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Pubblicato il 27 mar 2021
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Mv Ryhan
  • Douglas SC

    Douglas SC

    Ora fa

    Pésima actuación. 🤾🤧

  • Vika Knyazyan

    Vika Knyazyan

    2 ore fa


  • Flavio Barnabei

    Flavio Barnabei

    2 ore fa

    Questa risata e questi video solo certi popoli li fanno. Fatevi una domanda. Che tristezza

  • Chandra Het

    Chandra Het

    2 ore fa


  • da nah

    da nah

    3 ore fa


  • soccer Stars

    soccer Stars

    3 ore fa


  • Fg Lovers592

    Fg Lovers592

    3 ore fa

    Setingan 😑

  • Ashwani Aggarwal

    Ashwani Aggarwal

    5 ore fa

    The woman was like come and cut this I am waiting for you

  • Nirmala Mohanty

    Nirmala Mohanty

    5 ore fa


  • siti Ct

    siti Ct

    5 ore fa


  • Divya pal

    Divya pal

    5 ore fa

    Aisa lg rha vo jaan re thi.. Sahi se acting ni ki

  • Angel Flores

    Angel Flores

    7 ore fa

    Igkgkgkgkgkgkgkgk que no

  • Dyllan Mcafee

    Dyllan Mcafee

    7 ore fa

    Woman: ima just go deaf blind and stupid real quick

  • washing machine

    washing machine

    7 ore fa

    This is the dumbest thing ever.

  • Pat Trebble

    Pat Trebble

    8 ore fa

    This is so dumb! Why do we watch this!?!??!

  • سيف سعد

    سيف سعد

    8 ore fa


  • love_beatbox


    9 ore fa

    i am still wondering where is the funny part

  • حمودي الخفاجي

    حمودي الخفاجي

    9 ore fa


  • Emily Lucas

    Emily Lucas

    9 ore fa

    How does she not notice the car, camera man, and the fact that her bag now weighs less?

  • BonelessYEET 69

    BonelessYEET 69

    9 ore fa

    Her brain must not work right because how in all hell did she not feel the bag get lighter or feel the dude move it

  • Safari Drummer

    Safari Drummer

    10 ore fa

    Yea right

  • Luis Luis

    Luis Luis

    10 ore fa


  • Neil Kimathi

    Neil Kimathi

    10 ore fa

    The woman chasing him for no reason like she knew it was stolen

  • Cauã Lucas

    Cauã Lucas

    10 ore fa


  • Mylesfest


    11 ore fa

    The sound effects are great
    Sound designer must've taken YEARS

  • uwu's mobile gaming

    uwu's mobile gaming

    11 ore fa

    Sorry agian phone for wasting your battery by watching shit

  • Lucas. M

    Lucas. M

    11 ore fa

    I lose 1 IQ everytime I watch one of these videos.

  • Reginald Fevil

    Reginald Fevil

    11 ore fa


  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

    12 ore fa


  • نور نور

    نور نور

    12 ore fa


  • Ajla Alabaku

    Ajla Alabaku

    12 ore fa


  • MagnvsMarcvs


    12 ore fa


  • Mishel anahi Ruiz balcazar

    Mishel anahi Ruiz balcazar

    12 ore fa


  • Dade Dade

    Dade Dade

    13 ore fa


  • Aayushi Zain

    Aayushi Zain

    13 ore fa

    And this is the reason why tiktok was banned!

  • Dominique Mendes

    Dominique Mendes

    13 ore fa


  • Jhonty Road

    Jhonty Road

    14 ore fa


  • Sofia Lungrin

    Sofia Lungrin

    14 ore fa

    5th St. Louis city council 8 pm

  • M1ZY4N_ 07

    M1ZY4N_ 07

    14 ore fa

    so staged 🤣🤣

  • вот пка

    вот пка

    14 ore fa


  • Tanner Holmes

    Tanner Holmes

    15 ore fa

    I understand it's fake. But can we demand a little more effort. I mean seriously.

  • Tariq Mahmood Arif

    Tariq Mahmood Arif

    15 ore fa


  • Markinhos Pachêco

    Markinhos Pachêco

    15 ore fa


  • Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    15 ore fa

    I honestly wonder what these people do for a living.

  • OwO


    15 ore fa

    I like how women is not even trying to act like talkin with phone
    Her mouth almost not moving

  • Usmanusman usman

    Usmanusman usman

    15 ore fa


  • sultan turkmenoglu

    sultan turkmenoglu

    15 ore fa

    Araba sesinden anlamıyor musun ki sonra niye ferlettin

    • sultan turkmenoglu

      sultan turkmenoglu

      15 ore fa


  • 카놀라유


    15 ore fa


  • Ali asba Aman

    Ali asba Aman

    15 ore fa

    Good night baby girl and her husband and father and mother and daughter OK cool thanks for your help and support the team and

  • lucas paulo

    lucas paulo

    15 ore fa

    Uma bosta! Alguém tem que avisar que não teve graça. 🇧🇷

  • نور عباس

    نور عباس

    15 ore fa


  • Hade Hade

    Hade Hade

    15 ore fa

    هل سيارا عندك لسا تسرق

  • يعقوب كامل

    يعقوب كامل

    15 ore fa




    16 ore fa


  • Easy Penups

    Easy Penups

    16 ore fa

    The camera man has finally attained the power of invisibility

    • • Leaf •

      • Leaf •

      10 ore fa


  • happytimz3


    16 ore fa

    Why is shit like this on youtube and why in God's name is it recommended to me. Fucking go back to tiktok.

