Is it possible to beat Pokemon X if trainers are all LVL 100?

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2021
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Pokemon X/Y are just too easy. You get over-levelled so fast! I fixed that.

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      Well yes, but no

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    Since when u got that colored hair

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    Just grind it's not that hard.

  • Pokerポーカー


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    the only hard thing about this game is the AZ arc hits hard

  • Ridzuanudin Rowther

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    Chad bro bee :v

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    Good video as always Smallant :)

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    Gen 6 ❤️

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    Todd Morgan

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    Nope it's not and people need to stop doing this in fan games it ruins the game

  • zildjian1884


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    growing up? i was in college when this came out

  • Fernando Ga

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    34:58 C'MON!!! ... YEAAAH LET'S GOOOOO O O O O O O O O O O O ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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    i would think you would want the grass pokemon for hes shield move and status moves.

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    Fletchling must be a native species to kalos using guillotine

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    Imagine he does this, BUT ITS A NUZLOKE

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    Imagine you gain only 5 xp each battle

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    I’ve gotten so used to watching streams and vods that the voice over startled me 😂

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    "pkmn x and y i played this game so much growing up" welp i felt old

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    Took him so long he grew a mustache.

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    Never knew you could just leave the PokeBall factory

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    what emulator is he using

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    I wouldn’t have the patience he’s a better man than me

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    Started the video: "I played X and Y a lot while growing up."
    Me: growing up? They only came out a few years ago....'checks internet'.....2013 holy shit its been 8 years already since X and Y

  • Sonny Avey

    Sonny Avey

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    I love how the rock gym leaders pokemon didn't even have rock type moves

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    shidninja sounds aloot like sh*t ninja

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    The fact that Combee was the one blocking you his hilarious... look at that smug fuck's face!

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    This was legit amazing

  • Ayaan Nair

    Ayaan Nair

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    Ahhhh yes, poisoning your opponent and watching them slowly die while they can't hit you, my favorite strategy. all jokes aside that shedinja is the most terrifying thing in the pokemon universe

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    That vid was amazing brother

  • Kwame T

    Kwame T

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    X and Y was a beautiful game but sooo easy man

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    Is it just me or does x y look better then some of the more modern games



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    And I thought DanteRavioli was a mad lad with his Resident Evil challenges. You're like the Pokemon challenge equivalent to him. Both mad lads.

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    GULPIN DEEZ NUTS -twitch chat

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    Up until this point I think I only played 4th gen Pokémon and I'm just fucking bamboozled how the last Gym leader can only have fucking 3 Pokémon. Like wtf? xD

  • Matthew Chen

    Matthew Chen

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    isnt this basically pacifist except harder?

  • Zedrik Allen

    Zedrik Allen

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    Why is Gyarados not Mega Evolving?

  • Zedrik Allen

    Zedrik Allen

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  • ayylmao18


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    that "say hi to your mom for me" at 1:36 really hits differently after the savage ass beating she gave with her fucking level 100 starter 💀 sounds way more like a taunt than a legitimately friendly sentence LMAO

  • GodCoreVT


    2 giorni fa

    Smallant: “discharge Pokémon”
    Siri: according to medical-
    Smallant: *no, not that kind of discharge*

  • Ludricus F.C

    Ludricus F.C

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    I absolutely love this one XD

  • Baul Plart

    Baul Plart

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    Kinda dumb you duplicated the tms unless you can do that with no hacks

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  • Ledengary


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    Nice Vid
    I think he didn't mega evolve Gyarados, because its a dark type in the mega form and Shedinja is bug type

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    help me reach 30k

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    kaboem gaming

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    For me it took an intire two weeks to figure out how to get out of the forest,heck I didn’t even do it myself

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    this is awesome

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    This video cam out 11 days after my birthday and my birthday is in 9th august sooo oof

  • Abid. Hussain.

    Abid. Hussain.

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    Fun fact: the beautiful pokemon vivillion has the same pokedex number is the same as the devils number

  • Nicholas Tsinwntas

    Nicholas Tsinwntas

    3 giorni fa

    WHAT KIND OF A MAD GENIUS ARE YOU! this was the most interesting playthrough I have ever seen. Actually made the game so interesting

  • ebrahim albanna

    ebrahim albanna

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    bro this is insaneeeeeeeee

  • breh


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    "I'm abandoning Lucario"
    *Lucario lovers aggressively typing*

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    az 077

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    4:04 What 9+10?

    • Leonel


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  • Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny

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    Who knew a little bee would cause so much trouble

  • Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny

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    These challenges are so unnecessarily extra and I love it

  • GenericDPS


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    "Pokémon X and Y; I played these games a lot *growing up* -"
    Ah, yes, this is what old age feels like.

  • ChickenWithAGlock


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    what if you did a pokemon BDSP but all trainers have real tournamet kind competetive teams ...oh wait the elite four there already has tht nvm

  • M4j3stic C4pyb4r4

    M4j3stic C4pyb4r4

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    You can skip the master ball!?

