Bills vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2022
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Commenti: 4 700  
  • JiDion


    Greatest playoff game I've ever watched!!!!

  • Animal Channel

    Animal Channel

    Every single game this weekend was an absolute thriller no matter what team fan you are. I mean wow!! 🔥

  • Gabe Erwin

    Gabe Erwin

    This game was insane! Both teams crushed it and should be proud.

  • Hope Clayburn

    Hope Clayburn

    My gosh! These have to be some of the best playoff games in NFL history! Every yard, every penalty, every dropped ball, every missed kick can equal defeat. Love it!!!

  • Kyle Karweik

    Kyle Karweik

    This game was incredible! Sucks someone had to lose. Huge respect to Kansas City for reaching their 4th straight AFC Championship. They are a very special group.

  • Kenneth Oliver

    Kenneth Oliver

    I have been watching football for forty two years and this has been the most thrilling 4 games of football in two days I have ever seen!

  • Davo Migo

    Davo Migo

    Ive Watched Some Of The Best Football Of My Life In The Last 2 Days!!

  • Desmond Tharp

    Desmond Tharp

    I can’t imagine how stressed the fans for each of these teams were.

  • Diveloved19


    Most craziest game ever! Worth remembering!Shout out to both teams for such a great game! I felt like I was watching a Super Bowl !

  • Papiojen Jones

    Papiojen Jones

    Being a Chiefs fan, I had several heart attacks during this game!

  • Peyton Riddle

    Peyton Riddle

    Feel the worst for Josh Allen. He's a dawg and did what he could. But. Mahomes showed why he's the highest paid tonight. His ability to see the whole field and keep his accuracy while scrambling is unmatched.

  • Benaiah12


    As a chiefs fan I understand bills fans pain about OT rules. 3 years ago we lost to Brady and the patriots because we didn’t get the ball in overtime. Same happened to Rodgers against the Seahawks in 2014. The rules should be changed but I don’t think they will 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  • Gavin May

    Gavin May

    15 ore fa

    best game ive ever seen



    Was on the edge of my seat the whole game, Mahomes, Kelce and Hill were so clutch tonight.. let's go Chiefs 🏆🏆🤘

  • Bearsfan247


    This game was absolutely fantastic. Allen and Mahomes going back and forth in a classic, Can't wait to see more of Allen vs Mahomes These 2 will be like Brady vs manning and continue to give us more epic battles!

  • Aeneas McClure

    Aeneas McClure

    Coming from a Cheifs Fan since Alex Smith and Charles ….13 seconds left I thought it was over and suddenly this new group surprises me every week wow what a game congrats to the Bills best game I’ve seen since the Rams vs Chiefs . Wow so proud of this chiefs team wow the secondary clearly needa Matthieu but wow wow wow

  • Dylan Williams

    Dylan Williams

    This rivalry is gonna be like the Colts vs Patriots for all those years. Can’t wait to watch these 2 teams play again.

  • Wayne Johanson

    Wayne Johanson

    What a classic game. On of the best I have ever seen. I knew in my heart that game was not over with 13 seconds left. I said to myself they will somehow kick a field goal and send this into O.T. I should wish the other team could have had the ball in O.T. to see if they could have tied the game up and to keep it going.

  • Goated Dude

    Goated Dude

    15 ore fa

    I don’t think there is any other weekend ever that compares with this one for football. I am amazed with this divisional round and we will continue to talk about it for many years to come.

  • Nkosinati


    Best game I've EVER seen, hands down.