Wolverine 0-100!

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2022
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  • Jijo Varghese Jose

    Jijo Varghese Jose

    That's like saying when a Soilder gets old or injured he is no longer valuable and can be discarded

  • Ethan Wells

    Ethan Wells

    Dude, he’s old and fighting a younger clone of himself. Cut him some slack. Logan has more depth than any other wolverine movie, even tho I love them all.

  • Dexter


    Iron man dies

  • Dr Eyeballz

    Dr Eyeballz

    This guy missed the entire point of Logan

  • Dx Dx6

    Dx Dx6

    Vrdope: "Is this wolverine?"

  • Luan Santos De Souza

    Luan Santos De Souza

    This was the most heartbreaking Wolverine I've seen. Logan was amazing. It was not about the brutality of his claws, but the gentleness in his heart.

  • Yuyah


    This was the best Wolverine. His strength was in his heart not his claws.

  • drew johnson

    drew johnson

    “Does it hurt?”

  • Jonathan Guevara

    Jonathan Guevara

    Logan was one of the best yet saddest movies I’ve seen and the ending just made me tear up

  • 5 geese In a bucket

    5 geese In a bucket

    Never before have I seen someone misunderstand a movie so awfully in my entire life

  • kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek

    Logan ❤️ I loved that movie and was very emotional in the end 😭

  • Junaid Khan

    Junaid Khan

    The best concluded movie ever Logan ❤️ , there is no other film that ended the character story so well .

  • LukeSpaceRunner


    That is most definely Wolverine, he literally killed quite a few dozens of soldiers and fought a clone of himself into absolute exhaustion so that his daughter and her friends could have a chance to carry a good life, all while being terribly sick and almost 200 years old, he lived a warrior and died a hero

  • ThuleanPerspective Archive

    ThuleanPerspective Archive

    If you ever feel useless. Just remember you'll never be as useless as wolverine against magneto.

  • Zxzizza


    7 ore fa

    "is that Wolverine"?

  • Maayavi


    It is Wolverine . And it's his best fight ever ...

  • raincore


    Easiest "do not recommend" I've ever had to do.

  • savindu isanka

    savindu isanka

    Legend ❤️🔥

  • DragonballNerdTS


    Wolverine didnt die a coward, he died a hero protecting lives like a real hero would. May he rest within our hearts.

  • scizzynutz


    You showed my fav scenes. 💪 definitely my image of wolverine