  • Codakk


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  • AFunkyHypnoCat


    3 giorni fa

    smallant: is 25 years old
    pokemon x & y: came out in 2013
    also smallant: I played these a lot growing up

  • JayJonesR.Gaming


    3 giorni fa

    10:45 - plot twist, the Lumiose city “blackout” is a cover up, they’re actually setting up the 5G towers (which we all know are for MIND CONTROL) back there 😂

  • Pikaahhh


    3 giorni fa

    playing pokemon x/y with pokemon sword/shield music playing

  • Duty Internal

    Duty Internal

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    woop woop would have wooped bidoof

  • Bray Wilson Bray Wilson

    Bray Wilson Bray Wilson

    3 giorni fa

    personally, id say no. but i want to see what you come up with, impress me
    edit: ok first battle, im impressed, keep it up
    edit: ok first gym trainer, nice nice
    edit: elite 4 ive been impressed but beat them ant boy
    edit: the power point situation, creative, good solution
    edit: ended the video, am thoroughly impressed

  • WesTheMess


    3 giorni fa

    And then I remembered that I never beat the elite four and will never get the attempt to ever again

  • Devlin F

    Devlin F

    3 giorni fa

    Wouldn't snapping the infinity gauntlet twice technically wipe out 3/4 of the universe instead of all of it?

  • Sper


    3 giorni fa

    I never realised how much I had overlooked Sheddinja until now, never knew it was actually pretty useful

  • riley burton

    riley burton

    4 giorni fa

    why no just a fullteam of destiny bond pokemon with one shedninja

  • Conor Neligan

    Conor Neligan

    4 giorni fa

    did he beat AZ though

  • Spencer Blanchard

    Spencer Blanchard

    4 giorni fa

    The MVP's were of course the pidgys

  • PokèSnom


    4 giorni fa

    The only pokemon game that gets easier the farther you go...

  • Cole Beck

    Cole Beck

    4 giorni fa

    Why did shednja look like ninjask when it first evolved?

  • genji overwatch

    genji overwatch

    4 giorni fa

    burnt chicken nugget houndor

  • Dustin Leonard

    Dustin Leonard

    4 giorni fa

    How did you get all the Pokemon in the game to get to level 100 ???

  • YoshiD23


    4 giorni fa

    honestly, this is amazing and interesting. Good job, Ant!

  • Zero


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    "I played pokemon x a lot in my childhood".. but it came out 8 years ago.. Man that shit makes you feel old.

  • Moonguy35


    4 giorni fa

    "and poison to finish off the snowflake" someone's gonna pull that out of context

  • Spectacticals


    4 giorni fa

    now, beat the Nuzlocke version of it :)

  • HalfDecentStrange


    4 giorni fa

    Challenge Idea: Pokémon Pacifist Run

  • random acc

    random acc

    4 giorni fa

    next thing you know the new pokemon game with a letter is gonna be pokemon abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

  • Ben B

    Ben B

    4 giorni fa

    I like replying to my own comment

    • Ben B

      Ben B

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  • OrcaStrike77


    4 giorni fa

    How the fuck is X and Y now 8 years old

  • MegaCloud05


    4 giorni fa

    Imo one thing X and Y got right was the pokeball animations. They were so simple and nice at the same time. Now they're more complicated.

  • Adithya Suresh

    Adithya Suresh

    4 giorni fa

    This reminds of the first time I played Leafgreen. I did not know about ethers or elixirs. Also I did not catch or train any pokemon cause I didn't know how to play clearly and only had one Blastoise. So I replaced its moveset with TMs in the Elite Four and eventually ended up winning against Gary with Hail damage...

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    You Think What

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  • Turquoise Angel

    Turquoise Angel

    4 giorni fa

    well, every *trainer* battle was level 100

  • Marc Silver

    Marc Silver

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  • Mandie Meow

    Mandie Meow

    4 giorni fa

    finally an intellectual about klefki

  • Godly Bot0

    Godly Bot0

    4 giorni fa

    hello what do you play on?

  • Oblivious Reason

    Oblivious Reason

    4 giorni fa

    Growing up? How old are you?

  • Miaruuu


    4 giorni fa

    The Chespin on the thumbnail looks like its smoking a fat blunt

  • Kira X

    Kira X

    4 giorni fa

    over 7 300 000 ppl wanna know if its possible? seriously?

  • facts


    4 giorni fa

    what emulator does he use?

  • sociallyawkard 567

    sociallyawkard 567

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    you would be good at smt challenge runs

  • Controller Thumbs

    Controller Thumbs

    4 giorni fa

    If you have a rattatta

  • Hayden Crow

    Hayden Crow

    5 giorni fa

    Ant: I played these games a lot '"growing up"
    gotta appeal to that younger audience lmao

  • Raining Unlimited

    Raining Unlimited

    5 giorni fa

    this is so amazing!