

    Hassan Eid

    3 mesi fa

    Wow its so amazing wow wow

  • Ergo


    3 mesi fa

    so, rotating is a 200IQ move now?

  • birisi işte

    birisi işte

    3 mesi fa

    00:09 F button is died

  • Hanbill


    3 mesi fa

    9:41 that was just evil

  • sayan sana

    sayan sana

    3 mesi fa

    The organic boat infrequently change because peer-to-peer early hang before a drab point. insidious, jolly hobbies

  • Slumy


    3 mesi fa

    14:28 imagine getting exploded to death you land on your back with your ass exposed and feet on your face. Mega OOF

  • Swing For Game

    Swing For Game

    3 mesi fa

    9:49 he straight held him underwater

  • Ashton Ramsey

    Ashton Ramsey

    3 mesi fa

    why didnt the dude at 2:18 just move

  • zaglotext


    4 mesi fa

    4:12 me wonder if the military ever did that?

  • Make Punk Rock Great Again

    Make Punk Rock Great Again

    4 mesi fa

    Apparently jumping in windows is high iq now

  • Billy Thekid

    Billy Thekid

    4 mesi fa

    I love watching the other players play but damn the Moding does anybody play legit anymore do you even know what legit means lol

  • Veli-Petteri Isoaho

    Veli-Petteri Isoaho

    4 mesi fa


  • pulou fifue

    pulou fifue

    4 mesi fa

    The tested geology correlatively empty because atm differently sail opposite a honorable winter. knowing, far chill



    4 mesi fa

    9:53 what kind of asshole you gotta be to take someone out like that 😂 uninstall

  • jas renfro

    jas renfro

    4 mesi fa

    "Let's go baby!" *missile locked*

  • Robbie Shiloh Blake Cuenca-Pepito

    Robbie Shiloh Blake Cuenca-Pepito

    4 mesi fa

    dude the first clip i did it my first time I litterly froze it isn't easy as it looks

  • Lionheart


    4 mesi fa

    5:37 such a clean kill

  • Human Being

    Human Being

    4 mesi fa

    14:20 amazing close engine.

  • vletsy


    4 mesi fa

    why are all the people in this video that get killed super low skille dam i the only on who get is like playing warzone in lobby's of pros hahaha

  • Anju Gohil

    Anju Gohil

    4 mesi fa

    Intro song name

  • Jeremiah Umar

    Jeremiah Umar

    4 mesi fa

    Mine was successfully recovered by 360sheiltec on Instagram for helping me retrieve my hacked account.

  • Jose Antelo

    Jose Antelo

    4 mesi fa

    The lackadaisical cattle erroneously brush because typhoon primarily decorate down a humdrum decade. squalid, cooing penalty

  • E.m agri

    E.m agri

    4 mesi fa

    Good video

  • ガガ


    4 mesi fa

    1:53 special forces

  • Angelo Iannazzo

    Angelo Iannazzo

    4 mesi fa


  • Brittany Hernandez

    Brittany Hernandez

    4 mesi fa


  • Alberto Vázquez arellano

    Alberto Vázquez arellano

    4 mesi fa

    13:50 falla 3 escopetazos pero si mete un tiro con el sniper xd