Friday night funkin (fnf) but Whitty gets detention (gumball)

Pubblicato il 26 mar 2021
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Friday night funkin whitty is in the detention at gumballs school
friday night funking
whitty mod

Paul Wil slap u
  • francisco renoj

    francisco renoj

    Ora fa


  • francisco renoj

    francisco renoj

    Ora fa


  • 엠엠오오


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    Witty vs like Witty

  • A piece of shitty bacon

    A piece of shitty bacon

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  • Antoni Kurek

    Antoni Kurek

    8 ore fa

    Bomb vs bomb

  • Bhing Bautista

    Bhing Bautista

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  • mercia Ferreira Lima

    mercia Ferreira Lima

    12 ore fa

    👌 0:25

  • Sulfur Drawz n Stuffz

    Sulfur Drawz n Stuffz

    14 ore fa

    plot twist: he got in trouble for going ballistic on gumball

  • Noive


    16 ore fa

    I like how Bomb characters are depicted as short tempered and get a small fire on their rope when they’re really angry



    20 ore fa

    Feiootltkfl u

  • Nita


    20 ore fa


    • Paul Wil slap u

      Paul Wil slap u

      20 ore fa


  • Saba Gaming

    Saba Gaming

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  • NavaDragon EX

    NavaDragon EX

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    Stop using the same sprites lel

  • Penguin Chick

    Penguin Chick

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  • Azni Zaty

    Azni Zaty

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    Bep bop skeboop

  • Andrew Indefenzo

    Andrew Indefenzo

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  • Ruv


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    Plot twist: hes battling his cousin



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    The other bomb
    Never wraps The fuck

  • yo


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    I like the part where principal says The detention sound

  • Funny Haha

    Funny Haha

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    Whitty vs whitty

  • febatista Não original

    febatista Não original

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  • Maria Liziane

    Maria Liziane

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    Whitty vs anotar Whitty

  • Jeremiah Murorua

    Jeremiah Murorua

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    Whitty VS. Julius.
    The Battle of the Bombs.

  • фося и бодя :D

    фося и бодя :D

    2 giorni fa


  • Lautaro conde 25

    Lautaro conde 25

    2 giorni fa

    Lo mismo pero más barato 😂😂

  • Lorna Comb

    Lorna Comb

    2 giorni fa

    Every video you make with whitty he all ways dies

  • Mr hack

    Mr hack

    2 giorni fa

    Omg that is me

  • julius semblante

    julius semblante

    2 giorni fa

    whitty vs rare whitty

  • Dafka Lhotecký

    Dafka Lhotecký

    2 giorni fa


  • Morshu Gaming

    Morshu Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    Glad to see that overhead is finally getting the attention it deserves

  • Canal do Kevin

    Canal do Kevin

    2 giorni fa

    No bomb

  • Mati YT

    Mati YT

    2 giorni fa

    El sobrino de whity xd

  • Baye lahad Fall

    Baye lahad Fall

    2 giorni fa

    Inglesi in italiano inglese

  • boi _134n

    boi _134n

    2 giorni fa

    Why will paul slap me waaaa 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • MissMoon 01

    MissMoon 01

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  • Vanessa Sánchez UwU

    Vanessa Sánchez UwU

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  • Lesley Dempsey

    Lesley Dempsey

    3 giorni fa

    Whitty vs whitty from gumball

  • Spencer Caldwell

    Spencer Caldwell

    3 giorni fa

    whitty vs. whitty

  • Anthony Kennedy

    Anthony Kennedy

    3 giorni fa

    Pov:whitty is in the 19s and he sees hemslef in the 19s

  • yuan Santos

    yuan Santos

    3 giorni fa

    whitty vs thicc head whitty

  • Agnes Acibar

    Agnes Acibar

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  • Kuj Lopez

    Kuj Lopez

    3 giorni fa

    Whitty vs whitty lol

  • Cristiane Pereira

    Cristiane Pereira

    3 giorni fa

    Black Whitty vs white whitty

  • elminecraft 250

    elminecraft 250

    3 giorni fa

    i just love how whitty goes crazy press the red arrow and it looks like how it is yelling at him

    • Paul Wil slap u

      Paul Wil slap u

      3 giorni fa


  • {Sr.dekuツ}


    3 giorni fa

    Beep bepp bob beep bob bob peet bob : nin in je unga that loki deras wait

  • matias molina

    matias molina

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  • gaming king

    gaming king

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  • creator


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    bomb vs bomb

  • Alfredo Asadovay

    Alfredo Asadovay

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  • asdf return

    asdf return

    4 giorni fa

    anyone noticed that there is always an up note in the thumbnail in almost always the same position

    • Paul Wil slap u

      Paul Wil slap u

      4 giorni fa

      Cus funni

  • Itz_CreamyYum


    4 giorni fa

    is there a note paul will slap you-?

