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Pubblicato il 17 giu 2013
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Jordan B. Peterson is a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, and a clinical psychologist, with two main areas of study: the psychology of belief, including religion, mythology and political ideology; and the assessment and improvement of personality,
including the prediction of creativity and academic and industrial performance.

After completing his undergrad degree at Grande Prairie College and the University of Alberta, Dr. Peterson earned a Ph.D. in psychology at McGill in 1991, and was a post-doc at McGill's Douglas Hospital. In 1993, he joined the psychology faculty at Harvard. He moved to the University of Toronto in 1997. His work has been funded by SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC (major Canadian granting agencies), and the Rotman Business School Center for Integrative Thinking. He was nominated for the Levenson Prize at Harvard in 1998, and by TVO each year from 2005-2008 as one of Ontario's Best University Lecturers. He also serves as an essayist and panelist for TVO's The Agenda, a well-known Canadian current affairs program, and is a popular source of information for other media outlets, including TVO's Big Ideas, which has televised five of his lectures.

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  • puppetsock


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    Jordan Peterson is what a university professor is supposed to be.

    • Lucas Weismann

      Lucas Weismann

      Mese fa

      @Brendan M I think his genius is in his synthesis of deep and broad knowledge of humanity. It’s rare that someone discovered something so new in history. Most genius is in finding new ways to integrate what is known, or plumbing deeper depths.

    • Myles


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    • Donnie Shelton

      Donnie Shelton

      7 mesi fa

      @Rae Vandenberg I suspect Rae is a liberal upset with any person calling out the insanity of today’s leftist/socialist. That’s precisely what the brilliant Dr Peterson does.

    • Blue Ocean Window Cleaning

      Blue Ocean Window Cleaning

      9 mesi fa

      m m

    • Mike Brandenburg

      Mike Brandenburg

      Anno fa

      @Brendan M Spoken by someone who didn't do any research before speaking his mind.

  • Maria Sindile

    Maria Sindile

    6 anni fa

    He was my prof at UofT.. One of the BEST experiences in that university. He really made that year for me.

    • Ryan Stells

      Ryan Stells

      Mese fa

      Did you do well in university? If yes, how would you say he contributed to your academic success, if at all?

    • Carole Ribreau

      Carole Ribreau

      2 mesi fa

      lucky you !!!!!

    • Wisam Safi

      Wisam Safi

      3 mesi fa

      Lucky dog!(a cat is ok too)

    • Melissa


      7 mesi fa

      So lucky!!!

    • Paco Videla

      Paco Videla

      7 mesi fa

      Oh, what a great privilege! I’m happy for you! I hope you are now applying in your life at least a fraction of what he teaches! And that you are shining bright like a diamond 💎 as a result ;-)

  • loniousmonk


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    Train by day, Jordan Peterson lectures by night, all day!

    • Morris Paul

      Morris Paul

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    • Віталій Купрієнко

      Віталій Купрієнко

      Mese fa

      It doesn't go into that category "be a person who cares about you like you care about people you care about". I mean, sleep might be useful

    • Imraz Khan

      Imraz Khan

      Mese fa

      @G D lmfao! 🤣🤣

    • Imraz Khan

      Imraz Khan

      Mese fa

      Joe Rogan is lit lol.

    • Isaiah Flores

      Isaiah Flores

      5 mesi fa

      THIS YES MAN THIS !!!!

  • Pierina Camarena

    Pierina Camarena

    8 anni fa

    Going to take a class with him this semester. Extremely excited to explore all he can teach. Brilliant mind. 

    • Sina D

      Sina D

      Mese fa

      It's been seven YEARS, come on!

    • Mohit Nagarkoti

      Mohit Nagarkoti

      4 mesi fa

      UPDATE @Pierina Camarena

    • Noice Noise

      Noice Noise

      8 mesi fa


    • Jeff Loves Fishing

      Jeff Loves Fishing

      Anno fa

      I hope he is doing well

    • Jeremy Robles

      Jeremy Robles

      Anno fa

      @Albert Ochoa I think I feel it

  • RJ Thomas

    RJ Thomas

    7 anni fa

    The more I watch the lectures of Prof Jordan Peterson, the more I believe he's one of the smartest people on the planet. And what makes him smart is how much information he packs into a single story, a single sentence. If this your first introduction to him, I highly recommend you watch Maps of Meaning available online.

    • W. V.

      W. V.

      6 mesi fa

      When he spoke about the gem, he packed so many concepts in just those few lines. He's brilliant!

    • W. V.

      W. V.

      6 mesi fa

      I'm saying!

    • Tony Locascio

      Tony Locascio

      7 mesi fa

      @Ken Underwood it just seems that way because leftist ideas are the ones that are mostly changing society right now. He could make similar arguments for the right, but the right isn't trying to change school curriculum and de-platform anyone who disagrees. Case in point you think he is advocating for the right just because he disagrees with the mainstream narrative, which is mostly provided by leftist media.

    • Reza Eskandar

      Reza Eskandar

      10 mesi fa

      Very true. I think he’s following footsteps of Nietzsche “He can cover in a sentence what others need a book to say...” 😁

    • And_ _Lam

      And_ _Lam

      Anno fa

      The only person Jordan can't stand more than the political left is himself. That's why he is so aggressive and antagonistic towards his naysayers .... incredibly articulate and wonderful speaker, definitely needs to come down off his high horse and cease and desist with the moral preaching. Addiction was eating him alive.

  • The Real Drunkard Hu

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    5 anni fa

    Professor Peterson is one of my heroes. The guy is more genuine than anyone I've ever met.

    • Jide1000


      9 mesi fa

      He’s the archetypical father .

    • The Real Drunkard Hu

      The Real Drunkard Hu

      9 mesi fa

      @Shuaib Salim Derek from Vice Grip Garage.

    • Shuaib Salim

      Shuaib Salim

      9 mesi fa

      Other heroes are ?

    • Reza Eskandar

      Reza Eskandar

      10 mesi fa

      As he would say, “he’s not letting the subconscious system that allows him to orient himself in life to be corrupted by lying”. 😁

    • Arun Nag

      Arun Nag

      Anno fa


  • Cornell Overbeeke, MD

    Cornell Overbeeke, MD

    5 anni fa

    This man's intelligence is staggering

    • And_ _Lam

      And_ _Lam

      3 mesi fa

      @Kathy Gaskins undeniably true.... you're 100% correct. My point is defined in hindsight in that he, the great dr, like the rest are all addicts battling our own inner demons.

    • Kathy Gaskins

      Kathy Gaskins

      3 mesi fa

      @And_ _Lam Ok but what if what he's speaking about ultimately is love...? Let's not forget the Dr. is married to his childhood sweetheart (not HS, childhood...) so he's probably got a good grasp on love's power. 🙌🙏♥️👌

    • JJay Berthume

      JJay Berthume

      10 mesi fa

      @And_ _Lam Awareness is the answer - love comes naturally as a byproduct :)

    • And_ _Lam

      And_ _Lam

      Anno fa

      Staggeringly so ... yet he is blinded to his emotions by his intellect. That is his Achilles heel like all of us. Love is the only answer ❤🍄❤🍄❤

    • Dman9fp


      Anno fa

      He's at the top for both intelligence & wisdom yes (they are distinct)

  • Jeffrey Bahlo

    Jeffrey Bahlo

    5 anni fa

    "Follow what you're interested in. It will take you to adversity and then through it. It will transform you from a citizen into an individual and then the doors will open again. And at that point you're strong enough to have your life." Jordan Peterson

    • Jerod Wolford

      Jerod Wolford

      5 mesi fa

      I feel like this quote and the much simpler, more dummy friendly quote that Mike Rowe said "don't follow your passion, but always bring it with you" should go hand in hand. Because if you follow both, you can pretty much do anything, to a certain point, because you don't need to follow that passion because you don't have to. Because it's always with you.

    • You Biscuit

      You Biscuit

      7 mesi fa

      @Cindy Ortiz no

    • Cindy Ortiz

      Cindy Ortiz

      7 mesi fa

      @You Biscuit Study scripture. You want to know about adversity and overcoming it? It's in there. All things come from one spirit, one source. So if you are dealing with adversity, that's where it's coming from. So, consider yourself special when that happens. You've been chosen. Chose light instead of darkness and keep studying scripture. You will be rewarded. Adversity never ends whether you believe in the Spirit or not. It's about blind faith. The most powerful weapon against adversity ever! So the bottom line is that you will be able to confront adversity and not be affected by it because the Spirit got your back.

