I make a blade from a stalagmite that has grown under the grinder.

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2022
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Is it even possible to use a stalagmite? I didn’t know until the end whether it would be possible to cement the stalagmite to the full depth in order to restore the burnt metal to steel. Cementation was carried out for six hours, carburetor - charcoal powder, activator - salicylic acid.
Tea: Bedouin tea. Sennae fructus.
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  • Parrish Turner

    Parrish Turner

    I love how this man just uses bladesmithing to show off his tea collection.

  • Cory Noah Mac

    Cory Noah Mac

    What a very well ‘seasoned’ blade smith this guy is

  • RocRolWriter


    The most fascinating part of this intriguing video is learning that stalagmites can form under a metal grinder. I now have many ideas for a fantasy sword 🤔

  • Don N

    Don N

    Beautiful craftsmanship! And a sincere thank you for actually dimming the welding shots! Watching videos in the dark and getting flash-banged is dreadful.

  • jack smith

    jack smith

    Im new to your channel and just want to say your work is amazing. I seen this video and the meteorite damascus and wow, just simply amazing. I seen you are in Ukraine. I hope you are safe and doing well. Cant wait to see more of your vids but your safety and well being are top priority. Also, another viewer commented he has a much bigger piece of stalagmite to make a whole blade from it and will send to you for free. That would be really cool. Stay safe man. I hope all is well with you in this unfortunate time

  • TadpoleOfDoom


    The pepper slices give it +10 fire damage

  • Brandon Brown

    Brandon Brown

    Got a much larger stalagmite on my chop saw you could most likely make the full blade with and have very little other metal. Should be cool to have the entire blade with that look. I'd be happy to send it for free.

  • CT-7731


    You can technically call the blade "the grinder core" because the middle was made using a stalagmite that formed under a grinder

  • K9insomniac


    What a beautiful blade. Never ceases to amaze me, the talent people possess.

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

    I have loved watching your videos for many years now. Thank you for providing a great service to blade aficionados everywhere.

  • schrodingersDipshit


    a very clever and poetic method of blade-smithing! a single blade containing the history of the hundreds that came before it.

  • Shadowmech88


    Did the stalagmite end up being more decorative than functional? It looks like most of the blade ended up being the metal box in which the stalagmite was encased.

  • Des1redLearnz


    That has to be one of the most powerful blades ever forged. Being forged from the guts of former blades that wheel has destroyed. Im surprised the wheel didnt shatter under the strain.

  • Aldo Fernandez

    Aldo Fernandez

    Buenas tardes señor, excelente trabajo, es increíble las cosas que hacen los artesanos ucranianos, en todas las actividades (simples o complejas) muestran un gran desempeño y talento.

  • VoteForPedro


    The final pattern almost looks like wood grain. Could you imagine a metal tree though 😳



    I was gonna say “i like the part where he warns us not to do this at home” and then I realized uh, no, he didn’t say that, its 4 am and I’m so tired that I’m experiencing auditory hallucinations

  • Matui69


    Enjoy watching your blade making videos more than any others, only downside is they are too short.

  • Geral Hammonds

    Geral Hammonds

    So many questions, I feel like a caveman seeing 🔥 for the first time. The whole process was amazing. 😎

  • Chris Green

    Chris Green

    You could make progressively smaller blades from the smaller stalagmites that grow from the grindings of this blade's creation

  • Glen Everett

    Glen Everett

    That is a truly amazing looking blade!!!! Forget "normal" Damascus blades, that's what I want to make...... this could take a long time just to make the stalagmite 🤔😄