Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

Pubblicato il 11 nov 2021
visualizzazioni 57 267 493

Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Commenti: 118 371  
  • Emma Zen

    Emma Zen

    Sadie literally looks like if autumn was a person

  • 𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎

    𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎

    21 giorno fa

    “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” Damn. That part gets to me.

  • Eli Rhoades

    Eli Rhoades

    28 giorni fa

    “And you call me up to break me like a promise. So causally cruel in the name of being honest.” I feel that.

  • Help me reach 15k with no videos!

    Help me reach 15k with no videos!

    14 giorni fa

    Imagine: it’s 20 years from now. This song becomes popular again on whatever social media site teens will use. Quirky teens are saying,”I was so born in the wrong generation.” While you sit and enjoy this timeless masterpiece.

  • The Night Ranger

    The Night Ranger

    Giorno fa

    Dylan saying, “I’m sorry,” four times the exact same way felt like a robot repeating something meaningless.

  • zaini sheikh

    zaini sheikh

    Giorno fa

    This version is like silent pain. This is like when you are still hurt but you don't have tears to cry anymore.

  • DorkyCabello


    the more you listen to all too well 10 minute version the more it shortens like it doesn’t even feel like a 10 minute song at all😭

  • Rifka Nurul Utami

    Rifka Nurul Utami

    14 giorni fa

    The way this triggered so many bad memories - especially the gaslighting part - just shows how amazing Sadie's and Dylan's acting is. The whole production is just extraterrestrial.

  • Digital UMMAH Ofishal

    Digital UMMAH Ofishal

    Giorno fa

    Another fun fact is that both Dylan and Sadie has been huge swifties for a long time now ,I'm so glad they got a chance to work with Taylor😍

  • Chloe Temptress

    Chloe Temptress

    Giorno fa

    My best friend passed away with brain cancer when we were 15 . She’s a spitting image of this woman In this video. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s almost haunting. However I’m watching this sobbing for the probably thousand time. and feeling like I’m watching her growing up and to experience love and heart break like I did so many times In my early 20s… damn.

  • Ana Julia

    Ana Julia

    21 giorno fa

    it was so uncomfortable to have seen the differences between dylan and sadie fit into a movie, especially seeing the two of them kissing, because she's still a teenager and he's a grown man. I'm so glad Taylor had the courage to expose all this after years. I hope she inspired our young women to break free from an abusive relationship. you have the power to do this, and know that you are not alone if you need help. thousands of women go through it too, don't be afraid. we are with you.

  • Joseph Halevy

    Joseph Halevy

    Giorno fa

    Teen wolf and stranger things. Who’d’ve believed they’d evolved into such perfect and beautiful actors! Taylor Swift is the Einstein of writing, singing and directing. She knows how to deliver pure art, all too well.

  • ZombieXCorn


    The way I’d love to see more short films for other songs being re-recorded.

  • SherbetLollipop


    21 giorno fa

    It's kinda wild how this song is about a very specific relationship but

  • mja 1

    mja 1

    21 giorno fa

    the fact that most artists are making songs shorter than 3 minutes to get a tik tok hit with the excuse that people don't have the attention span for listening to music anymore and taylor goes number 1 with this 10 minute masterpiece... literally no other living artist could pull this off

  • KaiTheKreator *

    KaiTheKreator *

    20 ore fa

    I was uncomfy with the age gap at first but once I heard them talk it got better, overall beautiful short film every detail was explained the lyrics pin point every thing. Amazing work Taylor and so sorry for all the pain and suffering you had to go through but you have overcome and became an magnificent woman

  • sporty04


    20 ore fa

    Every single person who has experienced losing someone they deeply loved can feel this short. Magnificent work Taylor, Sadie, and Dylan and whoever else was involved in this! 🙌

  • Sjsjdjkdj


    14 giorni fa

    I think people need to stop treating this song as a shade towards anybody or anything along those lines. It's just a song about universal feelings like love and loss, heartbreak and frustration, building your world around somebody and watching it crumble, being left with nothing, feeling used and much more. The other party has a different side of the story that, I'm sure, is filled with as much pain. It's a beautiful sad song & film that we can all relate to in some way or other.

  • starstella123


    I love that they adapted Taylor’s physical appearance to fit Sadie’s and not the other way around.

  • Almanac Illusion

    Almanac Illusion

    21 giorno fa

    "So casually cruel in the name of being honest" is literately a master pice of a line