    • Low budget productions

      Low budget productions

      Anno fa

      he is so different from any other ted talker with the same problem call to action format

    • Sunny B

      Sunny B

      4 anni fa

      +You Biscuit maybe your ready to read The Kybalion my friend. helped me when i was stuck at the cross roads. I'd also suggest mark passios work on natural law. namaste

  • markos faust

    markos faust

    6 anni fa

    to those who stamble uppon this video by chance : GO. WATCH. HIS. LECTURES. like, right NOW . he uploads tonns of lecture in his channel. i m working in an warehouse stacking boxes usually by hand, listening to his lectures. PURE GOLD.

    • cole davidson

      cole davidson

      Anno fa

      mee too haha!

    • Natashua Uranga

      Natashua Uranga

      Anno fa

      There is something touching about knowing that people are washing dishes or stacking boxes while listening to his lectures. I see the hand of God in it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.🙋‍♀️

    • Gil Stevenson

      Gil Stevenson

      2 anni fa

      Jaja the same here brother, just in the kitchen! I see you are a man of culture as well.

    • korvisca petrova

      korvisca petrova

      2 anni fa

      Ikr its been 2 days his lectures non stop

    • Julie Barbin

      Julie Barbin

      2 anni fa

      Kevin Kobe I hope you have stumbled upon his Maps of Meaning which is a set of University classes that he has allowed us to soak up his genius on ITload. I think I have listened to them each twice as least. Professor Peterson is Spectacular.

  • mjul


    4 anni fa

    I must say I have never heard of anyone more passionate and dedicated. This is a true man.

  • Ania Lian

    Ania Lian

    8 anni fa

    Dear Prof Peterson - I thank God every day for your work. I use it with my students (under and postgrad) and we all grow *with you* . Thank you.

    • falco niemeyer

      falco niemeyer

      9 mesi fa

      it would be more accurate though

    • Tom Luthander

      Tom Luthander

      2 anni fa

      What are you teaching, Ania?

    • venixnitro10


      3 anni fa

      Bob Ryker she can thank whoever she want to thank

    • Toonna Obi-Okoye

      Toonna Obi-Okoye

      3 anni fa

      Don' tell people who to thank

    • Bob Ryker

      Bob Ryker

      4 anni fa

      Ania Lian Don't thank god, thank him, his parents and teachers.

  • Michael Grizzle

    Michael Grizzle

    4 anni fa

    High school student here - so grateful to have come across Mr. Peterson. I think he is changing my life. So many insights and life lessons, one after the another, it's almost too much to take in at times.

    • Dougie Boxell

      Dougie Boxell

      Anno fa

      I'm 23, but I wish I was learning from this guy in high school. I had my own troubles, and was almost expelled in year 10, and that was the big turning point of my life. I think it would have happened way earlier if I got onto JP earlier. Good on you school students for taking in his info!

    • Ben


      2 anni fa

      I wish I knew about jbp in high school. He would have saved me years of ideological possession by leftists ideology.

    • Ruben Gonzalez

      Ruben Gonzalez

      2 anni fa

      Yo another high school student here, this has truly repositioned my thought process about the world, I love his work

    • Nate


      3 anni fa

      Michael Grizzle , this gives me hope for our youth. Think investigate you are important!

    • Benjamin De Winter

      Benjamin De Winter

      3 anni fa

      Michael Grizzle, I am a high school student too. I was introduced to Mr. Peterson in late 2017, I believe. 2018 has become a year were I have been cleaning up my room. However, this room is not just a physical space, it is my life. If you ever face adversity from our other counterparts of the youth, know that adversity is the key to a path which commences by failure, which is in turn the key to learning. The things you have learned and the new ideas formed by this process will start to manifest themselves into improvement. And after an x amount of time, those improvements are to be called succes. To adversity Benjamin

  • The Thinking Moderate M

    The Thinking Moderate M

    4 anni fa

    I was a scientific nihilist before Jordan Peterson, amazing mind.



      5 mesi fa

      @badgerlife Cool, thanks for your response

    • badgerlife


      5 mesi fa

      @I AM DANNY EL I have no hypothesis to answer that questions, because any hypothesis must be grounded in observational data, mathematical calculations, or experiment. So you could say I'm an agnostic, rather than an atheist, since I simply do not believe in ANY 'theory' that could explain or tried to attempt to explain what happened in the seconds right before the Big Bang started the chain reaction that led to our universe. We cannot know this and we will never be able to know what was before the Big Bang event, because the laws of Physics do not allow looking before that time. In fact, most likely time and matter as we can understand it did not exist before the Big Bang. I can recommend the book A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss and Until the End of Time by Brian Greene. Find them online 👍



      5 mesi fa

      @badgerlife I have a question specific to you and if you can't answer it, it's fine. If you are indeed and scientific atheist, well how does that work. How do you not think that some sort of divine character or um... concept were responsible for creating existence as we know it, and the universe. It's clear that the universe must've had a beginning and such a vast evolution of matter must've had a catalyst and I've also heard of studies that conclude that this catalyst had to have been very calculative because certain measurements could've completely dismantled this creation. I'm just curious as to what hypothesis you might have for that.