  • Lenka Danihelkova

    Lenka Danihelkova

    4 giorni fa

    Paul why slpap youre real

  • Celina's Corner

    Celina's Corner

    4 giorni fa

    what the

  • TitusTheTawkerr


    4 giorni fa

    Alternative title: Whitty Vs Boomer Whitty

  • Viridiana Figueroa

    Viridiana Figueroa

    4 giorni fa


  • Jose Ruiz

    Jose Ruiz

    4 giorni fa

    Why he throw his microphone though cuz like he doesn't do that in the game unless he snaps

  • Francesco Leone

    Francesco Leone

    4 giorni fa

    Why there are two whitty

  • Bag Boy

    Bag Boy

    4 giorni fa

    There brothers or cousins

  • Tanara The Dragon

    Tanara The Dragon

    4 giorni fa

    Awesome, tbh searching up Whitty, Julius did pop up, idk his name was Julius until then but that's so cool and quite the coincidence.

  • Malak Hero

    Malak Hero

    4 giorni fa


  • Piggyplays Piggy

    Piggyplays Piggy

    5 giorni fa

    0:33 LOL

  • whitty whitmore

    whitty whitmore

    5 giorni fa


  • Caleb Valderrama Bejar

    Caleb Valderrama Bejar

    5 giorni fa

    ._.XD whitty vs whitty

  • Enderek


    5 giorni fa

    Whitty Ballistic vs Blacky Whollistic

  • Icy BUNツ

    Icy BUNツ

    5 giorni fa

    *me arguing with my little brother :*

  • Icy BUNツ

    Icy BUNツ

    5 giorni fa

    Julius win because his *bomb* are bigger

  • Tucker Snow

    Tucker Snow

    5 giorni fa

    0:31 what?

  • Ī’m jūßt a räñdøm ÿøūtūbēr øøf

    Ī’m jūßt a räñdøm ÿøūtūbēr øøf

    5 giorni fa

    Whitty found his brother

  • Roxana Paola Medina Guzman

    Roxana Paola Medina Guzman

    6 giorni fa

    El selo busco

  • Khadija


    6 giorni fa


  • Khadija


    6 giorni fa

    حبخبحن حبكبكفمفكفكفكفكفكذفكنبتتااة تبتوينينيميمبخبكينمي

  • 맹초하


    6 giorni fa


  • lyeaaes enna

    lyeaaes enna

    6 giorni fa


  • Ayden Moe

    Ayden Moe

    6 giorni fa

    I been waiting for soo long for somebody to do this.

  • kanoa griffin

    kanoa griffin

    6 giorni fa

    poot the speed at 2 "balastic on hard mode" :O

  • creeper sus • Hace 12 años

    creeper sus • Hace 12 años

    6 giorni fa

    whitty vs whitty 😳

  • María mireya Gutiérrez galvan

    María mireya Gutiérrez galvan

    6 giorni fa


  • Manny Angeles

    Manny Angeles

    6 giorni fa

    :O a whitty but in gumball bruh

  • Dante Graciano

    Dante Graciano

    6 giorni fa


  • pig a' boy

    pig a' boy

    6 giorni fa

    first time i saw the whitty mod the first thing that i thought was this guy

  • whitty


    6 giorni fa

    Whitty le gana

  • Mahari Gebrekidan

    Mahari Gebrekidan

    6 giorni fa


  • Paul Allred

    Paul Allred

    7 giorni fa

    Bruh people are stupid and dont know whitty he is literally one of the most famous mods YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE ANIMATIONS

  • Bayleigh Legg

    Bayleigh Legg

    7 giorni fa

    2 whittys??

  • Pico


    7 giorni fa

    Whitty's left arrow and right arrows: Literally him being angry for being in detention

  • Miguel's Mendoza

    Miguel's Mendoza

    7 giorni fa

    Plot twist: u added the wrong actions :/

  • rez wan

    rez wan

    7 giorni fa

    Whitty's 2nd brother LOL

  • titi ica

    titi ica

    7 giorni fa


  • CrivitalAnimatesツ


    7 giorni fa


  • vinsenvinsi Gaming

    vinsenvinsi Gaming

    7 giorni fa

    even tho if whitty met the bomb guy they would be friends i guess?

  • Roxanne Gonzalez

    Roxanne Gonzalez

    7 giorni fa

    how I talk about my crush to my family:Whittys voice.: how are you talking about my crush in front of my best friend:ay so this *RING RING* her: :||0 so CUTE!

  • Madie Samsung

    Madie Samsung

    7 giorni fa

    I hate the dead scene its weird wth

  • Ruv


    7 giorni fa

    m m m m m m m m that good m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m

  • Henry Pratama

    Henry Pratama

    7 giorni fa

    Black guy vs white guy

  • Fun sized Phoenix bot

    Fun sized Phoenix bot

    7 giorni fa

    BOM VS BOM ah BOM wins

  • ItsYoshi


    7 giorni fa

    Whitty vs Julius is the best

  • ирина недогода

    ирина недогода

    7 giorni fa

    two friend bomb

  • Sebastian Gabriel Brito Rangel

    Sebastian Gabriel Brito Rangel

    7 giorni fa

    Parte 2

  • Burcu Gülmez

    Burcu Gülmez

    7 giorni fa

    (CARTOON) Whitty vs (Real)Whitty fight lolololololol

  • Mecoboy 345

    Mecoboy 345

    8 giorni fa

    Mirror match be like: