Someone like you & Rolling in the deep By Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011)

Pubblicato il 27 giu 2013
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Someone like you & Rolling in the deep By Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011)

Isuru Pannala
Isuru Pannala
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  • gisann ramharack

    gisann ramharack

    To me her live performances are at better than just her recorded version.. Man her voice is lifeee

  • Ayman Ali

    Ayman Ali

    It's a timeless song and she is just a legend

  • christynova tannada

    christynova tannada

    2021 and i still find this is the best live performance 🥺❤️

  • lesoka piet

    lesoka piet

    she's just amazing, pure talent!

  • Birgit Kleinmann

    Birgit Kleinmann

    Das Konzert war der Hammer ich hab es online gesehen adele singt mit so viel Emotionen und ihrer göttlichen Stimme bringt adele die Welt zum weinen einfach super danke 🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖🇩🇪

  • LS Sea

    LS Sea

    Adele's lyrics and singing make me stop! Listen as I remember back as I sing along and become spell-bound !!!

  • Clasheur Independent

    Clasheur Independent

    for me it's the song of the century, Adele has to sing with the heart for the hearts, the music remains the only way to unite the hearts and the people whatever their colors or their religions, Adele we love you from Kingdom of Morocco ❤️❤️ 🥺🥺

  • Laura Hernández

    Laura Hernández

    To me her best life performance so far and way better than the studio version if that's possible ❤️

  • Jose Lozano

    Jose Lozano

    Bella mujer, con voz de ensueño.

  • Moathkh


    This is best performance for adele at all ❤️❤️

  • david white

    david white

    What a fantastic song and performance.

  • Ashish Shirsat

    Ashish Shirsat

    With a voice and feel like that all she needed was a piano! Love Adele!

  • виталий кузьмич

    виталий кузьмич

    Божественный голос.



    I made one big mistake in my life with a past relationship, I didn’t try hard enough. That ship has set sail now and this song hits me to the heart because i realize it every time i hear this song.

  • Farid Fardiansyah

    Farid Fardiansyah

    Can't imagine adele and celine dion in one stage,how amazing thats

  • Impreza Theme

    Impreza Theme

    This is amazing!

  • Bob M

    Bob M

    Simply amazing.

  • eWeb9ja Web Design

    eWeb9ja Web Design

    so amazing and emotional, beautiful song

  • kramnik


    Адель, вы просто прекрасны!

  • XXX


    Najpięknieszy koncert świata ❤️