    • Shelly Cameron

      Shelly Cameron

      9 mesi fa

      @badgerlife Existence isn't really a good thing . it isn't a bad thing . But existence is meaningless .

    • JackBlackfan420


      10 mesi fa


  • Alexander Petrenko

    Alexander Petrenko

    8 anni fa

    He manages to go over a large amount of information in a small amount of time, which is part of his own mantra, to explain the most complex things in a simple way. Great lecture.

  • Joseph Ciccia

    Joseph Ciccia

    3 anni fa

    Pure brilliance. This man’s intellectual capability is staggering.

    • avera yugen

      avera yugen

      Anno fa

      oh meh!

  • Sam D

    Sam D

    8 anni fa

    incredible. Having sat through a whole semester of his course personality and its transformations, I can see that this was an incredible summation of a whole course.

  • Olle Vikström

    Olle Vikström

    Anno fa

    Have got to be one of his best speeches. It's so profound to realise this concept of things shining forth and to follow your intuition. It's remarkable where it will take you! Been trying to pay attention and be aware of what merely seems meaningful lately, and it is precisely like Peterson is saying. You become more grounded in a sense och more secure as a person, you can handle almost whatever's being tossed in your direction. SO COOL. Thank you.

  • Muser4Life


    8 anni fa

    I'm so glad to have had this professor in real life, he's pretty amazing.

  • Melville Capps

    Melville Capps

    4 anni fa

    I was wrong. I thought leftist, "social justice warriors," who were wailing about "the injustice and intolerance" of Jordan Peterson's opposition to Canadian federal bill C-16, regarding required use of various new pronouns were people of much noise, but little social value. Thanks to their vigorous complaining I decided to see what this Jordan Peterson was saying. I found out that not only is his opposition to C-16 rational, tolerant, and important, but he has a wealth of useful and practical insights into the human condition. Thank-you, social justice warriors for introducing me to Jordan Peterson. Now, I'm going to go clean my room :-)

    • Phil Kelly

      Phil Kelly

      4 mesi fa

      I'm a dominant type. Can you clean my room while I visit your girlfriend?

    • M Watson

      M Watson

      6 mesi fa

      @Christian Reeb by insulting him you just both lost any argument you may have had and increased his support base by at least one. You seem like you are full of hate and may need to see a psychologist. I’ve got a name for you but I doubt you can afford his rates.

    • RandomUser124


      7 mesi fa

      I feel the same say

    • Jon Nagy

      Jon Nagy

      10 mesi fa

      100% agree.!!! Without the sjw's I may never have found Jordan Peterson. There lies the positive outcome resulting from their negative behavior. Thank you for pointing that out. 100% agree!!!

    • Stephan Mentens

      Stephan Mentens

      11 mesi fa

      About time!

  • Joseph Marquez

    Joseph Marquez

    5 anni fa

    I love Professor Peterson's passion - he puts forward his case for the importance of these ideas in such a way that makes you think that the life and death of civilization itself is on the line. Choose the upright path or all of civilization crumbles! It's a powerful message.

  • Monica Mullins

    Monica Mullins

    5 anni fa

    I'm currently developing my focus, and have been doubtful if I should continue down this path for a multitude of reasons. But this lecture has taught me why I should continue down this path, but also why its my only real option now. I've walked down this path for too long now to turn back, this path has shaped me into who I am, and who I want to be. It just took this lecture to fully realize it, so thank you Jordan Peterson, you have given me one of the most important lectures of my life.

    • Mufasa O

      Mufasa O

      4 anni fa

      Here's to hoping it's not a serial killer, or it is and you learn why it's wrong! Haha

    • Jango Fett

      Jango Fett

      4 anni fa

      Monica Mullins 💎👍

  • Rajnesh Sharma

    Rajnesh Sharma

    6 anni fa

    Wow..this is my favorite professor from university!  He was always so inspiring and smart :)

    • Chris


      3 mesi fa

      @Mike Macca lol wtf

    • Mike Macca

      Mike Macca

      Anno fa

      Rajnesh Sharma just pushups and running until my gym opens back up

    • Lago


      2 anni fa

      I'm truly jealous you got to have Jordan as your professor! :)

  • overthoughtandunderstated


    6 anni fa

    This is one of the most dense and insightful TedTalks that exists. Having said that, I am a bit surprised that it wasn't banned on the same ignorant grounds as Rupert Sheldrake's and Graham Hancock's were.

    • K S

      K S

      3 mesi fa

      @Miztivin I believe GH's Ted Talk had more to do with the sovereignty of consciousness and the experiences of consciousness beyond the ordinary, than ayahuasca in particular. The theme of the talk: ordinary consciousness and modes of thinking have taken us this far. And now we sit at crossroads of systemic collapse. We have ignored, demonized, vilified the wisdom of the earth, shepherded by indigenous cultures with a holistic view of planetary life, brought about through relationships with the plants. It's not just the plants themselves that are important and impactful, but also the shift in consciousness they facilitate.

    • Mark Fuqua

      Mark Fuqua

      9 mesi fa

      Give it some time. The leftists are rising everywhere...and they are an intolerant bunch, who do not abide dissent.

    • Sebastian Francis

      Sebastian Francis

      10 mesi fa

      @Rajat Roy well,we'rewaiting.gif

    • Chrish C

      Chrish C

      Anno fa

      @overthoughtandunderstated it would. I believe I heard him say he was going to use his book Maps of Meaning to get a tenured position, although idk where.

    • Anatoli Gorianski

      Anatoli Gorianski

      Anno fa

      probably because it was so word densed that the critiques couldn't even forsee its potential danger. Pun intended.

  • odd flacko

    odd flacko

    3 anni fa

    I think what attracts me to jordan peterson as a human being is the fact that I do not feel like he's giving me a sales pitch or a speech. I can clearly see him thinking and speaking at the same time rather than reading off a script. That's what I find so genuine.



    2 anni fa

    Follow your interests, develop into an individual, and the doors open again.

    This man gives me hope for others and myself.

  • Ania Lian

    Ania Lian

    8 anni fa

    I wrote to Professor Peterson and his reply was still enjoying a voice of a fan. I use his YT material (and writings) in my university teaching. I so LOVE his teachings.

  • Terrence O Shea

    Terrence O Shea

    3 anni fa

    i am in love with Jordan Peterson's mind but watch more of him and you will fall in love with his heart as well. He has the voice and influence he has because of that heart!

  • Máximo Benavente

    Máximo Benavente

    8 mesi fa

    I wish I could have a professor like him, this is what we need today.

  • Anonymous Messenger AM

    Anonymous Messenger AM

    5 anni fa

    wow, that was very powerful. I loved this lecture. ::two thumbs up::

  • chas fredricks

    chas fredricks

    Anno fa

    Incredible. This lecture brought tears to my eyes.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Roberto Sanchez

    4 anni fa

    "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

    Such beautiful words. Thank you Dr. Peterson.

    • Rahul Singh

      Rahul Singh

      Anno fa

      It means we're born and then we explore and then we die and we're reborn (sorry for so many ands) to repeat that. Am I right?

    • Vic Alborn

      Vic Alborn

      Anno fa

      Great quote - but I am pedantic: the first two statements are contradictory. If one does "not cease from exploration" then there can be no "end ...". (Just sayng).

    • Some Random Fellow

      Some Random Fellow

      3 anni fa

      That is the archetypal heroes' journey by the way. You can see it unfold in so many stories.

    • Merthalophor


      3 anni fa

      This quote is by T. S. Eliot, nor Dr. Peterson. Just so you know.

  • Francis Roy

    Francis Roy

    5 anni fa

    The formation of a jewel as a metaphor for developing integrity and persistence in the face of adversity was a pleasing and effective choice.

    • uelude


      Anno fa


    • Dose of Truth

      Dose of Truth

      4 anni fa


    • Lawrence Of Canadia

      Lawrence Of Canadia

      5 anni fa


  • Denmark Real

    Denmark Real

    Anno fa

    It is so great to listen to a person that is so passionate and knowledgeable like Jordan Peterson. His work and lectures are some of my favorites alongside the work of Alan Watts, Earl Nightingale, and Jamen Allen.

  • Learn to Code

    Learn to Code

    Anno fa

    Other experts prepare a TED talk and are able to present a snapshot into a complicated, specialized field.

    Jordan Peterson prepares a TED talk and covers the entirety of mortal existence.

    • MrLundefaret


      Anno fa

      That was an awesome comment.

  • CurbsideUnderwood


    3 anni fa

    So much heart, and so much depth! This is genuinely refreshing! Excellent TED Talk!!!

  • IskalkaQuest2010


    4 anni fa

    YES! There exist pathological belief systems! Thank you Dr. Peterson!

  • Alberto Mauiztic

    Alberto Mauiztic

    Anno fa

    This was a genuine master class disguised as a TED event.

  • Donnie Shelton

    Donnie Shelton

    7 mesi fa

    If only 5% of so called professors were as intelligent as Dr Peterson, then the world would be a far better place.

    • Risingconjunctvenus


      6 mesi fa

      He has 8 inches

  • Reza Eskandar

    Reza Eskandar

    10 mesi fa

    This performance is Art. He’s covering a huge amount of information in this talk. It feels like one could write multiple books based on the information shared in this 20mins.
    I’m sure his lectures would outlive us all 🙏

  • Hussam Hassan

    Hussam Hassan

    2 anni fa

    Thank you prof Peterson for your great effort to bring meaning into people's lives. I keep coming back to this brilliant talk to keep myself aligned with the meaningful things in my life. You bring more than hope into my life. Thank you...

  • John W

    John W

    Anno fa

    We need a Jordan at every school, intelligent talk, vastly different to politics BS

  • Lindsay Dowman

    Lindsay Dowman

    3 anni fa

    Dr Peterson is a voice for such a time as this. Pure gold!!

  • Gilbert Joe Montes

    Gilbert Joe Montes

    Anno fa

    I am so grateful for Jordan Peterson. He literally changed my life. Thankful to ever come across his works. I have so much love for him.

  • Melinda Cohea

    Melinda Cohea

    7 mesi fa

    Amazing talk. As I was listening to it I was rereading CS Lewis‘s book “the Pilgrims Regress’ in my mind and was amazed at how close it is to this line of thinking..

  • Amanda.J.Carver...


    5 anni fa

    I think Jordan is an amazing person and ive learnt a hell of  a lot by what he teaches especially about mythology and symbolism as I like the rest of us have a very powerful imaginations , hes the man to help us understand . Hes also helped me to understand it in young children which now can be played out in drama and home made plays of slaying the dragon , Thankyou Jordon Peterson

  • Josh Rangel

    Josh Rangel

    Anno fa

    It's insulting that most ted talks are translated in almost 30 languages. This has auto-generated subtitles...
    This man deserves way, way better

    • Adrian Mach

      Adrian Mach

      Anno fa

      @Josh Rangel This is by no means one his most complex lectures, I dont mean to brag or look down on your anything quite like this, but have you seen his channel?

    • Lewis Almeida

      Lewis Almeida

      Anno fa

      Belief in freewill is delusional, there's a way to improve one's understanding. To understand Spinoza, the mind must

    • Andrew Freshwater

      Andrew Freshwater

      Anno fa

      That would be a good way to learn / develop Spanish I think.

    • Jalter


      Anno fa

      @Alternity156 Thing is, many people would love to translate it as myself, but it's not enabled on this video

    • Juan Carlos Cast

      Juan Carlos Cast

      Anno fa

      @Josh Rangel I agree man, and i would be more than happy to add the subtitles in the 3 languages ​​I speak, but it is not enabled. Just saying...

  • ThorinTheGrey


    4 anni fa

    Absolutely amazing lecture, the ending poem sums it up so beautifully.

  • Wes Gleeson

    Wes Gleeson

    3 anni fa

    It's amazing to see how far he's come in 5 years in terms of his presenting skills. This presentation is far less accessible to laymen like me. Once he starts adding a load of cultural references like he does nowadays and making his lectures so accessible and less abstract then everyone gets it and we all realise he's basically a prophet.

  • Toni Riba

    Toni Riba

    3 giorni fa

    Still learnt the most imp life lessons from the best professor in the world. He’s truly the true jewel

  • vishV naik

    vishV naik

    Anno fa

    The best ted talk I’ve come across yet. Absolutely genius!! 🍀🙏🏻🌎💯🍀

  • strangersound


    2 anni fa

    One of the greatest minds and teachers of all time. He'll take you all the way through and out the other side. He really helped me get a cohesive handle on a variety of subjects. The way he weaves so many subjects together into something you can understand is key, but even more in how he teaches you to look at things. Thankful for his work. :)

  • Celeste Wiberg

    Celeste Wiberg

    9 mesi fa

    What an amazing Ted Talk. Thank you, Dr Peterson.

