1890 Cheese Wheel Cutter Restoration - Cast Iron

Pubblicato il 26 lug 2021
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Today I'm restoring an old country store cheese wheel cutter from 1890! It's made of solid cast iron and built to last. I started by sandblasting it to remove the rust, then powder coating to bring it back the shine. I cut the cheese!

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  • Ayte


    6 ore fa

    I love that they use all the original parts

  • Ben Mitchell

    Ben Mitchell

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    i know its been many months but look forward to another video when u got the time :)

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    JM B

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    Saving the screws.

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    • ConnerTheCrusader


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    • ConnerTheCrusader


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      damn millenials

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    • ConnerTheCrusader


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  • Erin Toal

    Erin Toal

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    That burger looks delish.

  • ni na

    ni na

    2 giorni fa

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  • Jonathan Dewar

    Jonathan Dewar

    2 giorni fa

    Yoooo, the cheese cutter is amazing and all (seriously), but can we walk about that perfectly baked cheesecake?

  • Little Sunshine

    Little Sunshine

    2 giorni fa

    O final me deu fome, mas eu adorei

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    Gremlon Stankyfoot

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  • ::Silly B. Swirls::

    ::Silly B. Swirls::

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    So when the stick is red that means I can lick it right

  • honda civic

    honda civic

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  • Another Guy Called Dan

    Another Guy Called Dan

    2 giorni fa

    The most beautiful cheese cutter I've ever seen.

  • Zerelebe


    3 giorni fa

    The forbidden circumciser.

  • Goat Monster Jas

    Goat Monster Jas

    3 giorni fa

    That heat device and rope was amazing! What is that called?

  • Лена Лисицкая

    Лена Лисицкая

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    :) im so happy

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    i like how quickly it changed to a cooking show

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    The Ring Magazine

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    Celestine Zayd

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  • Beth Boldman

    Beth Boldman

    4 giorni fa

    What do you do with all your restored treasures? Can I have this one? And your sandblaster?

  • Noah Smith

    Noah Smith

    4 giorni fa

    why did he do a lead test

  • Royal_KING


    5 giorni fa

    7:30 ذا يكح ولا يبخ

  • PullView Studios

    PullView Studios

    5 giorni fa

    Customer: can you restore this cheese wheel. It’s ancient..
    Me: builds a time machine goes back in time get the same cheese wheel when it was first made. Comes back spend two days watching YouTube. Then calls customer to come collect!...

  • Amiran Rogava

    Amiran Rogava

    5 giorni fa

    5,8 million people after wathing this: dude why the heck did i even watched this

  • Christine Melofchik

    Christine Melofchik

    5 giorni fa

    The food at the end was the best part and the rest was a bonus.😁

  • fReSh cArrot

    fReSh cArrot

    6 giorni fa

    Ohh I would use that as a cake cutter

  • AuroraGw2


    6 giorni fa

    Man's gonna to be eating cheese at every meal for the next 2 months

  • Ilyas


    6 giorni fa

    You should get an Award for this! Awesome Work 😍

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    Jose Luis Arco

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  • ヅJed


    6 giorni fa

    the moment you start making the food my stomach went into atoms

  • Bennys Studio

    Bennys Studio

    6 giorni fa

    4:10 what is the stuff he is using?🤨

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    Giagia Bings

    7 giorni fa

    Dont be shy cut some more

  • Sarah Shannon

    Sarah Shannon

    7 giorni fa

    I love that to stick with your show you still wore your black gloves but... I really hope you changed them 😂😂😂

  • ailcat


    7 giorni fa

    Perfect final!

  • Declan Griffin

    Declan Griffin

    7 giorni fa

    When the guy cooked the food he should have pi hed the idea to mcdonalds

  • marjo dolon

    marjo dolon

    7 giorni fa

    This restoration is very similar to my mechanics. good job!

  • Ember Winds

    Ember Winds

    7 giorni fa

    a gorgeous, awe inspiring restoration... didnt need to make me hungry at the end though. 😒(😜)

  • yahya brahmi

    yahya brahmi

    7 giorni fa

    Are the gloves for work or cooking?

  • Rob Leary

    Rob Leary

    7 giorni fa

    Fantastic!, the skills and techniques used are brilliant, but; who out there has the skill/expertise to cut a screw hole with a hand held power drill with a die on it?......

  • XxPhoenix MasterxX

    XxPhoenix MasterxX

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    I swear. Who else thought the title should’ve had “ASMR” in it? 😂

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    Darunee Jehnu

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    Felipe Lima

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    Amazing! Just a doubt: what reason to make a lead test in begin? If had a positive result, what change in procedure terms? Tks!

  • Kensie Corbin

    Kensie Corbin

    8 giorni fa

    Omg the way I was MESMERIZED by the paint changing color



    9 giorni fa

    I had a bad day at school, this restored it.

  • Annette Cheek

    Annette Cheek

    9 giorni fa

    I think you do amazing work on those items. Keep up the great work.

  • Dalmacio Velezsarfield

    Dalmacio Velezsarfield

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    Ian Lamb

    9 giorni fa

    I am actually most impressed with the nut and bolt restorations here. I mean have you got a tool for literally every job? Incredible. 👏

  • ObedienceToJesus


    9 giorni fa

    Beautiful restoration. I love seeing the transition from how damaged it was to the final result. Cool stuff, man!

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    Elena Porta

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    Claire Greenough

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    William afton

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    Ashley Wright

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    Ashley Wright

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    Ashley Wright

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  • Ashley Wright

    Ashley Wright

    11 giorni fa

    What an intricate job. Not for the novice. Impressive. Also, must have been extremely satisfying bringing it back to its original glory.

  • Ashley Wright

    Ashley Wright

    11 giorni fa

    And the cheese wheel was happy.

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    Lk Inx

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    Asia Steeghs

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    patrick vieira

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    Becky Keeler

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    Doe M

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    Miguel Cantú

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    Vayne Noara

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      Ashleen C.

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  • Magma Panda

    Magma Panda

    14 giorni fa

    Can't they cut the cheese with a knife back in 1890's. Its very easy and fast to cut cheese like that, just need a sharp knife.

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    Talha Qamar

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    Yayyyyyyy 😁😁😁😁

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    14 giorni fa

    Nice project, nice video, exceptional result. Then the food. My arteries clogged just watching it.



    15 giorni fa

    Not only is he beyond incredible with his restoration, but he's also an amazing cook!!! Learn something new everyday!!

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    エヌエー(ネフェル アズレさん)

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    Good job on the restoration! These types of vids have become my new favorite thing to watch.

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    Lily White

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