  • nasreen rizvibrz

    nasreen rizvibrz

    16 ore fa

    One of the worst acting by the woman😂😂😂

  • Sharyar Kohli

    Sharyar Kohli

    16 ore fa

    I once read a Newton's law of force 😐😐

  • osT1930


    16 ore fa

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  • All Fasse

    All Fasse

    17 ore fa

    Uso o YouTube pra fugir do tik tok e ele me trai desse jeito

  • Xtylish Jawad

    Xtylish Jawad

    17 ore fa


  • Thằng Lườj

    Thằng Lườj

    17 ore fa

    Đoi nguoi ta cat song moi ruoc

  • Tudo Nerd

    Tudo Nerd

    17 ore fa

    woman talking on cell phone: in the middle of the street
    guy in the trunk: stealing feed
    Camera Man : invisible

  • Eka Farias

    Eka Farias

    17 ore fa

    Y el chiste se ve aparte? O lo tengo que descargar? Digo por que no lo veo,no da risa por eso

  • Dina H

    Dina H

    17 ore fa

    مسيحيي خينصخينصخصهنصمثمصمنثثصصخنققمصحتقىخةلىؤهبحىضميهي ك ب

  • a-kong Music

    a-kong Music

    17 ore fa

    wahaha yaws😂

  • Anomaly ッ

    Anomaly ッ

    18 ore fa

    Dj cook help meeeeee

  • Simonpaulcook41 Scook44810

    Simonpaulcook41 Scook44810

    18 ore fa

    Get a fucking job

  • Patrycja Gałązka

    Patrycja Gałązka

    18 ore fa

    Że lol

  • À. B. A

    À. B. A

    19 ore fa

    L'impossible on est pas con a ce point quand même.

  • Naia Khairiya

    Naia Khairiya

    19 ore fa

    Asg bj0😂🤪🤭😴

  • Russ Hardy

    Russ Hardy

    19 ore fa

    What is it with these completely unfunny videos with that twat voice fuckin shit

  • Ashok Kumar

    Ashok Kumar

    19 ore fa

    So funny that my laugh will arrive after 10 years.

  • Lemuel Gonzales

    Lemuel Gonzales

    20 ore fa


  • Kane Woolley

    Kane Woolley

    20 ore fa

    Why does this crap have so many likes????

  • Tito Dwi Laksono

    Tito Dwi Laksono

    21 ora fa

    POV you looking at the comments to get the actual content



    21 ora fa

    Cringe !

  • Manomani S

    Manomani S

    21 ora fa

    😂 haha

  • Safia Nourssine

    Safia Nourssine

    22 ore fa


  • Yambem Rosni

    Yambem Rosni

    23 ore fa


  • Laven Dlven

    Laven Dlven

    23 ore fa

    ولا هيك

  • Laven Dlven

    Laven Dlven

    23 ore fa


  • Mikołaj Drozdowski

    Mikołaj Drozdowski

    23 ore fa

    Bardzo śmieszne p

  • Bapak Hendrik

    Bapak Hendrik

    Giorno fa


  • عبود راكان

    عبود راكان

    Giorno fa


  • Rama Tecir

    Rama Tecir

    Giorno fa


  • Icilis mary Shabong

    Icilis mary Shabong

    Giorno fa

    That's why we should not be busy that much.

  • Doris


    Giorno fa

    This is what happens when the mom sniffs coke while being pregnant

  • Rômulo Matoso

    Rômulo Matoso

    Giorno fa

    Consegui chegar na última camada da deep web, é isso?!

  • Trần hoài Bảo Gia Khang

    Trần hoài Bảo Gia Khang

    Giorno fa


  • Luisianis Sinclai

    Luisianis Sinclai

    Giorno fa

    Cómo le van a ser eso

  • s das

    s das

    Giorno fa

    Driving a bmw to steal a pack of grains/nuts??? Cheapster of highest level.

  • Arvindchauhan Chauhan

    Arvindchauhan Chauhan

    Giorno fa

    Chutiya bana ne ka sub se achha tarika hai

  • Maulikrao Pawar

    Maulikrao Pawar

    Giorno fa


  • •._Norman_.•


    Giorno fa

    Definitely dosent notice some stupid a** is behind you cutting your beans 😃🔫

  • Jose Orellana

    Jose Orellana

    Giorno fa


  • Adisupriyanto Priyan

    Adisupriyanto Priyan

    Giorno fa


  • Suicune


    Giorno fa

    “Ah yes, let’s talk on the phone in the middle of the road. I’m safe here, nothing with TOTALLY go wrong!! ✨ “

  • Harrys Theodorakis

    Harrys Theodorakis

    Giorno fa

    try to laugh challenge 0.000000000000000000000000000,1 chance you'll laugh