  • Rebecca Larason

    Rebecca Larason

    Anno fa

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    Abhishek Paul

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    I'm Your Huckleberry

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    B Linzy

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    O'Leary Caroline

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    Robert Acheson

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    Wow.... This is powerful beyond words, and It also happens to be exactly what I need at this point in my life. Thank you once again Dr. Peterson for sharing your genius with us.

    • Lawrence Of Canadia

      Lawrence Of Canadia

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      same here. bon courage

  • Harshraj Rathore

    Harshraj Rathore

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    So many lives this man changed positively, including mine.

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    Imrana Djibrine

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    Paul Newton

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    7years later, I am watching this video...its amazing how consistency is a great tool to greatness. Jordan Peterson at this point never knew he would be a celebrity in this present day and Era 2020. Same way 7years from now whoever is reading this will be shocked to say this comment is so apt, therefore, i shouldn't look down on myself. I'd keep on being consistent in my hardwork and dedication.

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    Jeremy Daw

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    Chris Schiebelbein

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    GZR Music

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    noel mulugeta

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    • Bruno


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    Scot West

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    furro's channel

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    Kung Fu Jiu Jitsu Flip Trick

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  • RedPool


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    braden rodriguez

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    • Reid Martin

      Reid Martin

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    • Cannibal Nectar

      Cannibal Nectar

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      How can you even try to compare the two. One is basically a hippie on trt that thinks he's gotten rid of ego, the other is psychology professor that taught at Harvard. Hahaha. Jre and Jordan Peterson videos are my two favorite things to watch on ITload.

    • Fintan111


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  • Cepheidvariable


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    • Paul Halfpenny

      Paul Halfpenny

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    Dr. Freeman

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    Irina Wolf

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    bj stacey

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    • m1k3y~ミクト


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      agreed! I'm in college right now and we are all mostly in it for the degree because we want a job and we all lament the cost of tuition but sometimes when I hear some really amazing lectures and realize that as a student I can go to office hours and just make intellectual explorations with my professors and that its their job to discuss these things with me and give me access to the tons of obscure books in the school library that you wouldn't find in a public library I feel like college is a damn bargain and a blessing unlike any other. Until i get bogged down with work and tests and worrying about GPA and realize the neither myself nor any other students are really taking advantage of those things.

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    Mike M

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    Complex Logic

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    redneck s areangry

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    Raysa S.

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    Jesse Price

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  • Jane Gregory

    Jane Gregory

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    I've been listening to videos of Jordan Peterson for three days. I think the best description I have for him at this point is 'an alchemist'. He is someone who's forged his way through the tortuous, sometimes torturous, complexities of human nature, human experience and human context, then, with the transformative touch of a master magician, turned these complexities into mellifluous gold, the rich viscosity of which is carried into the world via the frequencies of his precise and beautifully formulated words. This said... another metaphor would be 'a builder of bridges' because he builds bridges across previously uncrossable chasms...'though he still builds them by means of alchemy. So maybe he's best described as an 'alchemical bridge builder'. That'll do... 'though it still falls short. I find him to be extraordinary... by any measures I've encountered. The problem is, he's the hardest act to follow.... such alchemical bridge builders are rare on Youtube... in fact, in all the world they're a rarity. Who can hold my attention after Jordan Peterson? Oh... I've thought of someone, a man of equal alchemical brilliance... the late and great and sadly missed George Carlin... who else!?!

    • Anyo Neofus

      Anyo Neofus

      3 anni fa

      Wow, someone else who appreciates George Carlin's approach to studying the world. I have always thought the parallels between he and Dr. Peterson are uncanny. The best being their ability to articulate their deep insight and make it relatable. I for one am happy for the more widespread exposure of knowledge, via the internet, such as this which has been constrained to money laundering fronts we call University.



    2 anni fa

    Even before he blew up, he was sharing real wisdom with the world. The consistency of content in this man is ridiculous.

  • Jimno


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    • DBA LGP

      DBA LGP

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      The peace prize, I think. Absolutely dedicated to improving life for people.

  • Draftsman


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